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The Art of Survival: Private Art Collectors in the USSR

The world’s first comprehensive account of private art collections in the USSR comes from Austria and has now been published as a book. Based on rare primary sources, the book documents how private collectors – despite political repressions – "survived" the Soviet era. They collected art not in line with the official canon, thereby saving much of the country’s cultural heritage. The monograph draws on intensive research facilitated by a

Haute Couture from the Experimental Physics Lab

A team of Austrian physicists has recently developed ultra-thin pressure sensors that can also be processed into sensitive textiles. The breakthrough came with the arrival of technology for building up a sufficiently large electrical field in polymer foams. This enabled thin-film transistors to switch in reaction to pressure. Possible applications arising from this project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF include ultra-thin microphones, pressure sensors for replacement skin, and

Campus Vienna Biocenter: Training & Dissemination Centre on RNA Viruses launched

A newly established Training and Dissemination Centre (TDcentre) will contribute significantly to the rapid diffusion of scientific knowledge that is being generated by an EU-Integrated Project on RNA Viruses. The TDcentre has now launched its activities with a workshop at the Campus Vienna Biocenter on 28. June. Participants from 15 countries exchanged ideas and facts about the structural analysis of protein domains. Integrated Projects (IP) are one of the largest EU-Research

Is THREE more than three? Brain Research is Looking for Answers

How do we process numbers? A new project from the Austrian Science Fund – FWF hopes to find the complex answer to this seemingly simple question by building on the recent findings of a team from Innsbruck. These show that while children and adults are equally good at processing numbers, they actually use different regions of the brain to do so. The new project is now comparing the cerebral activity

Affiris closes EUR 8.5 Million Financing Round

Vienna, April 6, 2006. Affiris (Vienna, Austria) raises EUR 8.5 million in series A round with MIG Funds (Munich, Germany) as sole investor. The milestone-based investment is split among three funds namely MIG Fonds 1 (EUR 1 million), MIG Fonds 3 and 4 (EUR 7.5 million). Affiris was founded by two of Austria's most experienced experts in the biotech field - Frank Mattner and Walter Schmidt - commencing its operations

FIBREX Medical: Peptide for Myocardial Infarction Proves to be Safe

FIBREX Medical has successfully completed a first dose in man study with its lead product, the anti-inflammatory peptide FX06. FX06 is developed to prevent reperfusion injury, an undesired inflammatory reaction after acute myocardial infarction. The now completed clinical trial measured tolerability and pharmacokinetics of FX06 in healthy volunteers. The study confirmed the excellent safety profile of FX06 that has already been seen in experimental animal studies. The clinical trial was

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