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From New Year Resolutions To New Year Results

Each year people make resolutions to loose weight, reduce stress, have more time and live a life by design instead of one in reaction to everything around them. Many people need help to face the challenges of living in our modern world, but information on how to take care of the body can be confusing and sometimes misleading. Dr Mick Sicre, Doctor of Chiropractic in Reston, Virginia, has recognized

Setting New Year's Resolutions That Stick

Each year, many people set resolutions for the new year. It's often a giddy declaration of lost weight, better jobs, more wealth, controlled spending, and healthier habits. Many are broken and forgotten before the ink dries, if they are recorded in writing at all. This is often because the goals are set without full consideration and without any planning for their achievement. These resolutions are important to those who made

Get Those Christmas and Holiday Cards Out On Time

With Christmas just around the corner, many people begin the mad rush to send out all the Christmas cards they resolved to send out on time last year. No matter what the retail stores choose to call the season, many people purchase stacks of holiday cards with the intention of sending them all out. In the chaos of the season it's difficult for many to master such a

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