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06.11.07 - Informatica Corporation

Security Firm Offers All-in-one Cybercrime Reporting as Businesses Face Holiday Security Threats

Online retailers and small e-businesses face 300% higher security and privacy risks during the busy holiday season, but they’re not the only ones. Bricks and mortar vendors are also at increased ris... mehr

07.08.06 - Informatica Corporation

Informatica Security boosts channel support, announces appointment of Michael Kinrys, MBA, CMA

Toronto, August 1, 2006 /PR/ Informatica Security, the Toronto-based security audit and training organization announced today the appointment of Michael Kinrys, MBA, CMA to the position of Manager, Bu... mehr

27.02.06 - Informatica Corporation

Informatica introduces; automated security assessment services create false sense of security – founder warns

Informatica Security and announce, a unique portal that allows organizations to choose from a variety of exclusive, standards-based, security review... mehr

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