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On January 20th 2020, SOLAREUM Inc. is announcing the company has rolled up ‘KEO Smart Home’ and ‘America Green Solar(AGS)’ brands into a new portfolio called SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES. SOLAREUM HOME & RENEWABLES(SHR) is the unique combination of SOLAREUM SMARTHOME AND SOLAREUM RENEWABLES(former AGS). SOLAREUM SMARTHOME delivers the enjoyment of controlling your home without the daily hassle. It was designed to give you your time back. No anxiety from rushing


On August 1st 2018, it officially marks Earth Overshoot Day. When we think of Earth, we think it will supply us for a lifetime. According to Global Footprint Network (GFN) we have used 1.7 Earth to support human civilization. The result of this is caused by economic damages, pollution, deforestation, and species being extinct across the planet. As an advocate of clean energy America Green continues to spread the word

America Green Solar Joining the Local Community

America Green Solar joined with the community along with Hollis Presbyterian Church at 10AM-6PM on July 20th, 2018. The street fair event was held for many organizations to come together and build a growing relationship. This summer event took place in Queens, New York. The AGS team is pleased to be part of this community and see new families coming together. Hollis Presbyterian Church was founded in 1922 and

America Green Solar Continues to Expand Quickly

Three years after being founded, America Green Solar continues to grow and revolutionize the solar industry. Between a new CEO, cutting edge technology, and growing sales teams across the country, exciting things are happening at AGS, with much more to come. After launching sales of dual fuel solar heating and electricity products one year ago, AGS remains the only solar company to offer the technology, maintaining its place as the most

America Green Solar Unveils Extended Customer Offer Package, Making It Even Easi …

Amidst the extremely polarized weather which rung in the new week, America Green Solar has unrolled new incentives to go green. After a partly cloudy Sunday in the mid-sixities, Monday rolled in with a shocking early-morning miniature blizzard, evidencing the volatile manmade weather endemic to the 21st century. However, working through the wild weather, America Green Solar’s updated customer offer package went live this morning. Previously, customers had a generous list

America Green Solar Launches Miami Team

America Green Solar's new Miami franchise is launching this Monday and will be spearheaded by Horaczeo Crawford. (New York, NY - March 8, 2018) - What better place for America Green Solar (AGS) to launch a new team than sunny Florida?! Solar panels have become increasingly relevant to the state since last year when South Miami passed a law requiring all new homes to have solar panels. The AGS team is fortunate

America Green Solar Opens Long Island Franchise

(New York, NY – March 2, 2018) – America Green Solar is expanding east from its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Brothers Johnny and Ricky Randazzo are joining the America Green Solar team and bringing the mission to paint America green to Long Island. America Green Solar is enthusiastic about helping residents of Long Island save on their electric bills and save the planet. Opening a franchise on Long Island helps the

Antione Bell Joins the America Green Solar Team, Heading Up Its Franchising Divi …

(New York, NY - February 23, 2018) – America Green Solar is excited to announce a new addition to their team: VP of Sales and Franchising, Antoine Bell. Bell will be based out of Brooklyn, New York and help build micro America Green Solar franchises all over the country. In celebration of black history month, Bell started as a manager with Credico USA since its inception in 2012, where he was

Solareum Goes Public on Feb 15

(New York, NY – February 12, 2018) – There is a lot to love about the day after Valentine’s Day this year. February 15 will be a great day for Solareum as CEO Kenneth Reece speaks at the United Nations Youth Assembly and the cryptocurrency goes public on both Fork Delta and Stocks.Exchange. Solareum runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and is the First and Foremost Coin to be backed by

When Solar Meets Ethereum

SOLAREUM, the first and foremost coin backed by major Solar Companies, is launching tonight, January 11, at Midnight. This certain cryptocurrency has taken "Go Green, Save Green" to a whole new level, allowing consumers to purchase Solar Energy and exclusive Solar Heating at discounted rates and receive rewards in doing good for the Planet. Gabriel Gomez, Co-Founder of SOLAREUM, stated, "Integrating cryptocurrency with the clean energy industry will allow more

Join America Green for a Thanksgiving Brunch

America Green Solar proud to host a Thanksgiving themed brunch to help communities during this time of year and raise awareness about saving the environment. Join America Green on Saturday, November 25 from 11 AM – 2 PM at 147 Front St, Suite 713 in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Bring a friend or family for great food, music, and a promised good time! Along with learning about saving the environment through going solar,

America Green Helps Texas Go Solar

America Green Solar is proud to announce its expansion into Texas markets! With this expansion, America Green is excited to help Texas take control of their power through Going Green and Saving Green. Texas has already led a clean energy movement when the city of Georgetown, TX became one of the first 100% renewable energy cities in the country. America Green Solar is looking forward to helping even more cities

America Green Solar Makes Huge Strides in Environmental Efforts

America Green Solar is proud to report the great work done in saving the environment by going solar. Switching to solar helps offset harmful environmental actions such as car pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation. Every solar household helps counteract harm done to the environment, starting from the moment a system is activated. In 2017, America Green Solar has saved over 7 million trees, taken the equivalent of 180,000 cars off

Rebuild Communities while Doing Good for the Environment

With America Green Solar’s successful work in Painting America Green with solar panel systems, AGS wants to be the first solar heating provider in the nation with a product manufactured in North America. America Green will launch the 100% Renewable Dual Campaign! In this campaign, America Green will introduce the America Green SHS Max! Solar Heating is the next phase in renewables, reducing carbon footprints, and utilizing recycling at the

The Power of Solar Energy in Natural Disasters

Among the devastation of Hurricane Irma, up to 9 million people lost electricity. While this time is seemingly bleak for Floridians, there is good news for households using solar power. Solar energy can be stored on site for personal usage, which is ideal for natural disasters or other widespread power outages. Houses with solar panels can use electricity when many other houses cannot, due to solar energy houses being more energy

Solar Brunch with Climate Week NYC

America Green Solar is proud to collaborate with Climate Week NYC for our Solar Brunch this Sunday, September 24 from 11 AM – 3 PM. Climate Week NYC is about raising awareness and sharing ways we can do our part in fighting climate change. The interactive events help to drive the conversation about global warming, acting to make this global issue at the top of everyone’s agenda. To wrap up Climate

Join America Green Solar as a Franchise Partner

Looking to start a business? Wanting to have purpose through meaningful work and make a difference in the world? Joining America Green Solar as a franchise partner would be a great option! America Green Solar is the fastest growing solar energy company in the nation and is looking for partners to help take operations nationwide! The solar industry is the fastest growing industry that allows for upward mobility, impressive profits, and

Go Green, Save Green with our Referral Planeteer Program

The benefits of going green are innumerable, but America Green Solar has presented one more reason: the Referral Planeteer Program. Switching to renewable power sources, such as solar energy, has a huge impact on the environment. The term “clean energy” was coined because of its positive environmental impact. Renewable energy is beneficial to the environment because the energy does not deplete scares natural resources. Also, the use of renewable energy

America Green Solar Stands with No More

Not only does America Green Solar support sustainable practices and green energy, the company supports social causes and charitable efforts. America Green Solar is proud to support No More in raising social awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. No More is an organization that works toward eliminating domestic violence and sexual assault, while providing their viewer base with endless resources. The organization urges people to take action and say, “no

America Green Solar is Proud to Relaunch the Community Fundraiser Program

America Green Solar, market leader in providing sustainable energy, not only focuses on leaving behind dirty energy for a cleaner environment, but also involves in giving back to the society through its philanthropic work. America Green’s Fundraiser is designed to empower organizations in their communities through further knowledge about sustainable energy. AGS, in association with these organizations, help spread the awareness about benefits of choosing clean energy. Green energy such as

America Green Solar Applauds Sustainable Cities

Major cities are committing to sustainable energy at rapid rates! Orlando recently became the 40th city in the Unites States to commit to 100% clean and sustainable energy by 2050. Orlando joins Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and many other major American cities in the movement toward 100% sustainable energy. This change is made possible largely because solar energy is an extremely efficient option. Almost 80% of major cities would need

America Green Solar Launches in Buffalo NY

America Green Solar, a grassroots movement that began in 2015 to help home and business owners become informed of neighborhood incentives and learn how to leave dirty energy behind, is announcing their partnership in Buffalo, NY. Although the company is fully operational in all 50 states, the partnership creates a liaison that in turn will benefit all parties involved. All communities in Buffalo, NY will now be able to benefit

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