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ChakraVibe yoga tattoo contest celebrates the ancient art of adornment

Yoga-inspired jewelry site invites visitors to enter their personal yoga tattoos for a chance to win handcrafted designer jewelry linked to the chakras. Vancouver, British Columbia – March 27, 2009-- ChakraVibe is pleased to announce the Chakravibe Yoga Tattoo Contest. Today there is a resurgence in the art of permanent adornment through tattooing, which can be a beautiful, positive and self-affirming act of celebration. In yoga practice, the Loves Green Valentines

Ancient lore that stretches back more than five thousand years tells of chakras or energy points that reside within each person. Millions of adherents around the world possess at least some understanding of chakras and their harmonic relationship to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. There are seven 'base' chakras. The fourth chakra, located in the upper abdomen is called Anahata, a Sanskrit word meaning 'fresh.' It is identified with the colour Colors Yoga Enthusiasts Happy

Yoga, the ancient exercise system that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as asanas, is attracting North American participants in numbers as high as 15 million. Recent Harris polls have revealed that as many as 100 million North Americans will admit to at least a 'casual' interest in Yoga and its benefits. Perhaps nothing speaks to the growing Yoga movement more than the $27 billion spent in Helps People Discover an Ancient Tradition For a New Age

ChakraVibe ( is a new Web site for yoga enthusiasts and anyone who wants to enhance their beings with color and center themselves with positive energy through the chakras. Discovered by the early yoga masters, the chakras are vortexes of energy located in the body. They work together to support the body, your consciousness and your spiritual connection for an overall sense of life in perfect balance. Visitors will learn

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