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New real estate development company

NPK Redevelopment has been formed as an LLC, jointly owned by Sears Holdings (80%) in New Plan Excel Realty Trust (20%). This move sends a powerful signal that the days of the Kmart brand may be numbered. When Edward Lampert purchased a majority stake in the then Kmart Holding, it was widely suspected that Lampert was more interested in the valuable real estate than continuing the retail side of the business.

Lack of Balance Leading Cause of Teacher Resignations

The rewards of a teaching career are numerous-same students connect to a concept or theory, watching the growth as a child begins to explore, and being part of a life that learns to think individually are tremendously satisfying. Unfortunately the rewards come at a high price. educators carry a great deal of their work into their private lives. Recent statistics from Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota show that teachers are leaving

Partnership solves difficulty in finding time for employee training

Companies have long struggled with trying to find a time to get all employees to take part in a specific workshop or seminar without having a dramatic impact on their daily operations. That dilemma is now in the past thanks to a partnership between MaxImpact of Rochester Hills, Michigan, and Macomb Community College in nearby Clinton Township. Building on an existing partnership, the two are now making available over 50

Integrity Leads All Word Searches for Online Dictionary

When Merriam-Webster assembled their 2005 list of most searched definitions, they could easily reason why certain words would make the list. Levee, tsunami, filibuster, and refugee were tied to events during the year. Even "insipid" was explainable due to the timing of the hits and comments made by Simon Cowell of wannabe singers during American Idol. Yet one word, the top word, seemed to be more wide-spread