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German System Integrator STS-TECOM Adds RAIDIX to its Matrix of Data Storage Sol …

November 16, 2017: Data storage vendor RAIDIX enhances its partner network in Central Europe signing up with a German system integrator STS-TECOM. The partner ships comprehensive IT solutions based on commodity hardware to a broad spectrum of corporate customers, digital content operators, high-performance clusters and telco companies. The STS-TECOM clientele includes top 5 major ISPs in Germany with an aggregated delivery volume of over 45K servers. The RAIDIX technology is poised

RAIDIX Expert Received Bertrand Meyer Award at SECR 2017

Head of RAIDIX Research Lab Svetlana Lazareva won a Bertrand Meyer Award at the SECR 2017 international conference (St Petersburg, Russia, October 20–21, 2017). As a speaker, Svetlana delivered a presentation titled “Smart face control: machine learning algorithms for efficient SSD caching”. Data storage vendor RAIDIX has participated in SECR since 2014. In 2015, RAIDIX’s paper also succeeded in securing the first award at the conference. SECR is a major Russia-based

Data Storage Vendor RAIDIX Proves its ISO 9001 Certification

Developer of the Software-Defined Storage (SDS) technology RAIDIX successfully passed the annual audit for conformance with the international quality standard ISO 9001, performed by the British Standards Institution (BSI). The audit committee acknowledged the efficiency of business processes in Sales, R&D, and Implementation & Maintenance departments. RAIDIX’s quality management system (QMS) proved fully conformant with the highest ISO standards. The company’s quality and business process manager was given special credit for

RAIDIX and Storage Corp. are poised to deliver high-speed data storage to the Br …

Data storage vendor RAIDIX established a new partnership in Brazil. Storage Corp. – a provider of IT solutions for enterprise, cloud environments, monitoring and video surveillance infrastructures – now offers the RAIDIX software-defined storage technology as a key component in comprehensive IT projects. Consolidating siloed resources and legacy systems from versatile vendors, RAIDIX enables modernization and scalability of the customer’s existing functionality with minimal hardware overheads. The RAIDIX software supports commodity-off-the-shelf

RAIDIX reveals five steps to optimal data storage design

The data storage experts from RAIDIX will host a free webinar for end customers and partners on September 13, 2017 (21:00 UTC+3). The online conference titled “Five steps to cost-effective data storage design” unveils secrets and best practices in building fully functional and well-weighed data storage architectures. How do you design a data storage system with great price-to-performance and the full spectrum of required functionality? On the developer side, you factor

RAIDIX analyzes the must-have data storage features in a free webinar

AUGUST 17, 2017: The data storage vendor RAIDIX will host a free webinar for end customers and partners on August 31, 2017 (12:00 UTC+3). The online conference titled “Selecting the inherent data storage features. Theory and practice” intends to sort the wheat from the chaff and define essential functionality for particular workloads and applications. Picking the right data storage system tailored to specific enterprise or professional needs may become a daunting

RAIDIX will present its 8K-ready storage solution at SET EXPO 2017 in Brazil

Data storage vendor RAIDIX will showcase its software-defined storage technology at the SET EXPO trade show in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on August 21–24, 2017. The RAIDIX team leverages the event’s business opportunities to expand its partner network in Latin America and engage in new M&E, broadcasting and telecom projects. RAIDIX has been making inroads into the Brazil market since 2016 when the company established partner relations with major system integrators in

RAIDIX’s Partner AC&NC Dubbed “Tzar of Storage”

St Petersburg, RUSSIA - Pittsburgh, PA, USA. July 17, 2017: AC&NC, the US partner of data storage vendor RAIDIX, is heading towards its 25th anniversary backed by full customer satisfaction and IT media recognition in the US and beyond. Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) founded by Gene Leyzarovich in the early 1990s is a manufacturer of RAIDIX-powered JetStor data storage appliances. The customer base for AC&NC’s RAID solutions in

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