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Indian Cosmetic Sector Forecast to 2015

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Indian Cosmetic Sector Forecast to 2015” to its report gallery. The rising beauty concerns among both men and women are propelling the Indian cosmetics industry, which has witnessed a strong growth in the last few years. The country’s cosmetic sector has, in fact, emerged as one of the markets holding immense growth potential. New product launches catering to consumers’ growing

US Telelaparoscopy Opportunity Analysis

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “US Telelaparoscopy Opportunity Analysis” to its report gallery. The American Telemedicine Association defines Telemedicine as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another through electronic communication to improve patients' health status. Globally, the Telemedicine Industry has evolved greatly in recent years from a small niche of healthcare to a full-fledged industry geared up to revolutionize the way

Saudi Arabia Steel Consumption Witnessing Double-Digit Growth

Steel consumption in Saudi Arabia has been witnessing tremendous growth on the back of fast growing real estate and construction industry. These sectors have boosted the steel demand in the country, leading to double-digit growth in steel consumption. However, the country imports almost half of its steel demand due to low steel production capacity. Further, the consumption of steel is anticipated to gain an uninterrupted momentum from the government backed

Medicated Confectionery to Drive Growth in Indian Sugar Confectionery Market

Medicated confectionery, the confectionery products that contain medicated ingredients is a fast growing segment of Indian sugar confectionery market. Mainly driven by increased illness, especially during winters due to the seasonal changes and increasing preference of people for over-the-counter remedies, the medicated confectionery products are gaining popularity among the Indian masses. According to RNCOS’ recent report “Indian Confectionery Market Analysis”, the medicated confectionery market is anticipated to grow strongly, posting

Domestic Tourists Leading Vietnam Tourists Arrivals

Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-east region. The country's Tourism Industry has been growing unprecedentedly over the past few years with rising domestic as well as international tourists. Domestic tourism accounts for the significant revenue generation in Vietnam as the number of domestic tourist is much larger than international tourist. In addition, the number of domestic tourists has been increasing rapidly and increased by

Biotech API Surging Worldwide

According to a new research report by RNCOS, entitled “Global Biotech API Market Analysis”, geographies across the world are showing insurgent growth in the biotech API Industry. The US occupied more than half of the share in the global market in 2011, and is the largest producer of biotech APIs. Western European countries occupy around 15% share globally among which, the UK is the largest producer of biotechnology-based APIs. The

E-learning Market Rapidly Pacing up in Saudi Arabia

According to a new research report by RNCOS, “Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2016”, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fast emerging as an e-learning hub. With the advent of rapid technological advancements, the number of internet users in the country is enhancing. It has also been observed that expensive higher education and conservative environment in the country has initiated a greater inclination towards e-learning programs. Further, the e-learning market

US Apparent Steel Consumption Set to Surge

Over the last few years, apparent steel consumption in the United States is witnessing positive growth. Moreover, with improving demand from various industrial sectors and favorable government support, it is expected that steel consumption will improve in the coming years. Further, the government stimulus package will also support the apparent steel consumption in the country as various federal infrastructure and construction projects are currently in pipeline, triggering steel demand. Backed

Surge in Tablet Sales to Drive Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming industry is witnessing tremendous growth in India and it is expected to become the largest segment of the gaming industry in the coming years. Further, surging tablet sales is adding fuel to the ever growing market of the mobile gaming industry. Its wider screen compared to mobile phones and other advance features makes it more attractive platform for mobile game players. In 2010-11, the tablet market grew phenomenally

Rising Potential of Nanotechnology in Cosmetics Industry

Usage of nanotechnology in cosmetics has increased tremendously over the past few years. The application of nanotechnology has improved and changed the physical properties of the cosmetic products. Nowadays, a wide range of cosmetics products are made by utilizing different nanomaterials, especially the skin care products. In addition, composition of the nanomaterials in the cosmetic products industry is enhancing their penetration in the skin. Besides, many leading cosmetics manufactures are

US Mineral Cosmetic Brands Shine on Global Front

The mineral make-up trend is dominant in the western nations compared to rest of the world and undoubtedly, US takes the lead. The key drivers are awareness, health consciousness, and purchasing power of women besides numerous other propellers. An interesting fact about the market is the concentration of most big cosmetic players in the country. L'Oreal, Maybelline, J&J are the top names whose products are renowned worldwide. Most interestingly, these

Government Support to Boost Brazil Healthcare Sector

Brazil is considered one of the most lucrative healthcare markets in Latin America with highest healthcare expenditure. Strong government support and superior healthcare services demand are some of the major factors propelling the country’s healthcare market to grow at a fast pace. The Brazilian Government has adopted several initiatives and implemented proper plans and policies that resulted in positive development of the overall healthcare services and facilities. Of the total

Delhi/NCR’s Outskirts to Become Hottest Destinations for Residence

The capital city of India - Delhi, is a pioneer in the real-estate industry. The city flaunts a unique blend of population - comprising both middle class and well-to-do families. And with the emergence of new innovative developers, there has been an increase in the demand for houses in the city. Due to high prices of property and lack of space in the main city, people are getting attracted towards

US CRM Devices Market to Grow at a CAGR of 8.16% during 2011-2015

According to a new research report by RNCOS, “US Cardiac Device Market Analysis”, the US has been witnessing an uprise in the incidences of cardiovascular-related complications and therefore the cardiac medical devices sector is a current industry focus. As the population is getting older, this trend is expected to continue in future also, thereby supporting the prominent growth in the sector. With the total size hovering around US$ 17.5 Billion

Global Leader in Cancer Vaccines: US Continues to Surge on Growth Path

A new research report from RNCOS shows that the US is in the lead for cancer vaccines and accounts for a robust share of 49% in the global market. The market continues to surge for even greater developments backed by active funding and support by both the government and private players. Both the prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines are in a promising position in the US market. In particular government support

Proton Therapy: The Future of Radiation Oncology Market

In the US, around 2 Million people are newly diagnosed with cancer every year. Most oncologists agree that 50-60% of cancer patients require radiation therapy at some point of time in their treatment. Radiation therapy in itself faces severe challenges from the side effects. In such a scenario, Proton therapy is all set to be the next game changer and a real life savior for the patients suffering from cancer

Solar Heating Applications Finding its Way

Solar thermal technologies have a specific pertinence in India due to the increased availability of resource. From the perspective of rising energy demand across all the sectors, there is a potential huge growth prospective, particularly in the domestic and industrial sector to fulfill the thermal energy demands. The focus is primarily on the solar water heating systems as it is the most commercialized technology in the country. There are different

Stem Cell Therapy Dominates the Global Regenerative Medicine Industry

As per new report released by RNCOS, entitled, “Global Regenerative Medicine Market”, the global stem cell therapy market, which had around US$ 5.2 Billion revenue in 2010, was the regenerative medicine industry’s largest segment with a 72.2% share. Further, the future landscape of the stem cell therapy market looks promising as there are innovative products in pipeline which, if commercialized effectively, will boost the industry’s revenue. Besides, a high number

Strong Government Support to Drive Saudi Education Industry

According to a new research report by RNCOS, “Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2016”, education sector of the Kingdom is witnessing strong growth mainly due to the increasing role of the government in the development of its education sector over the past years. Moreover, it was revealed that the government has invested huge sum in order to improve the functioning and to enhance the reach and quality of education sector

Government Initiatives Driving Organic Food Market in India

India has emerged as one of the world’s largest markets for organic food consumption as the country’s government is taking various initiatives to promote the industry. For that, it is encouraging farmers to develop excessive organic agriculture lands and cultivate premium-priced and health-oriented crops in the country. Besides, the government has issued various schemes, such as: National Project on Organic Farming, National Horticulture Mission and Technology Mission for North East,

Radialization Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Indian Tyre Industry

Indian tyre industry is witnessing splendid growth over the past few years. Its radial tyre segment is gaining popularity compared to other segments in the industry. With the increasing customer’s demand for better mileage and durability, radial tyres are swiftly replacing the conventional tyres. For the same, most of the manufacturers are also focusing on increasing their radial tyre production capacity. In future, with the government initiatives for the improvement

Safe Packaging of Dairy Products Attracting Indian Consumers

With the development of dairy segment, packaging patterns are also improving, as consumers prefer easy handling and safe packaging. The consumption of packaged Liquid Dairy Products (LDP) has been growing constantly in urban areas. Health concerns and a desire for greater convenience are fueling the development of packaging trend, particularly long-life packaged milk, which does not require refrigeration or preservatives. Milk & other dairy products have been increasingly used in

Vietnam Plastic Card Market Poised to Grow Magnificently

Bank cards like debit and credit cards are gaining huge popularity in Vietnam since last few years owing to the constant economic growth, growing per head disposable income, rapidly developing infrastructure, advent of new technologies and increasing consumer awareness. Additionally, increasing penetration of foreign players in domestic market is adding fuel in the ever-growing popularity of plastic cards in the country. On the top of that, growing government support is

Growing Credit Card Market in Middle East

Non-cash payment in Middle East is growing tremendously over the past few years owing to the strengthening banking industry. Among all, payment through credit card has become one of the most popular modes in the region. It has become more than a substitute for cash as a means of shopping in many countries of the Middle East. On the top of that, the government is also taking various initiatives

Booming Education Sector in Saudi Arabia

According to a new research report by RNCOS, “Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2016”, Saudi Arabia is presently regarded as the most lucrative market for education services in the GCC. The report revealed that, the improving infrastructure and increasing government support are contributing to the growth of education sector in the Kingdom. Moreover, during our analysis, it was found that rapidly increasing demand for skilled personnel across various industry verticals

Super-Specialty Hospitals Gaining Traction in India

According to the latest market research study by RNCOS, “Indian Healthcare - New Avenues for Growth”, the focus of the healthcare services industry in India is gradually shifting from multi-specialty hospitals to super-specialty. Super-specialty hospitals are gaining popularity for being focused on a single field and for the provision of providing all the basic and advanced services related to healthcare under one roof. Currently, these super-specialty centers are mostly present in

Rising Food Retail Sales Propelling Vietnam Retail Market

Food retail sales have been increasing continuously in the country from the past few years. The market is witnessing tremendous growth on the back of rising demand for western foods, dried processed food, and packaged convenience foods. In addition, the rising purchasing power and infrastructure developments are also helping food retail sales to grow. The modern retail formats, such as hypermarkets, air conditioned minimarts, supermarkets, and small shopping complexes are

Rising Scooter Sales Boost Two-wheeler Market in India

As the automobile industry evolves in India, the growth in scooter segment’s sales volumes outperformed that of the motorcycles’ segment over the last few years. The flashing commercials of attractive scooties speak of the growing demand by Indians, especially females. Working women, nuclear families are some of the leading factors fuelling the sales figures. Our in-depth analysis of industry predicts that the scooter segment sales volume shall grow at a

Solar Power Parks: Emerging as Grid Supply Solution in India

Solar parks are growing in India as the best solution for grid solar power supply and also facilitating reduction in costs of the nascent technology. The government is also planning to develop large "solar parks", or clusters of units that can generate a total of up to 5,000 MW, and facilitate costs cutting. Various state governments are working towards the installation of these solar parks. According to our latest research report,

Indian Chocolate Market Poised to Grow Stupendously

Chocolate market is the biggest segment of the Indian confectionery industry by value. The chocolate market in India is a largely concentrated market and caters to various consumer segments with extremely fragmented in terms of products. The sales of chocolate have been increasing in the country over the years with a major chunk of sales in the urban areas. According to “Indian Confectionery Market Analysis”, the Indian chocolate market is

Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2016

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2016” to its report gallery. Saudi Arabia, the most populated country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), represents the largest education industry in the region. With majority of the Kingdom’s population below the age of 25, the country’s education sector holds immense growth potential. According to our latest research report “Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to

US Proton Therapy Market Analysis to 2017

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “US Proton Therapy Market Analysis to 2017” to its report gallery. According to most Oncologists, about 60% of all cancer patients undergo some sort of radiation therapy during their course of treatment. Despite advances in technology for radiation therapy, a majority of these patients suffer from side effects of traditional radiation treatment. Currently prevalent radio therapy methods like X-Ray/IMRT etc.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance: The Future of Video Security Industry

Cloud-based video surveillance is emerging as the next generation of video surveillance for security. It is an IT solution routed through the cloud for greater efficiencies with a number of features and flexibility. This solution radically alters the landscape of the on-site DVR/NVR and analog camera dominated video surveillance market. Cloud-based video surveillance is also safe as there is no video storage device (DVR) on the customer premises and the

Passenger Car Market Witnessing Double-Digit Growth in China

Over the last few years, demand for automobiles has increased to a great extent in China, and encouraged most of the country’s vehicle manufacturers to raise the production capacity. Specially, in passenger cars segment, production has grown at a double-digit rate owing to the growing popularity as a profitable manufacturing hub and rising investment by many international players. The industry is also exhibiting strong growth inclination in the production of

Rising Demand Fuelling LCVs Production in Brazil

In Brazil, light commercial vehicles’ (LCVs) segment is growing rapidly over the past few years. The production of the LCVs is increasing tremendously due to the rising domestic demand and supporting government policies. The surging use of LCV’s in short and medium distance logistic applications is also boosting its production levels in the country. On the other hand, the sale of LCVs is also increasing on the back of better

Metro Cities Fuelling the Growth of Indian Hospital Services Market

With ever-rising population in major cities in India, the current supply of hospital services is inadequate. Assessing the demand, various big private players have set off their investment plans in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and many more. Not only private service providers, but the Government too is keen to develop the hospital services, in a bid to strengthen the healthcare scenario in the country. The

Smartphone Penetration Driving M-health Market in US

With the rising adoption of smartphones by physicians in the US, M-health market is growing immensely. The proliferation of next-generation smart mobile devices is astonishing as more than one-third of all US adults own one of these smart mobile devices and physicians are adopting them twice then the general population. Also, mobile applications to cater healthcare needs are also growing enormously. Besides, healthcare providers can save a huge amount of

India Emerging as Export Hub for Footwear

Indian footwear industry is witnessing impressive growth over the past few years. The country has become a major exporting hub due to the rising consumption and growing demand of Indian footwear in the global market. Many leading MNC brands like Acme, Nike, Adidas, etc have established their world-class facilities in India for designing and quality testing. In addition, they have established their production units for exports due to the availability

Specialty Supplements to Lead the US Dietary Supplements Market

As per the new research report by RNCOS, “US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis”, the nutraceutical market has evolved as one of the fastest growing industries in the US. The market, which primarily includes dietary supplements, functional foods, and vitamins, was estimated to reach US$ 71.8 Billion in 2011. The introduction of new and innovative products in the market is likely to drive the US nutraceuticals market in future. Within the US nutraceutical

Increasing ICT Awareness Gives Wings to Distance Education

Distance education with new information and communication technology promises to expand the frontiers of higher education. As evident, the Indian youth is rapidly evolving and exploring newer technologies. The rising penetration of ICT coupled with initiatives taken by distance education providers shall further boost the education scenario in India. Other factors, such as easy accessibility shall prove boon for distance education. The ICT market in India is growing at a

India Decorative Paint Market Poised for Robust Growth

India’s decorative paint market is growing at a healthy rate over the past few years. Demand from the real-estate has placed the Indian paint industry on a high growth trajectory. The thrust of the Indian Government on building up infrastructure also help the industry to grow economically. According to RNCOS recent report, “Indian Paint Industry Forecast to 2015”, the decorative paint market in India is anticipated to grow at a

Growing International Tourism to Drive Airport Expansion

India is one of the favorite Asian destinations for foreign tourist visit. Over the past few years, foreign tourist arrivals have been growing in India. In 2011, foreign tourist arrivals increased by 8.9% against 2010. As air is the preferred mode of travel by foreigners, large number of the foreign tourists enters India through air routes. The major countries from where foreign tourist comes to India are USA, UK, Bangladesh,

CT/GC Testing to Boost Industry Growth

As per the new research report by RNCOS, “Infectious Disease Molecular Diagnostics Outlook 2015”, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the two most common bacterial sexually transferred diseases (STDs) in the US. Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) causes the most prevalent bacterial STD infection in the US, with an estimated 2.8 Million new cases every year. Neisseria gonorrhea (GC) is the second most frequently reported bacterial STD in the US and each year, approximately

Government Initiatives to Support the Indian Bioinformatics Growth

As per the new research report by RNCOS, “Indian Bioinformatics Market Forecast to 2015”, bioinformatics is one of the fastest growing areas in the biotechnology sector in India. This emerging sector is being actively promoted through various government initiatives which see a great potential in it. Most notable of all are the new projects that have been supported and introduced by The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Ministry of

Venture Capitalists Pumping Huge Sums in Indian Online Retail Sector

India’s retail sector is one of the world’s largest markets in which, online retailing is experiencing an unprecedented growth. Over the last few years, Indian online retailers have seen a huge increase in traffic and revenues as well as an explosion in data traffic to these sites. Numerous Venture and Private Equity (PE) funds are pouring capital into these online retail ventures, that which have proven business models and revenues.

Government Initiatives to Boost Solar Power in India

Government is playing vital role in the development of solar power sector in India. Owing to growing cost of conventional energy and declining cost of solar power, government is now aggressively focusing on solar power to meet the growing demand of power. Further, the Indian Government has issued various solar policies to achieve a certain amount of solar PV installation in the country in a pre determined time frame. In

India Emerging as a Gaming Outsourcing Hub

Driven by low production cost, quality production and availability of high skilled human resource on lower wages, India has become the most promising gaming outsourcing hub for the world. As per our research, the cost of developing games in India amounts to more than 50% savings as compared to the US. For instance, cost of animation and content development in the country is significantly low, which makes it the most

Automobile Industry Initiating Strong Demand for 3PL Services

The automobile industry was among the earliest to outsource logistics functions to specialized Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) or 3PL service providers. The automobile manufacturers understand the need to implement or rather outsource their logistics operations due to the increasing competition in market and rising production capacities. The 3PL services enable manufacturers to pay attention towards their core operations to improve their competitive level in the industry. Thus, automobile industry of

Takaful: A New and Viable Insurance Segment in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Takaful insurance industry is exhibiting a tremendous growth potential. With the entry of various banks as Sri Lanka’s first fully fledged Islamic Bank & two commercial banks in 2011, the industry is showing a promising market for Takaful insurance, as most of the need for General insurance still stems from the banking and finance industry. At present, Amana Takaful is Sri Lanka’s only takaful insurer. On the back

Anatomic Pathology to Boost US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market

As per a new report by RNCOS entitled, “US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Assessment”, anatomic pathological tests is expected to boost the US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market in the future. These tests consist of surgical pathology, cytology, autopsy, histology, and nuclear medicine related applications and are used in a wide number of disease areas. These tests are particularly growing in popularity due to the high value of the information that

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