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Dietary Fibers Market to exceed $9 bn by 2024

Dietary Fiber Market size is estimated to exceed USD 9 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. Increasing consumer awareness pertaining to the benefits offered by fiber-fortified products will fuel dietary fibers market growth. Rising trends towards functional food along with increase in consumer affordability will enhance product penetration. As per industry estimates, over 50% of the functional foods in super/hypermarkets are fiber-fortified. Changing

Fenugreek Seed Extract Market to exceed $9.5mn by 2024

Fenugreek Seed Extract Market size is estimated to surpass USD 9.5 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rapid healthcare industry expansion coupled with recent advances in nutraceutical research is projected to drive fenugreek seed extract market size. As per Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services(CMS), the U.S healthcare spending estimated USD 3.3 trillion in 2016, growing around 4% from the preceding year.

Europe is major shareholder due to healthy eating habits. Germany, Italy and Fra …

Functional Water Market size shall witness a significant growth owing to its increasing usage in food & beverages industry. Increase in aging population and obesity rate is major driving force for the product. Shift in customer preference from aerated & alcoholic beverages to healthy drinks will support industry development. It has extra oxygen and rich in vitamins, botanicals and minerals. It offers refreshment along with health and hydration. It provides

North America leads the global diet candy market. Rising obesity among children …

Diet Candy Market size is anticipated to witness a surge in demand due to rising applications in food & beverages industry. There has been an increase in product demand with growing weight gain concerns among adults and youngsters. As per study conducted by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) one in every five children has obesity that has helped in their emergence. Further, government is promoting health initiatives to

North America has major share in processed meat market due to high demand for pr …

Processed Meat Market size will witness a significant growth owing to growth in food industry. With the increase in number of working women, disposable income, busy working schedule, the consumption of meat has increased. Reduction in price has further increased its consumption. There has been a significant growth in food texturing agents market that provide a mouth watery feel enhance the shelf life of the product. These factors are expected

The U.S. is one of the major consumer of instant noodles. Hectic lifestyle, risi …

Global One-off Chopsticks Market size will witness significant surge in the forecast period. It is a pair of equal length sticks used in kitchen for eating. It is extensively used in various countries as a traditional tool for eating, particularly in China. Countries including Japan widely practice cooking with the product due to its ease in handling and stirring hot food. It can handle wide variety of food products and

Dairy Processing Equipment Market size may witness significant gains owing incre …

Dairy Processing Equipment Market size may witness significant gains owing increasing utilization of processed milk for manufacturing various products including cheese, butter, and ice-cream. Change in consumer emphasis towards healthier and palatable products supported by rising health concerns may drive industry growth. Dairy processing equipment helps convert milk to various form of end-use products such as cheese, cream, yogurt and butter. Based on these products several types of techniques are

United Kingdom is the largest consumer of ready to eat food. Busy lifestyle, con …

Processed Super Fruits Market size will witness noticeable gains over the forecasted period owing to its extra nutritional benefits in comparison to other fruits. It works as an antioxidant in the body that removes all harmful molecules from the body and improves immune system. Its quality of providing health benefits to consumers will accelerate product demand. These are specially sorted out and packed by nutrition scientists to provide premium quality

Global Smart Home Market (2016-2025)-GMI Research

Global Smart Home Market by Application (Lighting Control, Security & Access Control, HVAC Control, Home Healthcare, Home Appliances and Entertainment & Other Control) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2025 Global smart home market was estimated to be USD 48.7 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 125.9 billion by the end of 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.1% during 2016–2025 on account of factors such as rise

Ubiquinone Market size will witness significant growth with increased applicatio …

Ubiquinone Market size will witness significant growth with increased application in food, cosmetic and medicine industry. Demand has risen globally with increase in health consciousness and benefits of using the product in herbal sectors. It is used in medicine industry for treatment of low blood pressure, migraine headache, Parkinson’s disease, dental disease and cancer. Further, it is used as substitute in medicine for treating coenzyme deficiency and expected to propel

North America & Europe is attributed to the rising consumer awareness about the …

Aloe Vera Extracts Market size is anticipated to record a positive growth during the forecast period. It is a plant species and is cultivated in wild and tropical climates for medicinal and agriculture applications. Several product benefits owing to its richness in natural nutrients and fiber finds widespread applications across medical and personal care industry which will drive aloe vera extracts market size over the projected time spell. Strong demand for

North America and Europe are anticipated to register sluggish growth as the mark …

Antioxidants Market size has witnessed strong growth and is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Rising product demand in the cosmetic industry is has been a vital factor for growing antioxidants market size over the past few years. It is attributed to the fact that the product is extensively used in manufacturing anti-ageing creams, hair care products, etc. Improving socioeconomic factors primarily in the Asia

Global Mobile Engagement Market Opportunities & Forecast (2016-2021)-GMI Researc …

Global Mobile Engagement Market by User Type (Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Scale Enterprises), Vertical (Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Telecom & IT and Others), By Solution (SMS and MMS, Push Notifications, In-App Messaging, E-Mails, App/ Web Content, Other Solutions) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global mobile engagement market has seen a significant increase in the recent years. The rise in the penetration

Europe food additives market to witness massive growth over 2016-2022, Germany t …

Food additives market has already engraved its footprints in the global space with a noticeable shift in consumer preference for natural additives over synthetic ones across the world. Increase in consumption of processed food and beverages with the growing consumer claim for high nutrition content is acting as a catalyzer behind the tremendous growth of the industry. Global packaged food market is expanding exponentially and is slated to grow lucratively

Europe yeast extract market to earn significant revenue over 2016-2024, high dem …

Yeast extract market is slated to cross a valuation of USD 1.8 billion by 2024, subject to the fact that the product boasts of a massive application spectrum, such as the animal feed, food & beverages, and pharmaceuticals sectors. Yeast extract is basically a natural ingredient that encompasses high-quality proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, B complex vitamins, amino acids, nucleotides, and lipids and is predominantly used as a food flavoring agent. It

Organic seed market to witness major growth prospects in Asia Pacific, India and …

Organic Seed Market is witnessing a speedy growth with the rising consumer demand for non-chemical and non-synthetic foods. The trend of going completely organic is booming, with people becoming more attentive toward their food safety and food consuming habits. A paradigm shift seen in the consumer buying preferences from processed food to natural organic food has provided a major thrust to the growth of organic seed industry. Better nutritional value,

Poultry probiotics market to surpass the billion-dollar benchmark by 2024, indus …

Over the past few years, livestock production has increased exponentially. This has indeed made a subsequent impact on poultry probiotics market, with the increasing demand for NGPs (natural growth promoters) in animal feed. Poultry probiotics industry is strongly characterized by R&D and product innovation activities which has made this fraternity witness a fiercely competitive landscape. The industry players are constantly involved in implementing growth strategies such as global expansion and

Global Building Automation System Market Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021-GMI …

Global Building Automation System Market by offering (Electronic Security & Safety, HVAC, Lighting Systems, Energy Management Systems and Others), by Application (Residential, Commercial and Industrial), and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global building automation and control system market has observed a significant growth in recent years. The rise in the demand for energy-efficient systems and solutions, significant technological advancements of internet of things technology in building automation systems

Vitamin E market outlook: Cosmetics & Dietary applications to offer dynamic grow …

Shifting consumer focus toward health and wellness benefits from vitamins consumption will surge the global vitamin E market. Increasing consciousness of adopting healthy food habits coupled with rise in spending capacity will significantly stimulate the vitamin E industry. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., “Vitamin E market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% over the period of 2016-2024.” Vitamin E has many benefits to the human

Global Commercial Drones Market Opportunities & Forecast (2016-2021)-GMI Researc …

Global Commercial Drones Market by Type (Rotary Blade Drones, Fixed winged drones, Hybrid drones and Nano-drones), by Application (Mapping, Surveying & Photography, Precision Agriculture, Inspection & Monitoring, Law Enforcement, Media & Entertainment & Others) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global commercial drones market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The rise in the application areas of drones majorly in precision agriculture and law-enforcement, favourable government

Global Digital Twin Market Opportunities & Forecast (2016-2021)-GMI Research

Global Digital Twin Market by End-User (Aerospace and Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Home and Commercial, Electronics and Electrical/Machine Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Retail & Consumer Goods and Others), Application (Product Design and Development, Machine & Equipment Health Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Dynamic Optimization) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global digital twin market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The increase in the adoption rate of

Global Robotic Lawn Mower Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

The global robotic lawn mower market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The growing demand for robotic lawn mowers by the consumers as well as increased need for technologically advanced solutions for lawn mowing systems are the key factors fuelling the growth of smart lighting market. Apart from this, the development of advanced sensors such as the rain sensors have nearly eliminated human interaction and will further fuel

Prebiotics market outlook: Food & beverage sector to stimulate the industry grow …

With potentially growing interest in the improvement of digestive health through supplements, prebiotics market size has indeed observed a striking ascent in the last few years. Vital foods that have long since been a natural source for prebiotics, have now witnessed a decline in consumption, plausibly on account of the changing lifestyle habits. In consequence, this paradigm shift in meal consumption has manifested itself in the form of obesity, Alzheimer’s,

Probiotics market to accrue stupendous proceeds from F&B applications over 2017- …

Owing to the extensive application spectrum across dietary supplements and functional food industries, the worldwide probiotics market is being increasingly referred to as one of the most promising business verticals around the globe. Apparently, the rising significance of functional foods can be attributed to the fact that these food additives are gradually and steadily acquiring a prominent position in the dietary profile of a sizeable number of health-conscious consumers. It

Global Food Safety Testing Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

Global Food Safety Testing Market by Food Tested (Meat & Poultry, Dairy Products, Processed Foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Others), Contaminant (Pathogens, Pesticides, GMO, Toxins, Others) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global food safety testing market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The growing food borne illness coupled with the stringent regulation related to food safety imposed by majority of the countries worldwide are the key

Europe feed Mycotoxin Binders Market to witness commendable progressions over 20 …

Feed mycotoxin binders market, over the recent years, has been exhibiting an encouraging growth potential owing to the worldwide rise in consumption of meat products coupled with the increased consumer inclination toward safe and healthy food. Furthermore, the recent spurt in instances of livestock based ailments caused by contaminated feed ingredients have necessitated a wide scale usage of feed binders to lower the toxic effects. Reportedly, these binders prevent contamination

Asia Pacific to generate heavy growth opportunities for the aquafeed market over …

The increasing global population base, which has already crossed the 7 billion mark is leading to scarcity of resources. Health constraints are one of the major issues, arising by this tight imbalance of supply/demand of these essential resources. However, people in this technologically advanced era are well-aware and informed about their health and the nutrition their body demands. This rising awareness and health consciousness among the people has led to

What is driving the production and growth of edible insects market?

Global human population is anticipated to increase by more than 2 billion by end of 2050 giving rise to food problem. Increase in food production will lead to more pressure on environment. So consumption of edible insects is one of the food alternatives through which one can get high quality protein, amino acids and vitamins at affordable costs.Edible insects possess high food conversion rate and emit less greenhouse gases than

Global Bio Vanillin Market to exceed USD 19 million by 2023

The scientific know-how era we are living in today is advancing in every aspect. The rising population and adoption of technology by people has brought a hi-tech revolution across all the industries. The urge for something better and of course cheaper is growing widely. Right from the information technology used at a global level to the food and beverages essential for our day to day lives, science has taken over. A

Protein ingredient market growth is driven by increasing health awareness among …

Industry Insights Global Protein Ingredient Market size was higher than $22.1 billion for 2015 and forecast to record CAGR of more than 7.1% by end of forecast timeframe. Rising customer consciousness about health advantages from nutrient intake coupled with growing importance of its use in cosmetics segment as well as in food & beverages segment is predicted to industry expansion. Further, favorable impact on cardiovascular health and diabetes prevention coupled with muscle

Brewing enzymes market to establish its space in the sustainability landscape, n …

Charles Wells’ recent sale of the Bedford brewery to Marston’s is one of the many deals that indicates the developments in Brewing Enzymes Market. The deal, supposedly signed for a valuation of GBP 55 million, grants Marston’s, the brewer & pub operator, the complete, exclusive business and beer distribution rights, thereby augmenting the position of the manufacturer in the regional brewing enzymes industry. The extensive demand for beer and alcoholic

Phytosterols industry to collect a massive share via food & beverages sector ove …

Phytosterols Market revenue is expected witness a lucrative growth over the years to come, subject to the product’s ability to reduce cholesterol level. The escalating demand for food globally has led to increased usage of phytosterols across the food & beverage sector, particularly as an additive in food products such as milk, sausages, yoghurt, bakery items, and margarines, which will generate lucrative avenues for business development. Food & beverage sector,

Egg phosphatidylcholine market: Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical sectors to be the maj …

The outlook of global egg phosphatidylcholine market will spectate colossal growth prospects in the future, owing to the rising trend of healthy & nutritive food intake. Demand for egg PC is expected to rise with growing consumer awareness regarding the high nutritional value of the ingredient. Moreover, egg PC industry is booming as this ingredient serves as an anti-ageing supplement, boost brain power, and can increase neuroplasticity. According to Global

U.S. to stimulate bionematicides market trends over 2016-2024

Global bionematicides market is witnessing heavy demand due to rapid industrialization resulting in the depletion of fertile agricultural land. High level of crop infestation by nematodes in agricultural produce is boosting demand for eco-friendly bionematicides as it enhances the quantity and quality of crops. Also, strict government regulations against the use of chemical nematicides will further surge bionematicides industry growth.The worldwide population is expected to hit 9 billion mark by

Global Food Service Equipment Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

The global food service equipment market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The growth in hospitality industry coupled with rise in the quick service restaurants worldwide are the key factors which have fuelled the growth of the food service equipment market. The technological advancements in the food service equipment's especially which are being used in the refrigeration industry is a major trend which will propel the said market

Curcumin market revenue to touch the 100-million-dollar benchmark over a decade, …

Rising demand for herbal dietary supplements and organic treatment methods for infections and tumors will fuel Curcumin Market growth. Curcumin is basically a fat-soluble, yellow-colored polyphenolic pigment derived from curcuminoids that is available in two forms, namely, enol and keto. This product is also recognized as a turmeric extract, and possesses anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral properties owing to which it is used to treat tumors, arthritis, and viral infections. It

Global Silicone Gel Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

Global Silicone Gel Market by End-Use Industry (Electrical & Electronics, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Personal Care)and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global silicone gel market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The superior properties of the silicone gel such as their ability to absorb heat and shock as well as increased demand by the various end-use industries worldwide especially the emerging economies are the key

Global Smart Lighting Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

Global Smart Lighting Market by Product Type (Smart Bulbs, Fixtures and Lighting Controls), Application (Commercial, Government, Residential and Others) and by Geography - Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global smart lighting market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The growing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems, rise in the usage of wireless technology as well as increased demand for technologically advanced solutions for street lighting systems are the key factors

Global Aircraft Seating Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research

Global Aircraft Seating Market by Seat Type (Suites, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Class), Aircraft Type (Narrow Body Aircraft, Wide Body Aircraft, Regional Transport Aircraft), by Fit Type (Line-Fit, Retro-Fit), and by Geography – Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021 The global aircraft seating market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The rise in the aircraft orders & deliveries and growing number of low cost carriers worldwide has fuelled

Global smart home market reached at USD 48.7 billion in 2016

According to GMI Research report, “Global Smart Home Market By Application and By Geography – Opportunities & Forecast 2016–2025”, the global smart home market was estimated to be USD 48.7 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 125.9 billion by the end of 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.1% during the forecast period. The key factors driving growth of the market are rise in the internet of things,

Natural Food Colors Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook-2024

Natural Food Colors Market size is poised to grow at a healthy rate over the projected time spell. Rising popularity of organic and natural food items among consumers is probable to make prominent contribution to natural food color market size during the forecast period. Food & beverages products containing synthetic color are visually appealing but lack the nutritional value and are usually not beneficial for health. Increasing consumer awareness about

Flavored Syrup Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook-2024

Flavored Syrup Market size may grow significantly over the projected period owing to strong application outlook in beverages, bakery, dairy & frozen desserts and confectionery industries. Global syrups market may witness a significant growth of 4% over the forecasted timeframe. Flavored syrup is organic in nature and widely used for sweetening and enhancing taste mainly in bars, cold drinks, and cocktails. They are available in wide range of low calorie

Agricultural Colorant Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook

Agricultural Colorant Market size will witness a significant growth owing to increase in demand from several applications in agriculture industry. Strong demand for better farming techniques to enhance production in order to meet rising demand of food grains and vegetables is the major driving factor for its rise in consumption. Multi functionality of products in fertilizer, crop protection and seeds dressing enhance its demand and anticipated to propel agricultural colorant

Sunflower Seeds Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook

Sunflower Seeds Market size will witness dynamic growth owing to growing application in food, agriculture and construction industry. Its demand has spurred with increase in use of sunflower seeds for snacks. Improved agriculture and farming methods has enhanced their production. Further, these are rich in fibre and serve as an excellent fodder for animals. Rising supermarkets and retail stores has enhanced growth of sunflower seeds market. Its utilization has increased

Savoury Flavour Blends Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook

Savoury Flavour Blends Market size is anticipating substantial rise in the forecast time period. Rising consumption of diverse varieties of flavors in food ingredients across the world has positively influenced product demand. These are added in various food items to give taste and different essence. It is extensively used in hotels and restaurants in their food ingredients to give unique taste and flavour. High usage on savors in cooking has

Coconut Milk Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook

Global Coconut Milk Market size is anticipated to witness a healthy growth owing to its increasing application in food & beverage and agriculture industry. Shift in consumer dietary pattern and growing vegetarian population is expected to boost product demand. Due to environmental and ethical concerns people have inclined towards vegetarian diet that has increased the consumption of coconut milk. It helps in strengthening immune system of the body and reduces

Food Texturing Agent Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook

Food Texturing Agent Market size is projected to witness a healthy growth owing to increasing application in food and beverage industry. The agents are primarily used in processed diets. Hectic lifestyle and increasing disposable income led to surge in consumption of processed and convenience diet, thus driving the product market growth. Ask for sample copy of this report @ Manufacturers use them to enhance the consumer experience and give mouth watery feel

Feed Phytogenics market (Phytogenic Feed Additives market) size to exceed USD 74 …

Feed Phytogenics market size is likely to be worth USD 744 million by 2022; as per a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing dependability on NGPs (natural growth promoters) for livestock such as swine, cattle and poultry, is likely to drive phytogenic feed additives market growth. Growth in livestock production owing to increase in per-capita meat consumption in countries such as China and India is likely

Animal Feed Additives Market to cross USD 22 Billion by 2022

Animal Feed Additives Market size will exceed USD 22 billion by the year 2022; as forecast by Global Market Insights, Inc. Positive outlook towards livestock production for protein-rich meat consumption will give impetus to the animal feed additives market size. It acts as catalysts which prevent diseases in animals, improve weight gain, proper metabolism functioning and fatigue delay, thereby improving meat quality. Amino acids market size will witness significant gains

Food Additives Market size worth $55.8bn by 2022

Food Additives Market size may reach USD 55.8 billion by 2022; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Positive indicators for packaged & frozen foods consumption owing to hectic lifestyle particularly in the U.S, Germany, France and UK, should promote global food additives market size. These ingredients are used with the primary intention to impart flavor, nutritional and color characteristics. Primarily used packaged foods include ready-to-eat

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