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Revolutionize Your Productivity: actiTIME's New Time Management Assistant Stream …

actiTIME, a leading provider of time tracking software, has announced the release of their new product, Time Management Assistant. This innovative tool automates the time tracking process and generates a detailed log of web-based tools users visit throughout the day. The Time Management Assistant is designed to help individuals maximize their efficiency by reminding them when some online activities are taking up too much of their precious hours. The browser extension

Take Work Scheduling Under Control with actiPLANS

actiTIME, Inc announced actiPLANS a new feature - Work Scheduling. The new work scheduling functionality is a perfect addition to actiPLANS leave management features. Besides tracking employee absences, you now can create different bespoke kinds of work, plan them out on a simple visual timeline and analyze how much time is used on each of them. Over the years, actiPLANS has gained the trust of hundreds of businesses from different

Employee Attendance App: A Great Way to Make Your Team’s Life a Whole Lot Easi …

Attendance management systems have been around for a long time, and can vary wildly from the most rudimentary stuff like punch cards and sign in logs, to more advanced and costly solutions based on RFID technology or biometrics. And when it comes to tracking employee attendance, some modern companies tend to brush these systems off (often rightfully so) as either too expensive or overly intrusive and controlling, choosing instead to rely

Productivity Tools That Are Worth Adopting

Sometimes it’s hard to work efficiently when distractions like endless email clutter, chats and conversations, or funny YouTube videos get in the way: we cannot concentrate, we forget the important, getting stuck in what clearly isn’t. Our self-control alone is often not enough to break cyberloafing habits or prioritize our communications wisely, so that’s why it might be worth taking a look at special productivity tools. It’s obviously much easier to

How Poor Time Tracking Affects Your Business

We all know why thorough time tracking is crucial for successful management: the more accurate your data is, the more informed your decisions are. But what if the data is not as precise as you expect? Of course, keeping track of hours spent on various projects helps analyze productivity, calculate billable amounts, and plan your work ahead. However, it all only makes sense when you track work time expenses including

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