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11-05-2018 | Sports

Global Bodyboard Market Projected to Experience Major Revenue Boost during the P …

Bodyboards are molded to the rider's particular needs and inclinations, for example, stature, weight, and type of riding. Three essential types of riding a Bodyboard Market incorporate inclined, dropknee, and hold up. The bodyboard varies from a surfboard in the way that it is significantly shorter (commonly 97 to 109 cm (38 to 43 in) long) and made out of various sorts of froth. The advanced board comprises of a

Skin Benefits Agents Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2017 …

As per the new report published by Fact.MR, the global skin benefit agent marketis set to surpass 23,400 tonnes in terms of volume by 2026, reflecting above-average CAGR between 2017 and 2026. Rising level of awareness about skincare among consumers all over the world is fuelling the demand for skin benefit agents. Skin is one of the important parts of the body and needs constant care being the foremost layer. Human skin

Global Aircraft Tow Tractors Market Inclinations & Development Status Highlighte …

This research report titled “Aircraft Tow Tractors Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028” focuses on the Aircraft Tow Tractors Market published to the vast repository managed by Fact. MR.  The analysis focuses on the prime geographical regions based on their market size, revenue and attractiveness factors. Furthermore, the research discusses various segments from the Aircraft Tow Tractors Market to examine future lucrativeness and

Global Automotive Ignition Market Prospects, Outlook and Growth Analysis for the …

While stringent emission standards continue to be the stranglehold of the automotive ignition industry, a research by Fact.MR reveals that the automotive ignition system market is expected to evolve around consistent product innovations targeted at introducing the most environment-friendly technology. The automotive ignition system sales have increased by almost 25% from 2012 to 2017 and expected to cross US$ 7 billion by 2022. Request For Free Sample Report @ Recent EPA emission standards

Global Industrial Bag Dust Filter Market: Future Forecast Indicates Impressive G …

The application of fabric filter products such as dust bags is gaining momentum across several industrial verticals. Over the recent past, industrial bag dust filters have emerged as a key industrial commodity. From heavy industries to drugmakers, the demand for industrial bag dust filters has picked up considerable traction. Advancements in bag filtration technologies continue to play a key role in development of industrial bag dust filters. New techniques are

Exhaust System Market : Soaring Demand Assures Motivated Revenue Share during 20 …

In the overall infrastructure of an automobile, exhaust systems leap out to be a crucial component incorporated in almost all the modern vehicles. However, a course of remolding auto technologies in a bid to address carbon emission and environmental degradation issues is likely to have a profound influence on its applications in the automotive industry. Fact.MR published a new report on the exhaust systems market for the forecast period of 2017 to

Global Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Market Inclinations & Development Status …

A new report collated by Fact.MR projects the global big data analytics in healthcare market to exhibit a high double-digit CAGR through the forecast period 2017 to 2026. Over US$ 45,000 Mn revenues will be reaped from worldwide sales of big data analytics in the healthcare sector by 2026-end. Request 100 Page Sample Report Now: Big Data Analytics to Boost Precision Medicine Research Precision medicine holds potential to shift from the one-size-fits-all approach toward

Compact Excavator Market to Experience Significant Growth during the Forecast Pe …

Excavation is among the key industrial processes across multiple sectors, from mining to construction and aerospace. With growing population, developed and developing countries are witnessing maximum utilization of physical spaces. As the spaces become more confined, carrying out excavation processes is becoming a challenging tasks. Compact excavators have emerged as the ideal solution for carrying out digging processes in confined spaces. Over the recent past, the trend of miniaturization has

Aircraft Floor Panel Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth unt …

The aerospace landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift towards additive manufacturing using innovative composite materials, on account of a greater emphasis on manufacturing more integrated aircraft structures and components. Growing demand for permanent autopilot and electrification continues to provide impetus to lightweight construction of aircrafts components. The buoyancy in the aerospace floor panel market can also be attributed to increasing focus on reducing overall weight to fulfill the broader goal

Cyclopentane Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2017-2026 | …

Growing need for the environment friendly insulators has led to an upsurge in demand for the cyclopentane products in the global market. In addition, increasing production of the refrigeration products is projected to impact the global market growth of cyclopentane positively. Fact.MR states that the global cyclopentane market is projected to reflect a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period. Request 100 Page Sample Report Now: Factors Fuelling Global Market Growth      Growth of the

Polyurethane in Automotive Filter Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dom …

Fact.MR’s comprehensive report on the global polyurethane in automotive filters market delivers critical insights on the various dynamics shaping the market during the forecast period, 2017-2026. In terms of growth, Fact.MR foresees a modest consumption of polyurethane in automotive filters considering its superior physical properties. Moreover, material innovations, technological developments, and stringent regulations are likely to have an impact on polyurethane’s application in automotive filters. Fact.MR study opines that the growth in

Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials Market with Current Trends Analysis 2018 to 2027

Titanium dioxide nanomaterials are particles of titanium dioxide with diameters less than 100nm. Since their commercial production, titanium dioxide nanomaterials have been showing promising applications as a pigment in sunscreens, ointments, paints, toothpastes, and so on. Continued research and development have also led to many potential applications of titanium dioxide nanomaterials in areas including photovoltaic, photocatalysis, electrochromics, and sensors. Further, new physical and chemical properties are known to emerge as

High Purity Quartz Sand Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

High purity quartz sand has existed as a material of strategic significance. Unique piezoelectricity property of the high purity quartz sand can convert mechanical pressure into electrical energy or vice versa, thereby gaining increasing applications in semiconductor industry, optical fibers, and photovoltaic cells. The high purity quartz sand offers excellent attributes essential for manufacturing various high-tech products which is directly influencing its rising demand. Owing to technological advancements, high purity

Lift Trucks Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast, 2018 to 2027

Lift trucks are one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in material handling, it is an industrial powered vehicle used to lift and transport goods for short distances. With growing concerns regarding environmental issues, lift trucks with power supply from electric motors or rechargeable industrial battery have attracted increasing demand in the recent years. Most of the lift trucks typically use two power-operated horizontal prongs which can be

Market Size of Shotcrete Sprayer Market, Outlook and Trends Report 2018 to 2028

Shotcrete Sprayer Market: Introduction A shotcrete sprayer is an equipment used for spraying mortar or concrete with the help of either a wet or dry mix process. Usually, a shotcrete sprayer consists of a concrete pump, a spraying arm, an air compressor, an additive pump and a control system, among other components, while high-end shotcrete sprayers are provided with remote controls as well. The airborne dust created by the use of

Chemical Silage Additives Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2018 to …

Chemical silage additives are widely being used to control the preservation process in order to retain nutrient present in the original fresh forage, for a longer period of time. Majority of bacteria present in crops are detrimental to silage preservation, leaving little sugar and breaking down considerable protein into non-protein nitrogen which lower the nutrient content as well as palatability and dry matter intake. This has led to increase in

Global Steady Outdoor Warning Sirens Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 202 …

Global Outdoor Warning Sirens Market: Introduction: Warnings are to inform people about unfortunate and unexpected situations, such as presence of any source of threat (industrial, natural and others), which could threaten their property or lives. There are mainly two types of warnings: indoor warnings and outdoor warning. Outdoor warnings reach out to entire communities. Outdoor warning sirens are used to alert people about emergencies, such as natural hazards, extreme weather conditions,

Cable Testers Market Segmented By sales channel OEM, aftermarket; By application …

Global Cable Testers Market: Overview Over the past few years, tremendous growth has been observed in the networking industry. This growth has been resulting in an increase in the demand for cable networks to maintain connectivity between devices at any location. To maintain cable connections in a specified way with high-speed, efficient and working cable networks, cable testers are witnessing high demand nowadays. Cable testers are emerging as an integral part

Impact of Existing and Emerging Oil Drain Valves Market Trends 2018 to 2028

Conventional oil change is primarily associated with spills and dirty hands. Thus, a new system has been introduced with which one can perform oil changes with ease, speed, safety and cleanliness. Oil drain valves are generally manufactured from stainless steel, brass and corrosion-resistant steel across the globe and can be utilized in combustion engines, construction machineries, etc. Oil drain valves offer numerous advantages. They offer easy handling owing to the quick

Feed Sucrose Market- Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2018 20 …

Feed sucrose has been gaining increasing demand in livestock industry for its ability to improve metabolism and of high benefits to the animals. A few amount of feed sucrose is as important as essential requirement of protein, minerals, and fats for animals. To make all the nutrients available for maintenance, production, growth, and reproduction of livestock, farmers have largely adopted feed sucrose. Due to its improved palatability and rapid fermentation

Microanalysis Sample Preparation Systems Market Segmentation By components Consu …

Microanalysis Sample Preparation Systems The usage of microanalysis sample preparation systems in microscopy is crucial for understanding the composition and structure of materials. Engineers, scientists, medical examiners and chemists harness the ability of microanalysis sample preparation systems to develop images in resolutions that are beyond the visual capability of the human eyes. Microanalysis sample preparation systems enable the preparation of samples that help understand the behaviour and evolution of planet Earth.

Impact of Existing and Emerging Industrial Cable Reels Market Trends 2018 to 202 …

Industrial Cable Reels Market: Introduction Industrial cable reels are also referred to as heavy duty cable reels, which are designed for providing power or transporting fluids in an industrial application. Industrial cable reels are retractable automatic or semi-automatic reels, which enable easy and safe operations in indoor or outdoor industrial applications. These industrial cable reels could be wall, ceiling, or bench mounted, and they are widely adopted in industrial applications such

Clamp Meters Market Segmented By type Current transformer (AC) clamp meters, Hal …

Global Clamp Meters Market: Introduction A clamp meter is an electronic or electrical tester that has wide jaws, which enable it to clamp around an electric conductor. Formerly, clamp meters were designed as tools for measuring AC current and now include inputs for accepting test leads and other probes that support different types of electrical measurements. The jaws of clamp meters facilitate work in tight spaces and also permit current measurements

Shuttlecock Market by Segmentation Based on Product, Application and Region, 201 …

While badminton only became an official medal sport in the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, the shuttlecock that is used for the game traces back to over two thousand years ago. With growing number of participants in the sport across the globe, shuttlecock had gained high popularity over the years. Wide range of population are also adopting badminton as a part of their leisure activity which in turn surged the sales

Biometric Payment Market Segmented By mode of payment Smartphone/Tablet, Biometr …

Biometric Payment Market: Introduction Continuous demand for enhanced security and identification system during payment processes or transaction has led to the increasing adoption of biometric payment systems. As a whole, the biometric payment security and identification system comprises of three major components i.e. hardware, software, and services. Thus, the overall increasing adoption of biometric systems for various applications such as entry systems, payment processes etc., in conjunction with the advantages, such as

Modular Biometric Access Control Terminals Market Segmentation By type Face Reco …

Modular Biometric Access Control Terminals Market: Introduction With the advancements in technology, a transitioning trend in access control systems has been witnessed, i.e. from manual lock access systems to electronic entry access systems and terminals. Out of the various electronic access control systems available in the market, modular biometric access control terminals are one of the most widely adopted access control systems. Since their introduction, owing to advanced features and enhanced security,

Global Steady Emergency Warning Lights Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 2 …

Emergency Warning Lights Market: Definition and Introduction Emergency warning lights are lighting devices that provide visual signaling to people in hazardous situations. In situations of accidents, mishaps, fire, or any other emergency situation, emergency warning lights perform two basic functions. The first is that, emergency warning lights attract the attention of people who are in the vicinity of the problem situation or about to approach the situation. Emergency warning lights alert

Heart Rate Monitor Watch Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2018 to 2 …

Rapid penetration of Internet along with fast technological advancements have led to the development of various smart and innovative products such as heart rate monitor watch. Growing number of sports enthusiasts as well as health-conscious demographic are showing high preference towards heart rate monitor watch, which is a key factor driving its market growth. This device provides specific indication and analysis of condition of the cardiovascular system during any physical

Market Size of Acetone Derivatives Market, Outlook and Trends Report 2018 to 202 …

Acetone Derivatives Market: Introduction Acetone derivatives are organic compounds which have a ketonic functional group. Acetone derivatives are a significant type of industrial chemicals which are widely used as solvents or as chemical intermediates. Properties such as slow evaporation rate, low surface tension, low density, and high boiling point make acetone derivatives an important solvent type which can be used for high solid coatings. Acetone derivatives can also be used in

High Purity Iron Powder Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018 to 2027

High purity quartz sand has existed as a material of strategic significance. Unique piezoelectricity property of the high purity quartz sand can convert mechanical pressure into electrical energy or vice versa, thereby gaining increasing applications in semiconductor industry, optical fibers, and photovoltaic cells. The high purity quartz sand offers excellent attributes essential for manufacturing various high-tech products which is directly influencing its rising demand. Owing to technological advancements, high purity

High-Purity Nitrogen Market to Witness Robust Expansion throughout the Forecast …

The high purity nitrogen market will witness steady demand from the metal fabrication industry worldwide, with special emphasis on onsite nitrogen generator systems, owing to the enhanced cost advantages arising from its use. High purity nitrogen also finds application in improving graphene to attain greater electro-catalytic activity, stability in operations, which further find extensive use in the ever increasing fuel cell market, and resulting in a higher demand for high

Sprockets Market Information, Figures and Analytical Insights 2018 2027

Promising Future for Motorcycles to Fuel Growth of Sprockets Market Sprockets, toothed wheels designed for engaging with components such as chains and belts to pull over the wheel, typically seek adoption in motorcycles. Size of the sprockets are reduced or increased to comply with different gearing of motorcycles, enabling drivers to make their movements efficient and powerful. Sprockets also seek adoption in various other types of motorized vehicles. Request Report Sample @

Vertical Gear Motor Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2027

Growing Demand for Industrial Machinery to Impact Growth of Vertical Gear Motor Market Vertical gear motors form an inherent component of machines in various industrial sectors including Construction & Metal processing, Food & Beverage, and Transport & Packaging. Past few years have demonstrated industrial demand undercut by political uncertainty and slack in energy markets. Currently, the cyclical nature of demand for industrial machinery is being influenced by synchronized global expansion backdrop.

Impact of Existing and Emerging Aliphatic Amines Market Trends 2018 to 2028

Aliphatic Amines Market: Introduction Aliphatic amines are organic compounds that contain nitrogen atom with a lone pair of electrons. Amine in which there is no aromatic ring directly attached to the nitrogen atom is known as aliphatic amine. Amines are derivatives of ammonia. Aliphatic amines are also known as alkyl amines. Aliphatic amines are more basic as compared to aromatic amines. Aliphatic amines are generally prepared by alkylation of ammonia with

Aluminum Sheet Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2018 to 2028

Global Aluminum sheet Market Introduction Aluminum Sheet is the most widely used form of aluminum which undergoes the process of transformation of the metal into flat pieces or thin sheets of aluminum metal. Aluminum sheets are produced by rolling ingots under specific pressure according to the desired thickness. Thickness of aluminum sheet is less than 6mm, also called as leaf or foil.  Aluminum is one of the most widely used material

Forecast On Timing Belt Kits Market Global Industry Analysis and Trends till 202 …

Automotive aftermarket has been consistently growing since past several years with increasing production of vehicles, both commercial and passenger vehicles worldwide. This has given potential opportunities for the aftermarket with increasing number of maintenance services and replacement of automotive parts, timing belt kits being one of them. Timing belt kits, that cover timing chains, timing belts and tensioners, are an integrated system in a vehicle that ensure efficient running of

Worm Reduction Gearbox Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future 2018 to 202 …

About 75,000 Elevators can Spur the Demand for Worm Reduction Gearbox in Following Years Rapid urbanization across the globe, especially in emerging economies, is expected to fuel the adoption of elevators and lifts. For example, in India, the demand for lifts and elevators is expected to cross 75,000 units by the end of 2020, owing to favorable real estate reforms and growth in the construction sector. In addition, demand for elevators

Now Available – Worldwide Studio Lighting Equipment Market Report 2018 to 2028

The evolution of digital technologies and Internet file sharing has led to an increase in the demand for studio lighting equipment. Moreover, the rising demand for LED-based production lights to improve picture quality is one of the major factors fuelling the growth of the studio lighting equipment market. Increase in the demand for personalised cameras is encouraging manufacturers and marketers of studio lighting equipment to introduce new products that are

Bunker Rake Market Shares, Trend and Growth Report by 2027

Growing Investment in Golf Construction Facilities: A Positive Indicator for the Bunker Rake Industry Bunker rakes seek extensive adoption in golf course construction projects, facilitating maintenance operations and retaining required conditions of sand traps. Mechanical bunker rakes have gained popularity over the recent past, with its relatively higher efficiency and multi-purposes attributes, as compared to hand rakes. Over 500 golf course projects are underway worldwide, in various stages of advanced planning

Road Reclaimer Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

Promising Future Global Infrastructure Outlook to Fuel Growth of Road Recaimer Market Road reclaimer is becoming an imperative and essential equipment in road-building applications, with road recycling being an upward trend in the construction industry. Although road reclaimers were deemed a niche equipment, they have gained paramount importance as a construction tool, with a broad spectrum of models being offered by key road reclaimer market stakeholders such as Bomag, Caterpillar, Roadtec,

Global Steady Anti-settling Agents Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 2028

Market Introduction Chemical compounds or additives added in paint and coating formulations to delay the solidification and drying of paint and extend its shelf life are known as anti-settling agents. Anti-settling agents enhance the viscosity of the paint by developing a strong and long lasting thixotropic structure. To retard the settling and maintain uniform consistency throughout the film, anti-settling agents modify the rheological properties of paints and coatings. Hence, anti-settling agents

Truck Campers Market Latest Trends by 2018 to 2027

Millennials: The Demographic at the Forefront of Adoption The global recreational vehicle market has been witnessing positive growth since the past several years, owing to higher demand by millennials. For instance, the North American Camping Survey conducted in 2017 reveals that, millennials make up around 38 percent of campers. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), in 2016, shipments of recreational vehicles were 430,691 units, which increased to a total

Automotive Track Bars Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2018 to 2028

Automotive Track Bars Market: Introduction Automotive suspension systems have been of crucial importance in any vehicle as the shock produced through the front and rear wheels when a vehicle travels on rough and uneven surfaces is effectively eliminated. Automotive track bars decrease the stress and strain that would otherwise impact the driver and other vehicle parts by absorbing the shock from uneven and rough terrains. Automotive track bars are called Panhard

Global Steady Production Page Volume Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 202 …

The global production page volume market is expected to witness growth over the forecast period, owing to the large-scale use of printing devices in various countries such as the U.S., Germany, India, China, and Japan. The development of the packaging and textile industries and the reduction in per unit cost of printing are the major factors driving the growth of the production page volume market. Also, with the increased use

Impact of Existing and Emerging Aviation Fluid Market Trends 2018 to 2028

Aviation Fluid Market: Introduction- Aviation fluid is a special type of fuel used in power aircrafts. Aviation fluids are generally higher-quality fuels as compared to fuels that are used in less-critical applications. Aviation fluids are also used for road transport and heating, as well as other applications to reduce the high risk of explosion caused by high temperature. Owing to the high fuel efficiency and lower cost of aviation fluid,

Backlit Displays Market To Increase at Steady Growth Rate 2018 to 2028

Global Backlit Displays Market: Overview The development in display technologies and adoption of digital connectivity are expected to create enormous growth opportunities for the backlit displays market in the coming years. The display marketing is growing rapidly due to the advancement in digital display screens and adoption of backlit displays by brand marketers to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.  Backlit trade show displays are the latest trend in the trade

Global Foliar Fertilizer Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 20 …

Foliar fertilizer remains an intensely fragmented landscape. In spite of the high level of fragmentation, the top three players have continued to hold onto their revenue shares. These three companies include Israel Chemicals Ltd., Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC, and Yara International ASA. Collectively, these three companies account for over 18% revenue share of the global Foliar Fertilizer Market. Request for a sample of this research report: Israel Chemicals Ltd., has benefited owing to

Global Softgels Dietary Supplements Market Assessment & Growth Forecast Examined …

For the assessment period of 2017-2022, Fact.MR has studied the global softgel dietary supplements market which is anticipated to expand at a robust CAGR in terms of revenue sales owing to factors mentioned above. The report is covered in 14 elaborate chapters, with an extensive analysis of each segment in terms of cross-sectional data, country-wise analysis, and forecast. Request a sample of the Softgels Dietary Supplements Market report @ Fact.MR’s comprehensive

Global A/V Cassette Housings & Parts Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlig …

A/V cassettes are made of delicate polymerized plastics and a sudden load or fall can result in physical wear and tear, which is likely to result in the loss of data stored on them. Some common guidelines to avoid damage to A/V cassettes and the consequential data loss are listed below: Avoid carrying loose A/V cassettes in cartons or trays Avoid direct sunlight and moisture Avoid magnetic fields. Magnetic fields can result in

Curcumin Market Segments And Key Growth and Trends 2018 to 2028

Curcumin Market: Introduction Curcumin is an extract of the Curcuma Longa root widely known as “Turmeric” and is found in turmeric two to eight percent by weight. Curcumin, chemically called diferuloylmethane, gives turmeric its characteristic yellow color. Curcumin is a natural herb that has numerous benefits, which improve the overall health of consumers. Since ages, curcumin has been used as a pain relieving agent. It plays a vital role in the treatment of jaundice,

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