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Panel Built Introduces New Line of Metal Mailbox Shelters

Panel Built, Inc. has served as a modular construction provider for over 25 years, always striving to provide its customers with the best and most complete line of space solutions. For apartment complexes and other communities, a unique issue has arisen involving requirements for outdoor mailbox clusters. Mailbox standards require a cover or canopy system for these exterior units to protect mail carriers from the elements while they

Prefab Offices Quickly and Affordably Creates Warehouse Office Space

For expanding companies, growing pains are a necessary evil. An increase in business often requires additional increases in employees, and eventually, all growing companies will need extra office space. Prefabricated warehouse offices allow companies to do just that, create new office space inside their existing facility. Utilizing a panelized wall design, Panel Built, Inc. can design and build unique office systems into a pre-existing environment. Panel

Versatility in the Workplace With Modular Office Systems

Modularized buildings have provided additional office space in manufacturing and warehouse environments for decades now. However, the semi-permanent modular office walls can offer benefits to a variety of different work environments. School systems, retail locations, office buildings are all places that could make modular walls to create a new office space. In most cases, the walls build out pre-existing areas, walling off corners of the room to create a more

Panel Built Equipment Booths Offer A Convenient, Highly Controlled Spaces Fast

Panel Built, a modular construction provider since 1995, has long developed building systems to help factories run more smoothly. Traditionally, Panel Built has supplied modular offices to create a calm, controlled work environment for manufacturing facilities. However, their panelized building systems can create a contained, precision environment for equipment and machinery as well. Panel Built’s line of equipment booths is designed to serve just that function. Depending

Panel Built Prefabricated Booths Offer Quick Parking Solution for Winter

Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction provider for the past 25 years, offers a fast and convenient solution for parking offices and attendants. As the winter months draw near and the temperatures begin to drop, these employees may require a shelter in order to keep them warm while on the job. In some cases, the booth acts as a place for the attendant to warm-up periodically while they

Panel Built, Inc. Modular Mezzanines Double You Space in a Fraction of the Time

Panel Built, Inc., manufactures a variety of prefabricated space solutions for a variety of commercial and government applications, including modular offices, security buildings, and equipment enclosures. However, Panel Built’s modular expertise goes far beyond just that of enclosed spaces. One of Panel Built’s main goals is to provide their customers with more usable space in their facility and creating this new space as quickly as possible.

Panel Built Structures Create a Series of Temperature Screening Solutions

With more companies, health facilities, and schools, coming reopening and coming back to full capacity, these facilities will be at risk to mass outbreaks of the virus. There are a variety of extra steps to help protect their people from a company-wide coronavirus outbreak like staggered shifts and weekend work, but these solutions are not 100 percent successful and do not work for all types of organizations. Therefore, with

Panel Built, Inc. Operator Booths Create Comfortable Workspace in Hectic Environ …

Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company with 25 years in the industry, manufactures top-of-the-line operator booths for mining, power, aerospace, manufacturing, security, and other industries. Utilizing either welded steel framed or panelized building design, Panel Built can design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and install operator booths as a full turn-key provider. The systems create a fully controlled environment for the remote operation of equipment, machinery, gates, and more.

Panel Built, Inc. Marks 25 Years of Modular Building!

Panel Built, Inc., a modular structure provider, will be celebrating 25 years in the industry. Founded in June of 1995 by brothers Michael and Patrick Kiernan, Panel Built, Inc. began as a producer of pre-manufactured, panelized buildings. In 2020, Panel Built offers a wide range of building products, offering solutions for material handling to physical security needs. Based out of Blairsville, Georgia in the heart of

Panel Built Cleanrooms Can Create Both Positive and Negative Pressure Environmen …

As a modular construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. has a great deal of experience with a variety of specialized modular spaces. In the case of cleanrooms, Panel Built has built a assortment of ISO level cleanrooms for applications ranging from precision laser measuring to pharmaceutical packaging. The general concept of a cleanroom is easy to understand; the room has a variety of specialized HVAC systems

Panel Built Modular Cleanrooms Create Fully-Controlled Spaces for Precision Manu …

Cleanrooms are environments that fully-control the number of contaminants in the air. These contaminants can range from microorganisms to dust and dirt. People will most likely be familiar with this type of room/environment in a medical or laboratory setting with doctors or scientists wearing white gowns, masks, and other protection. However, cleanrooms are frequently used in manufacturing settings as well. With electronics and high-precision parts, the

Panel Built Security Booths Show That Safety is a Priority at a Facility

As a provider of prefabricated security booths, Panel Built, Inc. knows that one of the best ways to boost a facility’s security is by making is a presence. The purpose of Panel Built’s security booths is to create a calm and comfortable environment for a facility’s security officer to operate out of in order for them to stay alert and vigilant throughout their shift. In this way, the

Panel Built, Inc.’s Prefab Office Creates A Completely Controlled Space Fast

Panel Built, a modular construction company with nearly 25 years in the industry, designs, engineers, manufactures, ships, and installs prefab offices to facilities of all types. Using Panel Built, Inc.’s panelized wall system, each prefab office system can be configured to the size and internal wall dimensions of your choosing. The prefabricated buildings can be delivered to the project site in one of two varieties: pre-assembled or knock-down.

Ballistic Entry Vestibules Offer Top-Of-The-Line Security for School Entrances

Panel Built, Inc. is a manufacturer of ballistic rated modular guard houses that are used in government buildings, military bases, and correctional facilities across the United States and abroad. However, their ballistic line of products does not end there! Panel Built also now proudly offers a line of ballistic rated entry vestibules. Panel Built’s modular vestibules are a prefabricated addition to the entrance of a building that

Panel Built, Inc. Completes 4 Story Steel Tactical Training Tower

10/5/2018 – BLAIRSVILLE, GA- Working in conjunction with our sister company, K-Con Inc., we're finishing up the final touches on the tower to complete another great project! The tower system is 4 stories tall with an overall height of 45 feet! Being used as a training structure for one of the Branches of the United States military, the structure features a number of specially made details to help

Panel Built Delivers 3800 Sq. Ft. Two Story Jet Hangar Modular Building

Panel Built, Inc. delivers 3,800 Sq Ft. luxury, modular building to jet hangar nestled in the heart of North Carolina. Located at Burlington Regional Airport, the building was a part of the vision from Andy Albright, President, and CEO of National Agents Alliance and Hangar owner. The world-class facility offers instant access to their corporate office in Burlington, located only five short miles away and houses his 2 jets.

Panel Built Prefab Guard Booths: Transforming Facility Security Instantly

8/13/2018 – ATLANTA, GA – The modular construction industry has long been utilized to provide quick and convenient structures from across the United States. Panel Built, Inc. uses this prefabrication method to help facilities bolster their security needs in an instant and in a way that fits their specific security goals. Panel Built manufactures guard booths in standard “Quick Ship” sizes for facilities that need to solve security

Panel Built Increasing Security Measures in Supply Chain

7/26/2018 - ATLANTA, GA - Companies in the Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, & Supply Chain sector have one security officer for every 417 employees based upon a study done by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service in 2009 (the least number of security guards to employees of all sectors in the study). Unsurprisingly, businesses in the "casinos, hospitality, areas & entertainment" industries had an average of 1 security officer for every 38

Panel Built's prefab shelters offer solutions for city transportation

7/25/2018 – ATLANTA, GA - In an urban environment, shelters can be seen off of the sidewalk just about everywhere you look. They play a very important role in a city because of the increase of traveling from place to place on foot and the use of public transportation. The shelters offer a dry and safe area for the public to wait on a bus, train, or just

Panel Built, Inc. Manufactures Modular Work of Art from Across the Country

Panel Built, Inc. just completed a one of a kind 6’x 12′ guard booth for a courthouse on Long Island, New York. The booth was designed to fit in with the architectural style of the courthouse and was constructed to meet specific UL bullet resistance ratings. The prefabricated building will provide an access control point for the courthouse. In addition to the liftgate, the guard booth and

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