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22.10.18 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing Wndsn Calculators and Web Services

In our ongoing effort to provide educational materials and various ways of accessing our tools and techniques, we have added another calculator, an elevation computer accompanying our printed manual a... mehr

11.10.18 - Wndsn XPD

Wndsn’s Latest Book: Grimoire Quadrantis Telemetrum – Description and use of the Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter.

The manual describes the techniques to use the instrument’s capabilities. Contains the fundamental concepts, as well as advanced tutorials, formulas, and reference tables. The latest edition of the... mehr

28.06.18 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter

2018-06-21, SUMMER SOLSTICE, BERLIN “The best tool is the one you have with you, on you.” Introducing the latest and most versatile version of Wndsn flagship Telemeter products, the Wndsn XPD Qu... mehr

13.03.18 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Official Wndsn Telemeter Manual

Remember Landnav? It's a perishable skill. The Wndsn Applied Science Lab provides you with the tools you need to refresh your navigation abilities. Building on the science of ancient navigators, our c... mehr

27.07.17 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Wndsn Angular Size Pendant

Draw knowledge from centuries past, and pass on as heirloom to future generations. Introducing the next product in our line of metrology tools, the Wndsn XPD Angular Size Pendant revives ancient tec... mehr

15.06.17 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter

From shot groupings to moa in one piece-of string operation with the Wndsn MOA Converter, making time at the range more effective.   Wndsn XPD, maker of low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments... mehr

27.04.17 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Wndsn MIL/MOA Distance Calculator

Range Finding When the Lights Go Out: Creating Information Superiority in Volatile Situations. Wndsn XPD, maker of low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments, proudly introduces the Wndsn XPD MIL/M... mehr

27.04.17 - Wndsn XPD

Introducing the Wndsn Flagship Distance Nomograph

All the Calculations, Trigonometry, and Maths you Need – Hidden in a Piece of String. Introducing our flagship product, the Wndsn XPD Distance Nomograph, reviving ancient technologies and uniting t... mehr

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