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Launch of First Interactive Squidoo Directory

DesktopMoney LTD announces the launch of the first interactive Squidoo directory within the framework of its Internet marketing experiment. The aim of experiment is to provide all its participants (their web sites) with: (1) Targeted traffic from one of the Internet giants - Squidoo network. (2) Better publicity/indexing with major search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN. Achievements of experiment. During the initial stage of the experiment the interactive Squidoo directory has shown continuous growth

Link Exchange Spam Report and Forecasts on Future Strategies

Link exchange spam messages hit webmasters, simple web site owners and big online companies who have their sites. It is rather difficult to calculate the exact amount of spam in the whole Internet traffic, but if we take into account that around 90% of world's traffic was estimated to be taken by spam messages, it is possible to suggest that no matter what percentage link exchange spam has inside the

Link Exchange No Longer Ruled by Relevancy

Link exchange is reported to no longer be ruled by relevancy of links for search engines. On the grounds of tests performed by Internet marketing team of DesktopMoney LTD it becomes evident that Google is shifting from relying on relevancy of web sites in link building. Even more - in many cases links can be absolutely irrelevant and still can give real help to the reputation of website for Google. Basing

Google Can Lose Up to One Third of Loyal Users

During the Internet marketing research for reciprocal link exchange tool by the Internet marketing department of DesktopMoney Ltd a poll on reputable Google discussion forum was launched, and poll results show that up to two thirds of loyal Google users can quit using its service. On June 19, 2006 on WebProWorld forum (#2 position in Google for 'google discussion forum' keyphrase) was started the poll asking forum members the alternative

Quality Content + Smart Technologies = Out of Google Sandbox in Days

Through its experience, the Internet marketing team of DesktopMoney LTD saw that Google sandbox is fading as a myth. Real facts from real web sites prove that quality content combined with RRS technology and sitemaps makes your new pages indexed by Google in days! That is why if you suffer Google sandbox and its long time to index your site, then most probably you are still in the 20 century, because

Self Growing Web Sites or Article Intelligence

Today web site can be learned to take care of itself: find quality, relevant content on regular basis; use special incentives for search engines to put new content pages into their search results faster; get traffic from search engines and monetize this traffic. Learn how web sites are getting smarter these days. London, DesktopMoney Ltd comes to online market with a tool that turns any web site into a self managing

100% Free Forex Trading System

New 100% free Forex training web site. Forex trading rules of a professional forex trading system are fully disclosed on site pages in free access. Learn how to trade on Forex market with free forex trading system. London, - December 9, 2005 - DesktopMoney Ltd made a revolutionary offer to all people who are interested in Forex market and Forex trading. The company took a decision to unleash the secret

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