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Press Releases from Hans Zwakenberg (2 total)

Understand Torsional Vibration in Propeller Drive Systems

More and more, automotive engines are converted for experimental aircraft use. Reduction drives, drive trains and pusher propeller possibly aggravate torsional vibration to dangerous levels. A report about torsional vibration is re published to create awareness with current experimental aircraft builders and to enhance experimental aviation safety. Buedelsdorf, Germany - January, 2006 - In republishing a report called "Propeller Drive Systems and Torsional Vibration", experimental aircraft builder Hans Zwakenberg seeks

Yacht Design | Free Hull Resistance Calculation program released

A free hull resistance calculation program is made available for public download. This software allows a deeper insight into how different hull shapes influence hull resistance. Also, HullDrag/32 includes some options to optimize a sailing yacht's hull geometry, based on a target mission profile. Buedelsdorf, Germany - December 8th, 2005 - Yacht Design | Free Hull Resistance Calculation program released HullDrag/32 is a sailing yacht hull drag calculation utility that

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