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Basketry Made Fun and Easy

Basketry is an ancient art form, universally found across the world throughout time. Even in modern society, this age-old craft has lost neither it's appeal nor usability. In fact, this craft has grown even more complex with advanced weaves and thousands of basketry clubs. Although it has become more advanced, there is no better time to join in on the fun yourself, as it is easier than ever to

Parents, How to Raise Your Child's IQ

A comprehensive collection of exercises and games you can play with your child to increase their IQ score. This will allow for a broader choice of educational and life opportunities. Also includes a frank discussion of what the IQ is, how it is arrived at (something most never know!) and why it matters in schools -- and also why it shouldn't matter. Colorado Springs, CO - Friday, December 9

Easy Home Lawn Care Explained

An emerald green sward, as those seen in high-end golf courses -- isn't that what most homeowners wish their lawns were like? It takes great care, expensive nutrients, and even more work... Or does it? Having a picture perfect lawn is easier than most realize. You only need the right kind of care, the right kind of nutrients, and spend a little bit of time doing the right kind of

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