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New Network Equipment Buying Guide Enters Marketplace

Westborough, MA -, a Donald LaBelle Associates company and publisher of the American Industrial Register announced to the media today the launch of its new communications equipment and networking systems directory. According to the company the publication will serve as a buying guide to help companies worldwide locate North American-based manufacturers and suppliers of networking and communications products for industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and military markets. The new directory includes Launches Waste Handling Equipment Directory

Westboro, MA -, an industrial supply marketplace and portal for engineers and other industrial buyers, announced today the official launch of its new directory of environmental and waste management equipment. The new directory is designed to assist companies worldwide sourcing for manufacturers, exporters and distributors of new and used waste handling products. The directory includes waste management and recycling equipment, disposal containers, recycling products, waste containers, compactors, containment baskets, tanks, Launches Directory of Enclosures

Westboro, MA - Conrad Bailey, Business Director of, announced to the media today the launch of a new directory of manufacturers that produce enclosures published exclusively on the company\'s Web site. The new directory includes offerings from manufacturers and suppliers of all types of enclosures for industrial and construction applications. Including offerings primarily but not limited to manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand,

New Electronics Directory Launched By

Westboro, MA -, a division of Industrial Network, announced to the media today from its Massachusetts headquarters the launch of a new electronics equipment buying guide and supplier directory intended for manufacturers of electronic products, engineers, importers and other buyers of electronics. The directory includes a broad range of electronic products from manufacturers and distributors that serve primarily the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, China, Japan, Italy, Germany Introduces A New Electrical Supply Directory

Westboro, MA - The international industrial buying guide and portal for engineers and other technical buyers announced to the media today the launch of its new specialized electrical supply and equipment directory. The directory is intended as a vertical buying guide specifically to assist companies sourcing for electrical goods such as engineers, manufacturers, contractors, plant managers, construction companies and other buyers of electrical supplies, equipment and related accessories. The various

New Drilling Equipment Directory Swells To Thousands Of Offerings

Westboro, MA - The industrial buying guide, announced today the launch of its new vertical directory for industrial and technical buyers. The directory includes thousands of offerings for a wide range of drilling equipment, supplies and accessories from manufacturers and distributors worldwide. According to the company, the drilling equipment offerings in the directory are suitable for nearly all drilling applications, including manufacturing, pipeline, mining, construction, offshore, oil and gas, Introduces New Cutting Equipment and Tools Directory

Westboro, MA - The online manufacturers directory and B2B portal, a division of Donald LaBelle Associates, announced today the launch of its latest directory of cutting equipment, machines, tools and related materials. The directory includes a wide range of cutting products for companies involved in metal fabrication, rubber and plastic production, steel manufacturing, tooling, machining, die cutting, textiles, construction, forestry, mining, castings, printing, welding, woodworking, moulding and many other industries. The

Online Industrial Supply Marketplace Adds Thousands of Construction Equipment Of …

WESTBORO, MA - The global industrial buying guide announced today the launch of its new and improved directory of construction equipment and machinery for global buyers of industrial and construction goods. The directory includes a broad selection of construction materials, equipment, machinery and supplies for heavy construction companies, industrial contractors and builders of steel buildings, nuclear energy facilities, hi-rise buildings, industrial plants, bridges, roads, silos, pipelines and other heavy and

New Industrial Computers and Software Directory Launched By …

Boston, MA -, an international industrial buying guide and marketplace for manufacturers, engineers and other technical buyers, announced today the launch of its new industrial computers and software directory. The directory includes a wide range of industrial computers, hardware and accessories as well as lean manufacturing and distribution software offered by suppliers in over 54 countries, primarily Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, India and China. The types of Increases Offerings Of Communication Equipment For Its Ind …

The international industrial buying guide, a division of Massachusetts based Donald LaBelle Associates and approved member of the Industrial Network, has released a new directory that offers a broad range of communications equipment, supplies and accessories for industrial and technical buyers. The new directory is intended to help buyers of communications equipment source for value based suppliers in 54 countries, primarily United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, China and

The Producers of Announce The Launch of Its Industrial Sup …

Introducing the first Global Industrial Trade Board specifically designed for buyers and sellers of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery. WESTBORO, MA -, an online network of industrial portals for engineers and IT professionals, today announced the grand opening of its online world trade forum for companies involved in the industrial marketplace. According to the company, the forum offers the first interactive industrial supply trade board for manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors Adds Thousands Of Offerings Of Cleaning Equipment and Supp …

WESTBORO, MA -, an industrial supply portal for engineers and technical buyers today announced its latest directory of cleaning products now available on its Web site for users to access right away without any registration requirements. The cleaning equipment and supplies directory available on the site, according to the company's business director, Conrad Bailey, lists thousands of manufacturers and distributors of cleaning products from all regions of the world. Launches Its New Textile Directory For Industrial Buyers' …

WESTBORO, MA -, an multi-national buying guide and B2B portal for industrial and technical buyers, today announced its latest directory for companies involved in the textile industry seeking to improve or expand its supply chain. The directory offers a wide range of textiles and fabrics, including canvas, felt, silk, leather, raw cotton, fibers, furniture fabric, foundry drapes, linen, carpet twine, sewing thread, safety blankets, fireproof canvas tents, wool, industrial textiles Increases Offerings Of Building Materials For Its On-line …

WESTBORO, MA - April 10, 2006 -, a buying guide and information portal for engineers and other industrial buyers, today announced it has expanded its offerings of building materials available on its Web site. Building materials now available on the site include roofing materials, plywood, lumber, sheet rock, vinyl siding, hard wood flooring, woodworking tools, whirlpool appliances, stanley tools, home building products, ceramic tile, kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring, garage doors, Expands Offerings Of Automation Equipment And Electronics

Automation Equipment Buying Guide and Directory grows to thousands of offerings from leading manufacturers around the globe WESTBORO, MA - March 22, 2006 -, one of the Internet's leading websites for industrial and technical buyers, has expanded its offerings of automation equipment and controls presented on its Web site. New automation equipment offerings available to users include capacitors, computer components, cameras, computers, cleanroom equipment, data management, electro-optical systems, antennas,

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