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Insulation Blow-in Machine Market Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Size, Sha …

Insulation blow-in machine has attained a paramount importance in industrial and commercial buildings alike, with rigid foam boards gaining widespread acceptance as an effective measure to trap air and other gases for resisting heat flow. Growing usability of highly reflective coils and reflective insulation systems in ridding radiant heat from living spaces has further underpinned demand for insulation blow-in machine in recent years. Demand for insulation blow-in machine is likely to
08-31-2018 | Health & Medicine

Global Vestibular Testing System Market to Gain US$79.6 Mn between 2018 and 2028 …

FactMR delivers key insights on the global vestibular testing system market in its upcoming report titled “Vestibular Testing System Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013–2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 – 2028”. In terms of revenue, the global vestibular testing system market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.8% over the forecast period, owing to various factors, regarding which FMR offers detailed insights and forecasts in this report.   Click for Sample

Air Flow Sensors Market: Healthcare Industry Growth, Assisting Demand for Air Fl …

Use of airflow sensors in building automation projects, especially as a component in HVAC systems are positioned to create plethora of white spaces for air flow sensor manufacturers. China along with ASEAN and South Asian countries to captivate global air flow sensor industry stakeholders. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here @ Fact.MR delivers key insights on the global Airflow Sensors market in its report titled ‘Airflow Sensors Market Forecast, Trend Analysis

Isogenic Cell Lines Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018 to 2028

Isogenic cell lines are selectively reengineered human cells that are used as genetic models for a specific patient population. Isogenic cell lines genetically match normal human cell and are used in clinical research and development of novel therapeutic drugs. With genetic foundation, isogenic cell lines can model any disease. Most commonly, it is used for cancer research and for understanding the impact of genotype on cellular phenotype. Isogenic cell lines

Microbial Cell Banking Market to Witness a Healthy Growth during 2018 to 2028

Microbial cell banking is a cell preservation technique used to maintain cell potency, recovery and viability. Microbial cell banking has several applications in the manufacturing of biological therapeutics. In general, the number of biological therapeutics are derived from microbial cells either the natural way or through genetic modification. In microbial cell banking, cell substrates are preserved and used to maintain the uniformity & integrity of cells. The success rate of

Cell Proliferation Assay Market to Witness a Healthy Growth during 2018 to 2028

Cell proliferation is the process of cell replication to increase the number of cells. Cell proliferation plays a vital role in cellular and tissue homeostasis for proper development, growth and maintenance of human beings. In case of few disease conditions, the cell proliferation rate is either increased or decreased. Hence, cell proliferation assays have become an integral part of the clinical diagnosis of various disease indications. Cell proliferation assays are

Uraemia Treatment Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2018 to 2028

Uraemia is a clinical syndrome associated with electrolyte, fluid, hormone imbalance and metabolic abnormalities, which develops due to the deterioration of the renal function. Uraemia occurs when the kidney is damaged. The toxins or body waste, which is normally send out through the urine, end up in the bloodstream. Uraemia is caused due to long-running health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, because of infections that damage the

Natamycin Market to Reflect Steady Growth Rate by 2018 to 2028

Natamycin Market Outlook: Natamycin is commonly known as Natacyn. Natamycin is used mostly as a natural preservative in the food and beverage industry. Natamycin is globally permitted preservative which helps to protect a wide range of products such as fermented meat, beverage, cheese, wines, baked goods and yogurt against yeasts and molds. Natamycin is given a preference among other preservatives because of its efficient and natural food preservation method and its

Glucosamine Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2018 to 2028

Glucosamine Market Introduction: Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound within the cartilage of joints, it is made from chains of sugars and proteins bound together. Glucosamine is processed from shellfish that has been found to provide relief from minor pain. This naturally derived compound helps in formation of cartilage and synovial fluid which helps in maintaining joint health. Glucosamine is primarily used to ease symptoms of osteoarthritis, it can be taken

Calcium Acetate Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2018 to 2028

Calcium Acetate Market Outlook: Calcium acetate is the calcium salt of acetic acid. It is a chemical compound known as the acetate of lime, calcium ethanoate, and lime pyrolignite. Calcium acetate is a white crystalline solid, soluble in water, odorless and insoluble in various solvents like ethanol, benzene, and acetone. Calcium acetate is also a phosphate binder, reducing levels of phosphate in people with kidney disease. High phosphate levels can cause

Nisin Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2018 to 2028

Nisin Market Outlook: Nisin is a natural preservative with versatile applications over the food and beverages industry. Nisin market is expected to witness substantial growth in demand over the forecast period owing to the increasing applications of natural based preservative ingredients in the process food and beverage industry. Nisin helps in preventing spoilage of food and hinder the growth of pathogens thereby increasing the shelf life of food which is attributed

Alcoholic Liver Diseases Treatment Market Highly Favorable to the Growth Rate by …

Alcoholic liver diseases are the result of overconsumption of alcohol, which damages the liver, leading to liver cirrhosis, inflammation, and liver scarring. Alcohol remains the most common cause of chronic diseases in the United States and other Western countries. The liver is one of the vital organs of the body, which performs various functions such as regulating cholesterol and blood sugar, filtering out blood toxins, and many others. The symptoms

Prefilled Syringe Contract Manufacturing Market Value Projected to Expand by 201 …

Prefilled syringes is an important innovations by pharmaceutical industries to provide new vision for syringe medication which provide a new growth opportunities. Prefilled syringes are prospects for patients who are under treatment and need drug administration via syringes. Medications administered through syringes have to follow certain guidelines, which are in place to protect patients from injuries or injections and also, to prevent wastage of drugs. Medication via syringe is more

Railcars Leasing Market Will hit at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2017 to 2022

Growing need for delivering commodities in a cost-effective manner in various industries is projected to fuel demand for railcars globally. In addition, surge in the number of construction projects is projected to impact growth of the global market positively. A recently compiled report by Fact.MR reveals that the global market of railcar leasing is projected to reflect a healthy CAGR of 5.6% over the forecast period, 2017-2022. Factors Fuelling Growth of

Millets Market Projected to Reach US$ 13,500 Mn at 5.3% CAGR Till 2022 | Global …

With its properties such as high productivity in dry and hot climatic conditions, millets are becoming a favored crop across the globe. Several companies in the market are conducting programs for providing farmers with knowledge and sources to increase millet cultivation. This report, published by FactMR, provides in-depth analysis of the global Millets Market for the forecast period 2017-2022, and offers key insights about future market direction. The scope of

Sports Nutrition Market is Anticipated to Register 5.2% CAGR through 2017 to 202 …

Delivering targeted nutrition to perform various sports activities, sports nutrition in form of powders, bars, drinks have been popular among athletes and sportspeople. However, nowadays, sports nutrition extends far beyond sportspeople and is also gaining popularity among people moving towards a healthy lifestyle including mass building, weight management. Manufacturers of sports nutrition products are focusing on the new and specialized ingredients that can supply energy and meet the nutrition requirement.

Packaging Coating Market Will hit at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2022

Growing need for protective packaging in the food and beverages industry has led to an upsurge in demand for packaging coating globally. In addition, increasing need for temperature sensitive packaging is further expected to impact growth of the global market positively. A recently compiled report by Fact.MR, the global packaging coating market is projected to represent reflect a moderate CAGR of 5.5% through 2022. Factors Fuelling Growth of the Global Market Surge

Gardening Equipment Market Projected to Register 4.2% CAGR through 2017 to 2022

Growing demand for maintaining gardens and removing debris in the residential industry is projected to boost demand for gardening equipment globally. In addition, increase in demand for landscaping in the commercial industry is projected to contribute towards growth of the global gardening equipment market. However, with increasing preference for artificial grass turfs and plants, the global market of gardening equipment is predicted to hinder growth in the upcoming years. A

Aviation Carpet Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Aviation Carpet Market: Introduction Today, owing to the strong outlook of the aerospace industry, the aviation carpet market is anticipated to gain traction over the forecast period. As quality standards are highly important in the aerospace industry, aviation carpets are developed with special attention given to design, color and durability. The accumulative count of commercial aircrafts, defense/military aircrafts, etc. is predicted to increase during the forecast period, which in turn, will

Locomotive Parking Brake Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Global Locomotive Parking Brake Market: Introduction Locomotive parking brakes hold the locomotive as well as any connected load in place. Locomotive parking brakes must perform their function at the maximum gradient and load encountered. A locomotive parking brake employs both manual and automatic modes. Further, locomotive parking brakes consist of various components, such as motors, brake shoes, linkages, fluids, electronic control systems, etc. In terms of market analysis, the outlook for
08-30-2018 | Health & Medicine

Medical Bed Market by Global Scope Reveals the Overall Market Sizes, Trends Anal …

Increasing incidences of medical emergencies and surgeries, owing to rising geriatric population and increased prevalence of accidents, have resulted into soaring number of hospitalization. Medical furniture such as medical beds are therefore witnessing a significant demand across the globe. This FactMR report analyzes the expansion of global Medical Bed Market till date, and provides key insights on the growth of the market during the forecast period, 2017-2022. The scope of FactMR’s

Automatic Train Protection Signaling Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Automatic Train Protection Signaling Market: Overview The automatic train protection signaling system is used to indicate a warning signal, when the train is running above the predefined speed that may cause derailment or a collision. The automatic train protection signaling system is installed in the train cockpit so that train pilot and co-pilot could see and hear cautionary signals. Automatic train protection system signaling system includes processors, software, operator displays, antennas,

Air Brake Reservoirs Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Global Air Brake Reservoirs Market: Introduction Air brake reservoir, also known as air storage tank, is a storage tank having single or more than double compartments that are primarily used for storage of compressed air. The function of the air brake reservoirs is to provide a compressed air for braking, which will be sufficient in relation to the volume used by the air brake chambers and auxiliary parts. Moreover, air brake

Global Blockchain in Dumpy Level Market 2018-2028: Size, Share, Growth, Analysis …

Facilitating connectivity among various regions and countries, construction of roads has gained significant traction with increasing domestic and national trade. This aspect has driven the need for dumpy level, it being a vital component in determining height and relative distance. The growth of the dumpy level market is largely influenced with increasing road construction projects worldwide. According to the analysis carried out by Global Road Map, an alliance of scientists,

Automotive Bellows Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Automotive Bellows Market: Introduction In present times, bellows are considered to be essential part of an automobile, particularly employed in the steering and suspension system. The job of the bellows is to resist the compression by the force and provide an excellent cushioning effect. There are several types of bellows. Among them, folding bellows are preferred for automotive and buses, whereas, corrugated type bellows are preferred in monorails and light rail

Float Switch Sensor Market Potential Growth, Share, Demand and Analysis of Key P …

Reliability and flexibility in detecting level of liquid such as oil within a container or a tank has remained instrumental in driving the adoption of float switch sensors, in a bid to enhance quality of the respective application they are used in. For instance, the food and beverage manufacturing has always been under pressure to deliver products to meet consumer requirement and pass inspections of concerned authorities. Float switch sensor

Automotive Power Steering Pump Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Automotive power steering pumps assist the moment of power steering system by applying the principle of fluid mechanics. Steering pumps also enhance the performance of steering as well as reduce the noise level of steering system, which is caused due to harsh turning of the vehicle. Generally, vane type pumps are used in the power steering system as they subsequently increase the pressure of transmitted pump by the utilizing vanes.

Chillers Market Scenario with Demand, Production, Growth Factors, Opportunities …

Fast pace of modern lifestyle has induced significant transitions apropos of eating habits. Consumers are more inclined toward frozen foods, given its convenience in carrying and cooking. That said, efficient freezing activity is essential in order to avoid microbe penetration in food products. This has led to the use of chillers in the frozen food space, which is a key growth propeller for chillers market. Report

Catamaran Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2028

Catamaran Market: Introduction A catamaran is a type of ship, vessel, craft or boat with multi-hull, usually two individual hulls, connected to one another. Catamaran consists of two parallel hulls with similar dimensions. Catamaran has a large beam, deck area, above-water capacity, shallower draft and generally less payload capacity as compared to mono hull type boats. Taking same displacement into consideration, catamaran displays greater seakeeping ability as compared to mono hull.

Frozen Bakery Products Market will Register a CAGR of 3.1% through 2017 to 2022

Although frozen bakery products can be convenient and taste good. Many of these products have limited shelf-life due to the microbiological spoilage by yeast, molds, and bacteria. Moreover, many frozen bakery products have also been said to cause foodborne diseases such as Listeria monoctyogenes, Bacillus cereus and Salmonella spp. With the rise in health conscious customers, the consumption of frozen bakery products is diminishing as these products contain twice the

Hair Color Market Forecast Based on Trend Analysis and Growth opportunities duri …

New hair color trends are on a rise. People around the world are using hair colors to cover the grey hair and is also becoming a way to get a new look. Manufacturers are focusing on providing new colors including permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair color. Meanwhile, with rising number of consumers moving towards using natural products and due to adverse effects of chemical products, manufacturers are also using natural

New Research on Global In-Flight Catering Market Showcases Promising Growth Duri …

As per International Air Transport Association (IATA), the domestic and international air traffic witnessed significant growth in 2017. Moreover, IATA predicts the number of air travelers to double by 2035. Owing to target in-flight catering market opportunities created by ever growing air traffic, airlines are offering premium in-flight catering services to attract more customers and thereby expanding their business. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here @ A new Fact.MR

Garlic Market Overview: Industry Volume Analysis, Market Segments, Value Share a …

Consumption and use of garlic has long been a common and most widely used ingredient in cooking. Manufacturers are providing garlic in various forms such as garlic paste, garlic powder, garlic oil, etc. With uniformity in flavor, dehydrated garlic is gaining considerable importance among the consumers. Manufacturers are also offering and exporting garlic products to the countries to be used in the off-season when garlic is not available in the
08-30-2018 | Health & Medicine

Global Wound Irrigation Solution Market Trends & Growth Projections Studied duri …

According to the latest market report published by Fact MR, titled ‘Global Wound Irrigation Solution Market: Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review: 2018- 2028’, the global wound irrigation solution market is expected to expand at a significant CAGR during the forecast period 2018–2028. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here @ The wound irrigation solution market is segmented based on product type, end user and region. On the basis
08-30-2018 | Sports

Global Fishing Hooks Market: Growing Popularity of Recreational Fishing Resultin …

The lucrativeness of online channels is becoming increasingly palpable in the fishing hooks market, as a traditionally brick-and-mortar marketplace is being swept by waves of digitalization. A new Fact.MR study projects online sales to grow at the highest rate through 2028; however, the growth won’t be enough to offset preeminence of general sporting goods stores as the largest and most preferred sales channel. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here

Frozen Potato Market Research Report Forecast during 2017-2022 Including Size, S …

With the popularity of western style cuisine, frozen potato products are being consumed on a large scale worldwide. Fast food industry is also growing rapidly, hence manufacturers are providing frozen potatoes in various shapes and size such as french fries. Manufacturers are also investing into research and development new technologies that can help to keep frozen potatoes fresh for a long time. This report, published by FactMR, provides in-depth analysis

Key Takeaways from Global Motorcycle Accessories Market Offered in New Research …

Evolving culture of the motorcycle industry, along with interest of riders in framing their unique identity, has led the modification trend, wherein aftermarket-produced motorcycle accessories are increasingly sought-after. Modifications in motorcycles range from moderate to extreme, with typical modifications involving frames & fittings, electrical & electronics, and handle accessories. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here @ The motorcycle accessories market will record an above-average 4.6% volume CAGR during the forecast

Structured Cabling Market: Growing Influenced Proliferation in Data Centers

Structured cabling continues to witness lucrative opportunities across countries on the backdrop of increasing number of data centers worldwide. Moreover, growth in IT and telecommunication sector has influenced the adoption of structured cabling owing to increasing demand for high bandwidth from users. This has encouraged service providers to adopt enhanced data cabling solutions, thereby driving adoption of structured cabling. The trending convergence of old and new media, which facilitates leveraging

Dry Van Container Market: Rising Seaborne Trade to Pave Growth Opportunities

The dry van container market is awash with assets. A wide majority of these assets have become disconnected, thereby entailing challenges apropos of issues associated with their performance and relevant operations. Dry van container integrated with machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, which provide real-time intelligence on their location and status, is becoming the new norm in the logistics and transportation industry. A new analytical research study of Fact.MR envisages the dry van container market to
08-30-2018 | Sports

Attractive Market Opportunities in Curling Sports Equipment & Accessories Market …

The global market for curling sports equipment & accessories is fragmented in nature where multiple established players compete in terms of variety, brand, quality and price. The report, compiled by Fact.MR, provides in-depth analysis of the global curling sports equipment & accessories market for the forecast period 2017-2022, and offers key insights about future market direction. The scope of FactMR’s report is to analyze the global Curling Sports Equipment &

Key Insights on Global Screening Equipment Market, Share, Growth, Region Wise An …

Growth in the construction and mining industries remains a key influencer of growth with respect to adoption of screening equipment worldwide. In addition, sales of screening equipment is likely to witness an upsurge especially from the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific. India has projected an indefinite potential for growth of the screening equipment market in its perimeter against the backdrop of growing road construction and mining activities. IBEF reveals

Europe GDPR Assessment Tools Market: Expeditious Requirement of GDPR Assessment …

Growing imperativeness of information and data protection in light of increased concerns regarding cyber-crimes and leak of personal data has supported the initiation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) assessment tools. Superseding the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, GDPR facilitates harmonizing of data privacy laws across European countries in order to empower and streamline processes in organizations that are involved with personal information. Click for Sample Copy of the Report

Stump Grinder Market Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Size, Share, …

Stump grinder has gained popularity as an imperative equipment to rid the stumps left behind, and the potential of the activity to become trip hazard based on the location. Several tree stump removal or stump grinding services exist across regions, resolving leftover stump-related issues through use of specialist machines in removing stumps and surfacing the roots. Report Highlights: • Detailed overview of parent market • Changing market dynamics in the industry • In-depth market segmentation • Historical, current, and

New Research on Global Suspended Scaffolding Market Reveals Future Opportunities …

With increase in number of construction projects and call for maintenance of periodic façade, the market for suspended scaffolding is estimated to register remarkable uptick. With booming number of new buildings, the flourishing construction sector is poised to be a cardinal factor boosting the demand for suspended scaffoldings. Since the recent past, the working class is migrating from rural areas to full-fledged urban areas on the lookout for better scope
08-30-2018 | Health & Medicine

Orthopedic Implants Market: 3D Printing, Smart Sensors, Robotics – Technologic …

The orthopedic implants market continues to be a promising avenue in the global medical technology space. Emergence of advanced technologies coupled with rise in orthopedic disorders are major growth determinants for the orthopedic implants market. A recent report by Fact.MR envisions the orthopedic implants market to record an august 6.5% CAGR over the forecast period 2018 to 2027. Although surgeries of orthopedic implants incorporating robotics offer reproducible precision and are less

Bucket Elevators Market Overview By Demand, New technology, Key Region, Top Play …

Bucket elevators have been deemed effective in vertical transport of diverse bulk materials for decades. Bucket elevators have set the norm for efficient and reliable material handling solutions, with several manufacturers having established facilities across lucrative regions such as North America. On-site field support and application-specific service offerings are key customer attention attracting methods being employed by leading stakeholders in the bucket elevators market. Report Highlights: • Detailed overview of parent market • Changing market

Global Trailer Canopy Market: Pervasiveness of Trailer Canopy as an Efficient Co …

Solely led by consumer preference, trailer canopy market will continue to be influenced by key trends such as customization and vehicle innovations. Use of trailer canopy has extended beyond the purpose of shading to almost mimicking a mini warehouse or commercial storage. Key companies operating in the trailer canopy market have introduced a slew of novel solutions, which fall in line with evolving requirements of end-users. Click for Sample Copy of the Report

Mobile Gas Pumping System Market Drivers, Challenges, Enabling Technologies, Rev …

Fuel is not always accessible for individuals living in remote areas as location of fuel stations depends on various aspects such as traffic density, distance between the station and metropolitan cities and land availability, to name a few. In addition to this, the demand for fuel is ever rising making it inconvenient for individuals that are situated far away from stations to load their vehicles with fuels. That said, the

Global Playroom Furniture Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competiti …

Production trends of playroom furniture have largely been influenced by changing consumer preferences. In recent years, steady rise in consumer preference for multi-functional playroom furniture has significantly rubbed off on growth of the playroom furniture market. Additionally, rising awareness on sustainability among consumers has led manufacturers to focus more on hand-crafted yet affordable & durable products. Click for Sample Copy of the Report here @ Resurgence of home décor industry, coupled with
08-30-2018 | Sports

Global Cycling Apparel Market: Growing Number of Cyclists to Enhance Demand

Cycling apparel market has been witnessing significant momentum as sales of cycling apparel via sports variety stores reflect an increase across regions worldwide. Apart from sports variety stores, growth in cycling apparel volume sales via third party online sales channel and modern trade channels s expected to increase during the forecast period. Considering the convenience aspect, the third party online sales channel is expected to provide new growth opportunities, given

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