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14.02.17 - actiTIME

Employee Attendance App: A Great Way to Make Your Team’s Life a Whole Lot Easier

Attendance management systems have been around for a long time, and can vary wildly from the most rudimentary stuff like punch cards and sign in logs, to more advanced and costly solutions based on RF... mehr

16.01.17 - actiTIME

Productivity Tools That Are Worth Adopting

Sometimes it’s hard to work efficiently when distractions like endless email clutter, chats and conversations, or funny YouTube videos get in the way: we cannot concentrate, we forget the important,... mehr

02.12.16 - actiTIME

How Poor Time Tracking Affects Your Business

We all know why thorough time tracking is crucial for successful management: the more accurate your data is, the more informed your decisions are. But what if the data is not as precise as you expect?... mehr

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