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Exam Tips To Be Kept In Mind

How do we define Success? It is not about reaching your goal but it is to work regularly towards your goal. For those students who want to join the best college are working hard to reach their goal. EXAMS! The most important event at a school. If you are ready for this event, you are just a step away from your goal. With the exams approaching quickly, students might be

Why It Is Important To Initiate Learning In Students-An Essay

A desire to learn can open all doors to knowledge. Presidium is a great institution and has an ideology set on nurturing little learners at its nursery school. This vision is deeply imbibed in all its students and they are nurtured to be great leaders and intellectuals. Choosing the right school for your child is an absolute essential task. Presidium is an ideal public school. If you are looking for

How to help students overcome fear of failure

Considerable research has been done into the human psyche to know why we are afraid of failures and how we can adapt our thoughts and behaviour to overcome this emotion. It has been documented that fear of failure is directly associated to self-worth. It has been found that students put themselves through unbelievable psychological plans to avoid failure and maintain a sense of self-worth. Some of the best schools in Delhi

How to promote creativity in classrooms in 10 easy steps

Academicians all around the world have dedicated an entire lifetime to the introduction and advancement of creativity in education. Today, there has been a considerable shift towards the increased acceptance of valuing creativity for all learners. Creativity is the need of the hour in the 21st century classroom. To condition students from the very start is imperative. Many countries like Singapore include it at the heart of the national curricula

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