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Water Conservation of the Future Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Water is one of the key elements in agriculture and agriculture requires significant amounts of water most of which is rain fed or harvested. Seeds and fertilizers fail to achieve full potential if plants are not watered regularly. With nearly 20% of the world’s population to feed, India has access to only 4% of fresh water resources, out of which 90% is used for agriculture. With regional and temporal variation of

Alsta Hydrogel -Water Absorbing Polymer to combat above-normal summers and below …

With IMD forecasting above-normal heat wave conditions from March to May and ABM declaring a possible below-normal monsoon, Potassium Polyacrylate based water gel may be the key to unhindered Kharif crop in India in 2017 AS per the latest weather forecast by Indian Meteorological Department, the country is expected to experience an above-normal summer in 2017 with mean temperature to rise up by 1.0°C. The heat wave may last throughout the

Alsta Hydrogel - The best hydrogel polymer available in India

ALSTA HYDROGEL is a potassium polyacrylate based super absorbent polymer manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Ltd. for agricultural sector. The granular polymer has a capacity to absorb water 300-500 times its own weight and release it gradually directly to the plant roots over a period. It is effective at reducing irrigation frequency, maintaining soil texture and permeability while ensuring proper and healthy growth of the plants themselves. It can be used

Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture Farming Horticulture - Alsta Hydrogel

Super Absorbent Polymers, also known as SAP, hydrogel, absorbent polymers, absorbent gels, super soakers, super slurpers, water gel is a new type of macro molecular synthetic water absorbing polymer material that has a water uptake potential as high as 100,000% of its own weight in a short period of time by osmosis and form granules in soil to enhance soil properties. SAPs are generally white sugar-like hygroscopic materials that swell

Hydrogel Agriculture Technology - A magic gel to help farmers in drought struck …

ALSTA HYDROGEL acts as water reservoir at plant roots providing consistent water supply for optimum growth. Sri Akhilaanandam Reddy, a farmer from the Amadagur village in Anantapur District of modern day Andhra Pradesh is one of the many benefitting from a new technology in agricultural irrigation practices that can change the way water is used for crops in India. Following the drought in the Khariff season of 2015, Anantapur, Nellore and Kurnool

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