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07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Gas Chromatography Market Expansion to be Persistent During 2017 to 2022 | Key P …

The purpose of this comprehensive forecast report presented by Fact.MR is to elaborate the various market projections impacting the global gas chromatography market during the period through 2017-2022. This assessment delivers high-end statistics concerning market size, growth in trends and revenue share (US& Mn) linked to different geographies and segmentation types. Readers can acquire precise insights about market growth trends along with upcoming opportunities that are expected to reshape the
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Fluoroscopy Equipment Market: Technological Improvements Steering Growth during …

The global fluoroscopy equipment market is expected to witness a moderate growth attributed to increasing adoption in the aviation and healthcare industry. Growing demand for radiation therapy for cancer is expected to impact growth of the global market positively. This FactMR report analyzes the expansion of global fluoroscopy equipment market till 2022, and provides key insights on the growth of the market during the forecast period, 2017-2022. This report offers
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Extremities Reconstruction Market Delivers Higher Revenue Share As Contribution …

The report commences with a brief information of the global extremities reconstruction market. This executive summary sets the tone for the rest of the report, providing users the scope of the report. The executive summary includes important facts and statistics on the global extremities reconstruction market. The scope of FactMR’s report is to analyze the global extremities reconstruction market for the forecast period 2017-2022 and provide readers an unbiased and
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Dental Lasers Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2017 to 2022 | Key Players are …

The rise in demand for painless treatment and laser dentistry have been the primary drivers for growth of the global dental lasers market. Surging prevalence of oral problems worldwide has resulted into a shift from the traditional dental treatment to an enhanced dental treatment, with the adoption of dental lasers. This FactMR report analyzes the expansion of Global dental lasers market till date, and provides key insights on the growth

Aluminum Castings Market Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2018 to 2028

Aluminium castings are produced by a metalworking process called aluminium casting process in which liquid aluminium and aluminium alloys is poured into molds with desired shape and details. Generally, three types of aluminium castings are made by three casting processes including die casting, permanent mold casting and sand casting. The market for aluminium castings has gained momentum in the past decade on the back of increasing popularity of aluminium metal in

Marine Emission Control Systems Market Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and T …

Marine emission control systems constitute equipment with technologies that reduce ship’s emission, improve fuel efficiency and aid in the utilization of cleaner fuels. The technologies used in marine emission control systems are designed to meet emission standards while optimizing ship’s performance in terms of economy and operation. The marine emission control systems market is expected to ride on an upward growth trajectory owing to stringent emission regulations that are propelling

Brake-by-Wire System Market Industry Trends and Developments 2018 to 2026

Brake-by-Wire System Market Introduction Brake-by-wire system is a technology in which hydraulic and mechanical components of the traditional brake systems are replaced by electronic actuators and sensors for the function of braking in the automobiles. `The brake-by-wire system is more efficient in terms of braking efficiency, system design, and effectiveness in comparison to the traditional braking system. Brake-by-wire system is used across various types of vehicles including passenger and commercial vehicles. It

Calcined Alumina market are Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A., Huber, Almatis, AluC …

Calcined Alumina Market: Introduction Calcined Alumina also known as aluminum oxide is produced by continuous calcination of alumina at various temperatures. The properties of the final product can be controlled by the controlling the calcination temperatures. Calcined Alumina doesn’t undergo a loss in weight on firing and is harder compared to tungsten carbide or zircon. Calcined alumina can sustain high temperatures and has explicit properties including high mechanical strength & hardness,

Soaker Pads Market Global Trends, Analysis and Forecast 2026(On the basis of mat …

Global Soaker Pads Market: An Overview Soaker pads, also known as absorbent pads, are widely used in the retail packaging to reduce the effects of purge weight loss caused due to storage. Apart from that, soaker pads are also used for packaging protection. Purge formation is common in meats during display. Soaker pads enable enhanced visual appearance and consumer appeal by minimizing color loss and purge formation. Soaker pads are used

Pallet Bands Market Growth, Demand and Key Players to 2028(Aero Rubber Company, …

Global Pallet Bands Market: Overview In the packaging industry, there are various packaging solutions that are developed to provide spill-proof packaging. Pallet bands form an easy-to-use, secure, and cost-economical pallet load-unitizing solution, generally used in the free movement of finished bulk products across warehouses and retail outlets. While the pallet bundling process through shrink wrapping often takes approximately one minute, an employee takes just a second to apply a rubber or

Global Steady Crawler Drill Rig Market In-Depth Market Research Report 2018 to 2 …

Crawler Drill Rig Market: Introduction Crawler drill rig is a chain mounted vehicle that enables it to travel through any terrain and perform drill operation on any surface. Crawler drill rig has eased out various critical operations in the construction and mining industry drilling. Crawler drill rig comprises sturdy structural channel with effective cross members, strong enough to endure high drilling loads. The crawler drill rig is provided with swing cylinders
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Cell Lines Market Projected to Witness a Single-Digit CAGR During 2017 to 2022 | …

The purpose of this comprehensive forecast report presented by Fact.MR is to elaborate the various market projections impacting the global cell lines market during the period through 2017-2022. This assessment delivers high-end statistics concerning market size, growth in trends and revenue share (US& Mn) linked to different geographies and segmentation types. Readers can acquire precise insights about market growth trends along with upcoming opportunities that are expected to reshape the

Automotive Speed Limiter Market Key Players, Growth and High, Analysis, 2018 to …

Global Automotive Speed Limiter Market: Introduction Automotive speed limiter, one of the vital cruise control systems, is a personal assistant for speed management, predominantly utilized in passenger vehicles. In automotive speed limiter your personal assistant for speed at installation, i.e. by OEM. In addition to that, drivers can use an (optional) command module to set variable, voluntary limits in automotive speed limiter. Once the set limit is reached, the car
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Biobanking Equipment Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2017 to 20 …

The purpose of this comprehensive forecast report presented by Fact.MR is to elaborate the various market projections impacting the global biobanking equipment market during the period through 2017-2022. This assessment delivers high-end statistics concerning market size, growth in trends and revenue share (US& Mn) linked to different geographies and segmentation types. Readers can acquire precise insights about market growth trends along with upcoming opportunities that are expected to reshape the

Air Bearing Spindle Market Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats 2018 …

Global Air Bearing Spindle Market: Introduction Air bearing spindle is a motor-driven shaft that either position and transmits power to a cutting tool or holds a workpiece. Air bearing spindles have the advantages of very low error motions due to fluid-film-averaging effect, frictionless & high-performance positioning, cleanliness, and minimal maintenance. Thus, air bearing spindle is equipped with air bearings which allow the spindle to rotate at higher speeds. For applications, such as

Vehicle Parking Meter Market Dynamics, Segments, Insights and Demand, 2018 to 20 …

Vehicle Parking Meter Market: Introduction Vehicle parking meter are the devices that are used to maintain parking availability in public, private & commercial spaces. Vehicle parking meter collect the cash and in exchange provide a particular place for a vehicle for a limited amount of time. Vehicle parking meter has many payment option such as pay by phone, pay by card or cash. The aim of installing vehicle parking meter is
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Aptamers Market Players Contribute Majorly towards Innovative Trends, details Fa …

The global aptamers market shows significant growth rate during the period of forecast owing to many factors such as high investments in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, technological advancements and increased research and development. The added benefits of aptamers such as their fast generation as compared to antibiotics which helps in rapid treatment of diseases and drug discoveries also supports the growth of the global aptamer market. This FactMR report analyzes

Marine Lubrication System Market Dynamics, Segments, Insights and Demand, 2018 t …

A marine lubrication system is an integral part of the vessel’s engine system as it assists the smooth and efficient operation of the engine. The marine vessels experience extreme environments and hence the installed machinery and equipments are desired to be durable. This differentiates between the marine lubrication systems and the general lubrication systems. An efficient marine lubrication system helps in maintaining the engine temperature which further maintains the oil

Ship Galley Equipment Market Opportunities and Outlook Assessment, 2018 to 2028( …

Global Ship Galley Equipment Market: Introduction Ship Galley Equipment, manufactured from stainless steel can be found on all kinds and sizes of vessels & rigs around the world. Ship galley equipment are fully lined with stainless steel interiors, as well as an inner door construction with a separate outer panel to perfectly match the vessels joinery. besides ship galley equipment must be maintained in a

Conjugated Estrogen Market Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players 2018 to 2028

Conjugated estrogen is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that contains a mixture of steroidal and non-steroidal components that are obtained from pregnant mares’ urine. Conjugated estrogen is used as an external source and is prescribed as a replacement of female natural hormones. Estrogen has many well-known effects on the tissues of the body. It causes the growth of the inner lining of uterus, secretion of cervix, development & growth of female
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

Antibodies Market Research Report Forecast Presents Growth Opportunity through t …

Medical research institutes as well as leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry are stepping up their efforts toward development of profound therapeutics, which is resulting is development of efficacious antibody-based drugs. This FactMR report analyzes the expansion of Global Antibodies Market till date, and provides key insights on the growth of the market during the forecast period, 2017-2022. The scope of FactMR’s report is to analyze the global antibodies market

Global Actigraphy Sensors Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends, 2018 to 20 …

Actigraphy sensors are the devices used to evaluate physical movements of an individual with sleep disorders. Actigraphy sensors collect information by monitoring body movements during sleep. Actigraphy sensors is the small portable device that collects resulting information by tracking physical motion. Actigraphy sensor is a device which is commonly worn on the wrist, ankle, or neck of the body. The device has been developed based on the assumption that when

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Device Market Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights …

The allergic rhinitis treatment devices are employed for treatment of allergic rhinitis. They help in preventing further exposure to allergens and relieving the symptoms such as runny nose. The allergic rhinitis treatment devices use a variety of mechanisms such as irradiations by lasers or filters to block exposure to allergens. The allergic rhinitis treatment devices are intended to full fill the unmet needs of the market owing to poor efficacy
07-31-2019 | Health & Medicine

3D-Printing Medical Devices Market Focusing on Product Innovation and Advanced F …

The purpose of this comprehensive forecast report presented by Fact.MR is to elaborate the various market projections impacting the global 3D printing medical devices market during the period through 2017-2022. This assessment delivers high-end statistics concerning market size, growth in trends and revenue share (US& Mn) linked to different geographies and segmentation types. Readers can acquire precise insights about market growth trends along with upcoming opportunities that are expected to

3D Holographic Display Market : Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Gr …

3D Holographic Display Market: Introduction As advancements in display technology are being witnessed, a corresponding continuous introduction of advanced display types, such as 3D holographic displays, is also being witnessed in the market. Owing to increasing disposable income, customer expenditure and demand for high-performance displays with smaller form factors and low energy consumption, it is expected that considerable traction towards 3D holographic displays will be witnessed across the globe during the

TFT LCD modules (11-inch to 17-inch) Market : Quantitative Market Analysis, Curr …

TFT LCD modules Machines, such as ATMs and different POS terminals, that display data and information requiring a somewhat higher resolution, have integrated TFT LCD modules. In simple terms, TFT LCD modules are high resolution display devices that are controlled by electric signals. TFT LCD modules are growing as the primary machine-human interface across most industries. Manufacturers offer TFT LCD modules that operate efficiently in both, dulcet as well

Endorectal Balloon Market : Opportunities and Forecast Assessment, 2018 – 2026

Endorectal Balloon Market to Witness a Growth in the Coming Years Owing the Clinical Advantages of the Endorectal Balloon The increasing use of an endorectal balloon in the healthcare sector is fueled by the advantages provided by the endorectal balloon for better inflation and deflation control and greater visibility. The endorectal balloon market is therefore subjected to witness overwhelming growth owing to the need for providing improved clinical assistance for patients

Alexandrite laser treatment Market : Latest Trends, Demand and Analysis 2026

Alexandrite Laser Treatment Market to witness key innovations with the Increasing Significance Given to Aesthetics in Major Regions across the Globe The increasing significance given to aesthetics and beauty in the modernized and changing lifestyles is providing a boost to the alexandrite laser treatment market. The major enhancements with the use of alexandrite laser treatment help cater to the needs of consumers. The alexandrite laser treatment is being widely used for

Fusionless Scoliosis Surgery Market : Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry K …

Demand for Innovations in the Healthcare Industry to Act as a Driving Force for the Fusionless Scoliosis Surgery Market The treatment for scoliosis has evolved with time owing to various developments in the healthcare sector and advanced treatment alternatives such as fusionless scoliosis surgery flooding the industry. The scoliosis treatment, traditionally done by spine fusion surgery involved placement of rods, screws, and hooks with a long incision running along spinal columns

Diet Pills Market : Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2018 – 2026

Despite the rise in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity worldwide, consumers are becoming aware of the side-effects of weight loss medicines and diet pills. Nevertheless, manufacturers are introducing various types of diet pills that can mitigate its negative impacts on health and boost weight loss processes to offer better results. The diet pills market is likely to witness steady growth with an increasing number of manufacturers and

Antibiotic-loaded Bone Cement Market : Information, Figures and Analytical Insig …

Infections are among the major issues encountered during various orthopedic surgeries, and antibiotic-loaded bone cement is commonly used to avoid any sorts of medical predicaments. To ensure the safety of patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries, the demand for antibiotic-loaded bone cement is increasing across the healthcare industry. The antibiotic-loaded bone cement market is gaining momentum with the growing awareness about the therapeutic effects of antibiotic-loaded bone cement during various orthopedic surgeries.

Tongkat Ali Extract Market : Industry Trends and Developments 2019 – 2029

Global Tongkat Ali Extract Market Overview Global tongkat ali extract market is about to witness projecting growth in the upcoming years due to an increase in the demand for functional food. Tongkat ali extract is also known as Eurycoma longifolia, or longjack, which is a flowering plant, and is widely popular in various geographies including South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, amongst others. The extract is obtained from the roots

Cocoa Extract Market : In-depth Study on Industry Size and Analysis on Emerging …

Cocoa extract, predominantly used in chocolate formulations, provides several health benefits such as better blood flow, improved insulin sensitivity, and antioxidant effects. With increasing demand for food products of high nutritional profile on the account of growing prevalence of lifestyles diseases such as obesity and diabetes, the cocoa extract market is expected to witness significant growth in the near future. The cocoa extract is gaining increasing demand with expansion of

Dried Fruit Extracts Market : In-depth Market Research Report 2018 – 2028

Growing consumer demand for natural products from food as well as cosmetic industry has led to the development of dried fruit extracts market. Several dried fruit extracts such as apricot extracts, dates extract, raisins extract and others are gaining increasing application for flavoring and nutrition in food, beverages, bakery, confectionary, pharmacy, and health industry. Further, rising demand for products such as dried fruit chips in the recent times is expected

Car Wash Management System Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2018 to …

The standard of living of individuals has increased. This has driven the growth of a number of people owning a private car since it is time-saving and convenient. This, in turn, has increased the need for car wash service providers. The growing number of cars has created complexities for car wash service providers to manage each car, which has led to the adoption of car wash management system in the

Fine Blanking Tools Market Augmented Expansion to be Registered by 2018 to 2027

Fine Blanking Tools Market – Introduction Fine blanking tools consist of high pressure dies or pads, a stinger or V-ring, and punches which are used for the manufacturing of precision components. The process of fine blanking involves holding a metal surface and punching a hole or cut in the metal. Due to its accurate and effective precision cutting, fine blanking tools are finding widespread adoption in the production of components for

Terminal Tractors Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018 to 2026

Terminal Tractors Market – Introduction A terminal tractor also referred to as spotter truck, yard dog, yard jockey, yard horse, shunt truck, yard truck or yard goat is a combination of a compact tractor unit and a semi-trailer which is used to carry freight and cargo. The tractor has a short wheelbase with space to accommodate only a single person and a rear sliding door for conveniently accessing trailer connections. Terminal

DTH Drill Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018 to 2026

DTH Drill Market: Introduction The DTH drill is commonly used in oil and gas exploration applications. It is a mini jack hammer that screws on the bottom of a drill string. It is used to break hard surfaces or rocks into small flakes. It is more advanced than the blast-hole drilling and its adoption is growing in end-use applications. The DTH drill comprises hammers, drill bits and other accessories. The DTH

Electric Generators Market Projected to be Resilient During 2018 to 2026

Electric Generators Market: Introduction In many parts of the developing world, providing electricity access for all remains a serious challenge. To counter electricity shortage, electric generators are considerably used in every part of the world. Growing economies, burgeoning and urbanizing middle classes across the prominent regions provide an ideal platform for a promising growth outlook. Electric generators are utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial applications as a backup power source. They

Lighting Control Components Market Projected to be Resilient During 2018 to 2026

Global Lighting Control Components Market: Introduction As the countries strive to produce more green energy due to increasing efficiency standards, lighting companies are implementing more and more control on lighting control components across the world. Lighting control components can range from occupancy detection to lighting controls with the aim of reducing energy consumption across various platforms. The lighting control components include light sensors, relays, passive infrared sensors, resistors, switches and more.

Sausage Premixes Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018 to 2026

Sausage premixes Market Overview Like several other essential micronutrients, sausage premixes is a high quality nutrients used as a quality and taste enhancing agent in meat products. The global sausage premixes market is anticipated to gain a significant market share in the food industry over the forecast period, and the global sausage premixes market is expected to register a higher single-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2028. The

Terminalia Extract Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2018 to 2026

Growing demand for terminalia extracts in healthcare Like several other extracts, terminalia extract has gained its momentum in the market across the globe over the last few years owing to its broad application in the treatment of severe healthcare diseases and disorders. Terminalia extract is prepared from the extraction of dried fruit, leaves, stem bark, or seed of terminalia. The market for terminalia extract is expected to witness a rise in

Cigarette Paper Market Projected to Witness a Single-Digit CAGR During 2018 to 2 …

Global Cigarette Paper Market: Overview Cigarette paper is also known as rolling paper. It is used for the commercial production of filter cigarettes and individually made roll-your-own cigarettes. Cigarette paper is prepared from lightweight non-wood plant fibres, which include hemp, flax, sisal, esparto and rice straw. It is available in several forms, which include transparent, coloured and flavoured. The features of cigarette paper include air permeability, grammage, fibre type, visual appearance, and

Rapid Industrialization to Boost Cargo Security Seals Market High and Growth by …

Global Cargo Security Seals Market: An Overview Cargo security seals are intended to secure shipping truck, trailers and containers. They help prevent forced entry and tampering. They are extensively used in the shipping industry across the world. There are a variety of cargo security seals in the market to cater the different requirements for tamper-evident solutions. Cargo security seals are commonly used to seal the doors of trailers, containers, rail cars,

Edible Cutlery Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2018 to 2026(On the bas …

Global Edible Cutlery Market: Overview One significant problem with the use of plastic is that it often takes hundreds of years to break down once discarded, leading to huge problems of waste management while posing a danger to wildlife and the environment. In contrast, biodegradable products use alternate materials and specific chemical reactions to break down once exposed to the environment. But being biodegradable does not mean they are safe for

Playground Sets and Equipment Market Excessive Growth Opportunities Estimated to …

Global Playground Sets and Equipment Market: Introduction Playgrounds are an essential part of a child’s formative years. Nowadays, playgrounds have educational and theme-based equipment that help to develop a child’s mental and physical fitness. There are various types of playground sets and equipment, such as playground climbers, see-saws, spring riders, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, free spinners and other equipment. Moreover, playground sets and equipment are made of different materials such as wood,

Subsea Well Access System Market to Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2018 to 2 …

Subsea Well Access System Market: Introduction The most critical factor in the development of subsea oil and gas fields is the safe and reliable installation of subsea equipment with the increased requirement for interventions as the field matures. Furthermore, operators are under high pressure to maximize recovery rates against challenging obstacles as the average age of subsea wells is over 10 years. Subsea well access system players are investing in advanced

Energy Recovery Ventilator Market to Expand Substantially Owing to Technological …

Global Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Market: Introduction Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is the energy recovery process of exchanging the energy where the ventilation unit is enclosed generally in exhausted building/space air and utilizing it to treat or precondition the entering outdoor ventilation air in commercial and residential HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems. Energy recovery ventilators are used in a wide array of areas, such as industries, homes, and offices. The

Endobronchial Valves Market Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by 20 …

Endobronchial valves are specially designed one-way valves that allow the exhaled air to exit the lungs, but restrict the entry of inhaled air to the lung compartment. The endobronchial valve is used to decrease the lung volume in the condition of lung disease or more specifically emphysema. A commonly endoscopic approach is prescribed rather than thoracoscopic lung volume reduction surgery. The insertion of the endobronchial valve is performed by a

Achalasia Treatment Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the For …

Pneumatic Dilation Treatment to Gain Significant Traction in Achalasia Treatment Market Increasing number of patients in medical centers demanding for safe non-surgical treatments is expected to drive the demand for pneumatic dilation achalasia treatment. In addition, growing demand for fastest and simplest technique is likely to further drive the demand for pneumatic dilation achalasia treatment. Low-risk and cost-effectiveness associated with pneumatic dilation is likely to offer growth opportunities for achalasia treatment

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