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Sleep Aid Supplements Market Forecast Research Reports Offers Key Insights 2018- …

Sleep Aid Supplements: Overview In today’s stressful life, getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge. This can also be blamed on technology and the subsequent invention of numerous gadgets such as smartphones, which have become the key factors contributing to sleep deprivation in the society. Insufficient sleep is a major concern in developed countries such as the U.S. A professor from Cornell University quoted that the country’s national sleep debt

Chicory Extract Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects 2018-2028

Chicory Extract Market: Overview Chicory is an herbaceous plant with vibrant blue-colored flowers, or pink or white flowers. Chicory plant is grown as a forage crop feed livestock in Europe. Presently, the plant is commonly grown in North America, Australia and China as well. Most of the parts of the chicory plant are useful. For instance, the leaves are cultivated for salad, roots as coffee substitute and food additive. Most recently,

Global Elevators Market to Experience Significant Growth during the Forecast Per …

Elevators are equipment used for vertical transportation of people or goods between floors of buildings, or other structures. An elevator is generally powered by an electric motor, which either counterweights a system such as hoist and drives traction cables, or pumps hydraulic fluid for raising cylindrical piston such as a jack. To Get a free Sample Copy of Report, Visit @ According to recently published report by FactMR, the global elevators

Global Digital Door Lock System Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Sta …

Digital door locks are locks that are installed on doors of various structures and can be operated with the convenience of applications on the user’s smartphone. These keyless locks operate on technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. To Get a free Sample Copy of Report, Visit @ According to FactMR study, the global digital door lock system market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 30% in terms of volume during the

Global Fats and Oils Market Estimated to Soar Higher During 2017 to 2026|| Top M …

Fats and oils are widely employed for both industrial uses and food applications across the globe. Diet fats and oils play a pivotal role in encouraging growth of cells, and are considered to be highly concentrated sources of energy. In addition, demand for edible fats and oils, source of essential fatty acids (EFA), is mainly being driven by rising consumption of animal-based products. To Get a free Sample Copy of Report,

Global Air Conditioning System Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share d …

Remarkable expansion in the residential sector, along with growing disposable income of the population worldwide is likely to remain a key factor driving demand for air conditioning systems. In addition, falling costs of air conditioning systems have further proliferated their adoption among the rising middle-class population in emerging countries. Rapid industrialization, urbanization and mounting number of data centers are also expected to rub off on demand for air conditioning systems. To
01-30-2019 | Sports

Global Ice Hockey Apparel Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance d …

As the popularity of ice hockey gains traction in the global sports industry, companies manufacturing sporting goods & accessories are becoming more focused upon producing the apparels for the sport. New designs for manufacturing ice hockey apparels are being introduced by companies. Several market players are adopting advanced materials to enhance the feel and comfort levels of ice hockey apparel and allow the users an ease of mobility. Moreover, companies

Global Toothcare Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026 …

Treating common dental problems such as toothaches and tooth decays by visiting the dentist is become less feasible. Paying the bills and getting prescribed with several pills adds to the inconvenience of people suffering from the unbearable pain of toothaches. This trend is widely exercised across the globe, and has created a vast consumer base for toothcare products. Floss picks and mouthwashes are being sold through retail stores as purchasing

Global Automotive Headliners Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression unti …

Automotive headliners have gained a paramount importance as an aesthetic covering in vehicles, enabling installation of various systems while maintaining an arranged premium and clean cabin appeal. Currently, automotive headliners are being discerned as NVH insulation components for vehicle cabins. Advancements in research have resulted into the development of automotive headliners with high-end modules by using various types of materials for manufacturing. To Get a free Sample Copy of Report, Visit
01-30-2019 | Sports

Global Surfboard Market to Experience Significant Growth during the Forecast Per …

Surfers continue to seek surfing sports to satiate the craving for adventure, fun and excitement. The electrically propelled design of surfboards allows surfers to enjoy surfing in the absence of waves. The rise of electric water sports, in particular, electric surfboard, is expected to redefine the surfing industry landscape. The superior characteristics provided by electric surfboards in terms of superior torque and higher water propulsion provides the surfers with better
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

 Snacks Market Highlighting Lucrative Avenues Across Major Geographies during 2 …

Snacks market will continue to witness an optimistic growth ahead, finds a new Fact.MR research study titled ‘Snacks Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market Insights 2017 to 2022’. The research study projects that approximately xxx of snacks are likely to be sold by 2022 end, with snacks being perceived more than just a stop-gap food consumed between meals. The landscape of snacks market is foreseen to be
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

US$ 3 Billion Opportunity Emerging in Spine Devices Market: Fact.MR Study

Low back pain is becoming a very common health problem across the globe. Affecting people of all ages from children to elderly, low back pain can be acute or chronic. The prevalence of spine disease is also on a rise due to increasing aging population, changing lifestyle, constant stress, acute or repetitive injuries and various other conditions. There has been a drastic change in spine surgery, with the robotic spine

Starch Based Edible Coating Market : Infrastructural Advancements Set to Boost G …

The starch based edible coating market is projected to witness an increase in volume sales of over 4,000 tons in 2019 over 2018, according to recent Fact.MR report. Starch based edible coating sales are highly influenced by increasing demand in fresh, ready to eat and minimally processed foods, along with their growing significance in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. According to the study, growing adoption of corn starch based

Foliar Fertilizer Market Highlighting Lucrative Avenues Across Major Geographies …

Foliar fertilizers are steadily gaining ground in the agriculture industry as an effective multifaceted solution to enhance plant vitals. Increasing importance of crop nutrition, backed by the rising government initiatives continues to influence the demand for foliar fertilizers. Sales of foliar fertilizers are expected to increase on the back of the increasing demand for agricultural produce worldwide. These insights are according to a new study on foliar fertilizer market by

Cannabinoid Therapy Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2018 to 2027

A cannabinoid is a class of chemical compounds that change the neurotransmitter release in the brain by acting on cannabinoid receptors in the cells. Cannabinoids are derived from plants and are also referred to as the phytocannabinoids. Majority of the cannabinoids available for cannabinoid therapy are cannabis-driven, but there are several different plants from which cannabinoids can be derived as well. Approximately 70 plant compounds are identified for cannabinoids. Majority
01-30-2019 | Sports

Stand Up Paddle Board Market: Technological Augmentation Drives Growth in the Co …

In order to study the various trends and patterns prevailing in the concerned market, FactMR has included the latest Forecast report on Stand Up Paddle Board Market to its vast database. This study offers data about the prime regions operating in the stand up paddle board market, along with their production, consumption, revenue and market share details. Further, the intelligent report also anticipates that the market would grow at a
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Liquid Dietary Supplements Market Highlighting Lucrative Avenues Across Major Ge …

 Rising consumer preference for healthy diet continues to remain instrumental in driving consumption of ingredients with significant health benefits and liquid dietary supplements are no exception. With increasing obesity problem worldwide and growing health awareness, demand for liquid dietary supplements is likely to be on an upswing. Fact.MR foresees that the demand for liquid dietary supplements is projected to expand at a high CAGR of 7.4% in terms of value

Laparoscopic Needle Holder Robotic Devices Market Expansion Projected to Gain an …

Laparoscopy is the minimal-invasive surgery which is carried out by specialized technique to do an incision in skin. In past this surgery were carried out for gynecologic surgery and gall bladder surgery. Various laparoscopic procedures involve the cutting and stitching of internal tissue. Robotic-assisted surgery is one of the latest of the innovations in the field of minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopic surgeries uses a special instrument called as laparoscope which
01-30-2019 | Sports

Global Squash Rackets Market Opportunities & Upcoming Trends up to 2028 | Key Pl …

This research report titled “Global Squash Rackets Market Opportunities & Upcoming Trends up to 2028” focuses on the squash rackets market, published to the vast repository managed by Fact. MR.  The analysis focuses on the prime geographical regions based on their market size, revenue and attractiveness factors. Furthermore, the research discusses various segments from the Squash Rackets Market to examine future lucrativeness and spot growth prospects during 2018-2028. Readers can

Fixed RFID Reader Market Foraying into Emerging Economies 2018 to 2027

Today, enterprises across the globe are highly focusing on adopting systems that can provide them with efficient supply chain management. Companies are increasingly focusing on solutions such as RFID tags that can increase their operational efficiency. In order to read these tags, the companies are adopting fixed RFID readers. A fixed RFID reader is a device that debrief an RFID tag. The adoption of fixed RFID readers has increased significantly

Gigabit Ethernet Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2018 to 2027

Gigabit Ethernet Market is expected to Grow Exponentially with an Upper Single Digit Growth Rate The rapid advancement of technology has led the development of the concept of the Internet of Things and connected devices. These devices require constant internet connection to operate. Also, the number of devices connected to the internet is growing. This requires robust Ethernet technology that can be used local area networks (LANs). This has led to

Drink Hoses Market Projected to Discern Stable Expansion During 2018 to 2027

Hoses are one of the key components of drinking water installations especially for outdoor sites. However, these hoses are only employed if they fulfil the strict conditions of the drinking water ordinance. To protect the public health for long term, test procedure for the drinking water approval are made tougher. Drink Hoses are the ideal quality of hoses for the utilization in beverages, brewing and liquor industry. Drink Hoses are primarily
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Scenario Indicates Prime Trends & Growth …

  Global sales of kidney stone management devices are likely to surpass 1 million units by 2028, according to a new Fact.MR study. In terms of revenues, the study projects the kidney stone management devices market to surpass US$ 1,500 million. Rising preferences for minimally-invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures continues to be a massive trend in the kidney stone management devices market. Growing incidence rate of kidney stones, combined with the availability
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Veterinary Equipment and Disposables Market Growth during the Forecast Pe …

Increasing expenditure on animal health and rising demand for companion animals continue to fuel the growth of the Veterinary Equipment and Disposables Market. Sales of veterinary equipment and disposables are likely to witness steady growth on the back of increasing research in animal health coupled with rising research grants. Macroeconomic factors such as economic growth and rising GDP per capita are also impacting the veterinary equipment and disposables sales, in

India Pipeline Thermal Insulation Materials Market Scenario Indicates Prime Tren …

Fact.MR delivers key insights on the India pipeline thermal insulation materials market in its latest report titled ‘India Pipeline Thermal Insulation Materials Market: Forecast, Trend Analysis and Competition Tracking, 2018–2026.’ The long-term outlook of the India pipeline thermal insulation materials market is expected to remain positive and the market is expected to expand with a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period (2018–2026), primarily driven by the positive economic outlook in the
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Urology Laser Fibers Market Inclinations & Development Status Highlighted …

The market is foreseen to witness an increasing demand for single use fibers, in the light of strenuous deflection requirements of flexible ureteroscopy. Moreover, the surging fad for laser fibers entailing custom optical fits is slated to bode well for the growth of Urology Laser Fibers Market. Fibers with minimal energy leakage has been identified as one of the highly sought-after attributes, compelling manufacturers to rework on their production framework.

Vinyl Flooring Plasticizers Market Set to Deliver Major Revenue Shares During th …

Vinyl flooring plasticizers market continues to witness lucrative opportunities across countries owing to the rising demand of flooring industry across the globe. Moreover, increase in the demand of ecologically sound vinyl flooring products has influenced the adoption of non – phthalate plasticizers in the vinyl flooring market. This has encouraged manufacturers to adopt for new innovations in order to meet the rising demand of non–phthalate plasticizers. To Get Sample Copy of
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Upper Limb Internal Fixation Tool Market Projected to Augment at a Notabl …

The upper limb internal fixation tool market continues to be influenced by the mushrooming cases of orthopedic surgeries. Rising incidences of mishaps, fractures, and sports injuries are some of the key aspects contributing to the overall demand for upper limb internal fixation tool. Rising geriatric population has also been identified as one of the biggest growth levers of Upper Limb Internal Fixation Tool Market. Quality of the skeletal fixation is
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Ultrasonic Scalpels Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacture …

The global ultrasonic scalpels market is anticipated to gain greater prominence in the near future owing to a number of significant advantages that it holds over equipment of an electrosurgical nature on the basis of certain aspects such as post-surgical procedures and reduced blood loss. This has also resulted in newer applications of Ultrasonic Scalpels Market in the recent times, which has enabled the market to spread its dominance across
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global TSG6 Antibody Market Prime Economies Expected to Deliver Major Growth unt …

Sales of TSG6 antibody are expected to remain influenced by rising cancer incidences worldwide. The TSG6 antibody, particularly used for identification of tumor necrosis. In addition, the TSG6 Antibody Market remains impacted with use of TSG6 antibody across various analytical testing methods. Given the significance of TSG6 antibody in detection of chronic ailments, the rising demand for TSG6 antibody in analytical testing applications such as immunochemistry, western blotting and immunofluorescence

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Market Progress & Manufacturer Contribution Highligh …

Polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS is highly utilized in the industrial processing sector owing to its beneficial physical and chemical properties. Uncomplicated fabrication process, optical transparency, controllable elasticity and quick and reversible adhesion against different commonly used substrates like polystyrene and glass are some of the important properties of PDMS that are highly exploited in industrial processes for applications such as surfactants, hydraulic fluids, anti-foaming agents, and water-repellent coatings among others. Fact.MR

Global Tracheostomy Equipment Package Market Inclinations Highlighting Enhanced …

Tracheostomy equipment package market continue to witness the benefits of technology advancements which have made both procedure and tracheostomy equipment package efficient and safe. Additional provision of new balloon dilation PDT (percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy) technique continues to influence development and further demand for Tracheostomy Equipment Package Market. Growing incidences of laryngeal, hypopharyngeal, and throat cancers continue to remain primary growth factors for the tracheostomy equipment package market. Increasing uptake of

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) Market Scenario Indicates Prime Growth …

FactMR has published a new research report titled “Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) Market Scenario Indicates Prime Growth Parameters till 2028” to its online database that tries to unveil the various scenarios prevailing in the recreational off-highway vehicles (rovs) market. This assessment delivers a smart compilation of primary and secondary data which provides a clear insight about the future plans expected to impact the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) Market. This study

Global Matrix Switches Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2026 / Key …

The matrix switches routes multiple audio, video or HDMI sources to multiple audio or video destinations. These matrix switches accept audio and video signals as input sources from various electronic devices such as cameras, computers, etc. and route the output signals to multiple destinations, such as video conference codecs, projectors and display systems, etc. The key manufacturers in the Matrix Switches Market are focused on offering a variety of matrix

Global Lighting Control Components Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Do …

Moreover, Lighting control components are not just limited to a single area or room, the lights of entire house can be controlled with a single button. A centralized lighting control component system incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs with the use of central controlling device. The scenario for lighting control components has been completely transformed with the advancement in modern technologies. The changing paradigm of lighting industry to
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Hyperspectral Cameras Market Showcases Future Status of Prime Manufacture …

The key vendors in the hyperspectral cameras market are focused on differentiated offerings and expansion of product portfolio to enhance their geographic presence in the hyperspectral cameras market. The hyperspectral cameras manufacturers are aiming at product launch strategy that will help them to increase their foothold in the Hyperspectral Cameras Market. Therefore, the introduction of innovative hyperspectral cameras and rise in the application of hyperspectral cameras in environmental monitoring and
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Wound Drainage Devices Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Statu …

Growing global geriatric demographic along with increasing number of surgical procedures is driving the demand for wound drainage devices. Rise in awareness programs regarding human health and medical processes is likely to influence growth of the Wound Drainage Devices Market. Increasing usage of wound drainage devices for various applications on the coattails of high prevalence of chronic diseases is key growth driving factor of the wound drainage devices market. Increase
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Hormone Replacement Therapy Market Scenario Indicates Prime Trends & Growth Para …

 The Hormone Replacement Therapy Market is foreseen to expand at a significant pace with sales of hormone replacement therapy products crossing US$ 12,000 Mn by 2019 end. Rising incidences of osteoporosis fractures coupled with growing menopause rates among women have remained instrumental in driving the demand for hormone replacement therapy. Fact.MR envisages that the demand for hormone replacement therapy is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.0% in terms of value throughout the period
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Market Progress & Manufacturer Contributi …

The most frequent and traumatic complication faced post-rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD), proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) continues to be a bottleneck in developing new surgical techniques for diseases related to retina such as retinal pigment epithelium transplantation, and macular translocation. Posterior contraction of the membranes formed on either sides of retina that are a result of PVR, and shortening of retina are key complications that prevent reattachment of retina. Complex vitreoretinal surgical
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Home Diagnostics Market: Technological Augmentation Drives Growth in the Coming …

 According to the report, sales will remain buoyant in developed regions, with North America and Europe collectively accounting for over 50% revenue share of the market. The Fact.MR study remains bullish on the prospects of home diagnostics market players in developing countries, as growing focus on health & wellness, and emergence of many Asian countries as medical tourism hubs creates opportunities.  Request Sample: The report also finds that home diagnostics manufacturers are focusing on
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Global Neonatal Ventilator Market: Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth R …

In order to study the various trends and patterns prevailing in the concerned global market, FactMR has included the latest Forecast report on neonatal ventilator market to its vast database. This study offers statistics about the prime regions and applications operating in the neonatal ventilator market, along with their market production, consumption, revenue, upcoming industry trends and future market share details. Further, the accomplished report also anticipates that the concerned

Drill Collar Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2018 to 2027

Drill collar are thick-walled pieces machined from solid steel bars, usually plain carbon steel. Drill collar possess various advantages which include compressive loads, hole size integrity, BHA stiffness to maintain hole straightness etc. The primary function of the drill collar is to apply the weight on the bit. Drill collars are generally produced from modified steel and are supplied in the form of rolled surface finish. Rising shale gas exploration activities
01-30-2019 | Health & Medicine

Histopathology Testing Equipment Market: Technological Augmentation Drives Growt …

ising incidences of cancer and associated mortalities are driving the need for efficient tissue diagnosis. Moreover, growing inclination toward less-invasive diagnostic procedures for cancer and other malignancies drove growth of histopathology testing equipment. “The American Cancer Society and National Center for Health Statistics have revealed that cancer cases in Unite States crossed 1,685,000 in 2017 and are likely to increase in the coming years. Likewise, according to WHO (World Health Organization)

Ferrous Sulfate Market Influences Market Growth during 2018 to 2028 | Major Play …

Ferrous sulfate remains an extremely fragmented market. Regardless of a high level of fragmentation in the ferrous sulfate market, top two market participants continue to maintain their status quo by holding onto their ferrous sulfate revenue shares. These two companies include Venator Materials PLC and Kronos Worldwide Inc. Collectively these two players account for around one-third revenue share of the overall ferrous sulfate market. To Get Sample Copy of Report visit

Nano Crystalline Soft Magnetic Materials Market Indicates Notable CAGR growth at …

The radical role of nano-crystalline soft magnetic materials in several electrical and electronic systems, which has characterized the modern society. Continuous improvements in the properties of these materials have extended their application scope into power generation & transmission, receptors of microwaves & radio signals, electromagnets and magnetic shielding. The nano-crystalline soft magnetic materials are relatively new concept, with the paradigm of increased emphasis on energy conservation accelerating research efforts. Leading

Now Available Barge Transportation Market Forecast And Growth 2018-2028

Oil Boom Increase Barge Operators Fortune The rising consumption of North American oil is escalating lot of barges, as several petrochemical and energy companies mainly turn to the canal, coastal and rivers waterways to get North American crude to refineries in U.S. and Canada and will increase the usage of liquid cargo barge over the forecast period. With expanding petrochemical industry rise the shipments across the regions. The expanding usage of

Releases New Report on the Global Heavy-Duty Trucks Market

Introduction The global uprising from the economic crises has major consequences for the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. The global heavy-duty trucks manufacturing industry has witnesses a gradual growth over the past five years to 2018. Government authorities across the globe have been imposing stringent regulations aimed to reducing the truck emissions. However, the rise in the technological advancement and innovative manufacturing technology is highly anticipated to propel the global heavy-duty trucks

Electric Parking Brake Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2028

The major factors responsible for the growth of electric parking brake market are stringent government regulations regarding road safety, growing adoption of automated vehicle technology, upsurge in the demand for driver assisted systems, and increasing demand for fuel efficient vehicles. The primary driver which propels the demand of the market is growing adoption of electric parking brake in the vehicles due to reduced weight and ease of convenience as compared

Carbon Dioxide Market: Technological Augmentation Drives Growth in the Coming Ye …

According to Fact.MR, global carbon dioxide consumption is likely to reach 22,844 KT in 2018, up from 21,472 KT in 2017. The study shows that the carbon dioxide market remains moderately consolidated among tier 1 players and top 10 players collectively hold a revenue share of over 60%. To Get Sample Copy of Report visit @ Fact.MR’s 8-year outlook of the carbon dioxide market reveals optimistic growth opportunities against the backdrop

CNG Vehicles Market Volume Analysis, size, share and Key Trends 2018-2028

Automotive Industry to drive the Global CNG vehicle Market during the forecast period, and anticipated to grow at more than 3.2% CAGR CNG vehicle continues to witness lucrative opportunities across the countries on the backdrop of the increasing number of the NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) and increasing preference for CNG vehicles across the world. Moreover, the growth in the automotive industry has influenced the adoption of the CNG vehicles due to

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