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Saving A Marriage May Even Be Possible With A Cheating Husband

According to Ruth Houston, acclaimed author, saving a marriage may be possible after infidelity if a few specific steps are taken. Author of “Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs”, Ruth Houston releases some very specific information regarding what steps should be taken to save a marriage after infidelity, specifically a cheating husband, although it may be applied to either gender. While infidelity occurs at an alarming rate,

Amsterdam Printing Comes To The Rescue Of Local Food Pantry

Amsterdam Printing saved a local food pantry from closing its doors. The Amsterdam Food Pantry was close to having to close its doors recently. Because the holidays are often such a busy season, excessive numbers almost led the local food provider becoming crippled with little resources to feed the needy people coming to them for help. However, Amsterdam Printing came to rescue by sponsoring its own food drive and

Ralph Lauren Clothes To Be Saved From Counterfeiters

A crackdown in China has led to counterfeit Ralph Lauren clothes and other designer products to be removed from shops and markets. Although piracy has been a very lucrative market in China for some time, the country is trying to improve its image and international relationships and therefore is coming down on counterfeiters of designer goods, as well as pirated DVD’s and other products. See for more information. In the

Breast Cancer Wristbands Contribute To A Growing Trend

As the trend of breast cancer wristbands grows, a plethora of other wristband charities compete for a piece of the pie. The original awareness wristband, known as the “Livestrong” wristband, was designed by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and was bright yellow to match the cyclist’s uniform. Lance Armstrong is most widely known for beating testicular cancer and winning the Tour de France. In an attempt to educate people on

Olian Maternity Making Waves By Challenging Tradition

Olian Maternity is confronting the typical maternity market by proving mothers do not have to forego style when they are with child. Olian Maternity, a leader in the maternity clothing industry, is turning a few heads as they constantly challenge the traditional clothing worn by pregnant women everywhere. Established in 1984 by Liliana Del Cueto, a mother of three, Olian Maternity was born out of beautiful Miami, Florida. Created

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