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Increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries to treat various medical cond …

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 2016, the number of patients opting for endovascular aneurysm repair has increased significantly during 2005–2012. For instance, in 2005, the percentage of patients in the U.S. suffering from aneurysm opting for EVAR was around 50%, which increased to 75.4% in 2012. A similar pattern was observed in England. Increasing consumer inclination towards this revolutionary procedure is attributed to

Insulin Delivery Devices Market to Surpass US$ 17.83 Billion by 2025

Insulin is vital for people suffering from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In the past, patients with diabetes had to inject insulin using large glass syringes and reusable needles, both of which needed sterilization by boiling after each use. Improvements and innovations has led to development of insulin delivery devices such as pens and insulin pumps. Furthermore, insulin analogs have become available that enable both continuous subcutaneous insulin

U.S. Hospital Beds Market to Surpass US$ 1.4 Billion Threshold by 2025 Initiativ …

U.S. Hospital Beds Market Driven By Increasing Chronic Diseases Needs Longer Hospital Stay Hospitals beds are used for proper patient care in various settings, such as elderly care facilities, home care settings, ambulatory surgical centers, and hospitals. Hospital beds are comfortable than household beds as they are versatile in terms of inclination and reclined as per the patient condition. Household beds are difficult to clean and maintain hygiene for longer period

Protein Assays Market to Surge to US$ 3.65 Billion by 2025

Protein Assays Market: Insights Protein assays are used to determine the concentration of solubilized protein. Various biochemical methods are available for quantification, isolation, and analysis of proteins. The selection among available protein assays is based on factors such as its chemical compatibility with buffer components of the samples to be assayed. The recent past has witnessed an increasing inclination of end users towards high quality and safety for drugs and its

Uveitis Treatment Market to Surpass US$ 900 Million Threshold by 2025

Uveitis Treatment Market – Insights Uveitis refers to inflammation caused in the uvea of the eye. A uvea is the middle layer of the eye that consists of three components namely iris, cilliary body, and the choroid. Uveitis is caused by various factors such as inflammatory diseases, injuries in the eye, microbial infections such as viral, bacterial, and fungal infection or exposure to certain toxic chemicals such as strong acids or

Sports Medicine Market to Surge to US$ 13.17 Billion by 2025

Global Sports Medicine Market Insights Sports medicine is the treatment and prevention of sports related injuries. These injuries include strain, sprain, musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue damage joint dislocation, and fractures. Increasing participation in various sports, globally is expected to fuel adoption of sports medicine over the forecast period. The field of sports medicine has a wide variety of disciplines, from physiotherapy and orthopedics, to public health and psychiatry. It aids in

Micro Guide Catheters Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends, Outlook, and Op …

Medical catheters are thin tubes made from medical grade materials. They can be inserted into a body cavity mainly to allow the administration of fluids, medications, gases, and to drain out fluids or urine from the body. Catheters can be used to treat neurological, gastrointestinal, ophthalmic, urological, and cardiovascular diseases. A wide range of polymers is used for manufacturing of catheters, such as silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, latex and

Particulate Respirators Market - Global Industry Insights and Opportunity Analys …

Patient suffering from SARS or their surrounding people are the target population for particulate respirators Particulate respirators are medical devices, which helps to protect one from harmful particles present in the air or dust or harmful fumes. Such harmful dust usually spread through severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). SARS is a respiratory syndrome commonly spread among symptomatic individuals, by person-to-person contact, or when the person sneezes or coughs, thereby infecting

Global Interventional Neurology Market - Trends and Forecast to 2024

Neurovascular conditions such as stroke and aneurysms are generally treated with tissue plasminogen activators (tPAs). However, use of neurointerventional devices along with the medication therapy is more effective in removing clots and reducing the risk of early recurrence of the condition. Interventional neurology technology has been evolving rapidly, which is resulting in demand shift from clipping to coiling, coated to bare platinum coils, and so on. Market dynamics Factors such as increasing

Cold Plasma Bio-welding Device Market - Global Industry Insights, and Opportunit …

Staples and suture are the most widely used devices in closure of the surgical incision. Both the techniques are effective in their purpose, however associated with certain risks such as infection and scars. While sutures are cost effective and time-consuming, staples offer more rapid and consistent solution. With the advancement of technology, there are new techniques being introduced such as the absorbable, tapes, and adhesive compounds. Moreover, these devices are

Global 3D Printed Medical Devices Market - Global Industry Insights and Opportun …

3D Printing: Ushering in the New Era of Customized Medical Devices 3D printed medical devices are three-dimensional objects, created by attaching successive layers of objects through a 3D digital file. Such devices are highly customized to suit the patient’s unique needs, which in turn helps provide better patient outcomes. Moreover, it can also be used to develop anatomical models for medical related education and for training purposes. This is a rapidly

Air Ambulance Services Market - Global Industry Insights, and Opportunity Analys …

Advancements in healthcare technology along with increasing patient inclination towards faster and efficient mode of delivery has led to rampant growth of efficient and on-the-time delivery air ambulance services market size. Air ambulance services refer to transport or evacuation facilities provided to patients in emergency situations at the accident site, home, or hospital. Air ambulances are equipped with advanced medical facilities, including devices used in emergencies, to provide immediate medical

Global Dental Implants Market to surpass US$ 6269.8 Million by 2024

Dental implants are implants in the jaw, placed below the gum line, providing a base for planting artificial teeth or bridge. Dental implants market has witnessed drastic rise in the last few years. A number of socioeconomic and technological factors have contributed to overall growth of the industry. Europe and North America account for 65.9% of global dental implants market revenue in 2016. However, market dynamics are expected to witness

Rays of hope: Light Therapy For Depression, Jet Lag, and Sleep Disorders.

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a type of therapy that involves exposure to light that is brighter than indoor light though not as bright as direct sunlight. This therapy may help treat depression, jet lag, and sleep disorders. Light therapy can be helpful to reset your "biological clock" (circadian rhythms), which controls sleeping and waking. People use this therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Most people with


Defibrillators – Never Skip a Beat Defibrillator is an essential tool in cardiopulmonary resuscitation indicated in cardiac arrhythmia. Various advancements have been observed in defibrillator technology – from manual to automated ones, and implantable defibrillators to ensure constant care for patients suffering from ischemic heart disease or those at high risk of cardiac arrest. A Global Resuscitation Alliance (GRA) was formed in 2016, comprising international health organizations, global resuscitation leaders, and


Dental Equipment – Advance low cost technologies to drive the dental equipment market Dentistry is an ever-evolving healthcare segment, with numerous technologies being researched, developed, tried and commercialized to improve therapy outcomes. Growing number of dental clinics is in turn driving adoption of dental lasers, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems, dental radiology equipment, and other laboratory equipment. The global dental equipment market was valued at US$ 6,342.3 million in 2015

Medical Electrodes Market

Medical electrodes are devices used to transfer energy of ionic currents into electrical current in the body. The currents passed into the body is amplified and has proved to be useful in diagnosing various diseases. Medical electrodes are noninvasive and comprises a metal, electrode conducting plate and lead. Medical electrodes progress with quantification of internal ionic currents results in diagnosis of nervous, cardiac, ocular and muscular disorders. The electrode works

Global life sciences BPO market

TheGlobal life sciences BPO market was valued US$ 180.4 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach US$ 505.0 billion by 2024, according to a new report published by Coherent Market Insights.Reducing cost and increasing focus on core strengths is influencing medical device and pharmaceutical companies to outsource their processes to contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and contract research organizations (CRO). Request Sample Copy of Research @ Increasing demand for low cost drugs,

Global Portable Diagnostic Device Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends and …

Portable diagnostic devices allow the ease of diagnostic tests and encourage homecare settings Information and communication technologies (ICT) are widely used in healthcare industry and have led to significant advancements in ICT based medical devices. Such developments will significantly reduce the office visits in the near future. Portable medical diagnostic devices enable the user to perform diagnosis at home, clinic or any remote area including a suggestion for medication and recommendation

Global Gynecological Devices Market, By Device Type (Surgical Devices, Hand Inst …

Gynecological Devices Market to be Lucrative in Emerging Nations Gynecological examination requires meticulous approach to avoid diagnostic error. Specialized devices such as vaginal speculums, curettes, forceps, and retractors are developed to ease the surgery. Moreover, gynecological examination chairs makes conditional screening less cumbersome for the gynecologist. Such innovative devices have augmented the gynecological devices market growth. Growing incidence of gynecological conditions such vaginitis, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids would generate demand for

Powered and Manual Hospital Beds Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends and O …

Global hospital and manual hospital beds are expected to create million dollar opportunities for players between 2016 and 2023. In the last few years, the demand for hospital beds was largely driven by renovation in hospital infrastructure and rise in healthcare expenditure especially in developing regions. Hospital beds have been serving the purpose of patient care in various medical institutions and terminal patient care in many residencies. Household beds can be


Cryotherapy Market on High Growth Trajectory on Back of Increasing Incidence of Cancer According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Around14 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2012, with around 8.8 million fatalities associated with it in 2015. According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International, 1.1 million new case of prostate cancer cases were diagnosed in 2012,

Blood Molecular Biology Tubes Market – Global Industry Insights, Trends and Op …

Molecular biology is the study of the molecular foundation of biological activity amongst biomolecules in a variety of systems of a cell, including DNA, RNA, and proteins interactions and their biosynthesis. It also tells us about the directive for these interactions. Molecular diagnostics is a set of procedures used to examine biological markers (an assessable pointer of a biological condition or state) in the genome or genetic makeup of an

Absorbable Nasal Implant Devices Market – Trends and Opportunity Analysis, 201 …

Electronic hearing protection device are designed to help protect the ear from damage due to exposure to high-decibel noise. Electronic hearing protection device covers the entire ear including the lobe and seals in the sides of the head with suitable cushion or pads of the device. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) typically develops over many years of sustained exposure to noisy environments. It is a slow process that causes a painless

Organ-on-a-chip Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends, Outlook, and Opportun …

Organ-on-a-chip Market Dynamics Organ-on-a-chip is expected to cater to wide range of applications ranging from disease modelling to patient stratification and phenotypic screening. Most of the demand is expected to be generated from lung-based organ culture, followed by kidney application. The technology offers better clinical examinations compared to petri dishes and animal testing – helping scientists and companies to better understand the functioning of internal organs such as the brain and

Electrical Stimulation Blood Pressure Treatment Devices Market - Global Industry …

Electrical stimulation technology has been in use for various applications such as pain management, neurological and movement disorder management, musculoskeletal disorder management, and metabolism & GIT management. However, products for the treatment of resistance hypertension are under development. Despite significant advances in the drug therapy, hypertension still remains a major clinical condition and a key factor in the cardiovascular disease. Even changes in lifestyle habits such as weight loss, exercise,

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