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Temperature Sensor Market 2019 By Regional Trend, Revenue & Growth Forecast

Another major industry driving the temperature sensor market is healthcare. Due to the growing urbanization, increasing population, and health issues, there is a need for safety and security. To cater to the growing medical conditions, the development of more innovative equipment combined with sensor technology is increasing. These components find their applications in several devices including medical incubators, ventilators, and blood analyzers, among others. These are mostly integrated with sensor

LED Driver Market in Consumer Electronics Segment is Projected to High Growth By …

The consumer electronics sector is the significant sector creating demand in the LED driver market. Smartphone manufacturers can use this technology in sleeker & compact devices while the increasing trend of backlights in laptops & tablets is further contributing to industry growth. The LED driver market is also driven by one of the factors in lighting technology, which is the soothing effect. For this reason, it has been extensively used

Automotive Embedded Telematics Market Growth | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-20 …

Other factors contributing to the growth of the automotive embedded telematics market are the increased use of embedded telematics in connected cars and the penetration of cloud-based telematics for asset tracking. Connected cars and autonomous vehicles are equipped with telematics software, which will provide vehicle owners or drivers with key information that can be used to prevent potential dangers. The widespread use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will also

Parking Management Market to Grow Exponentially Via On-Street Sector By 2025

The parking management market is characterized into on-street and off-street market. The on-street market is expected to grow at a fast pace due to the rapid adoption by government authorities across the globe. The on-street parking solutions have allowed the government authorities to legitimately generate revenues through public properties. The off-street parking management services have been increasingly implemented by large commercial establishments to provide their customers with ample parking spaces. The

Automotive Sensors Market in Powertrain Segment is Projected to Grow Rapidly By …

The powertrain application in the automotive sensors market is expected to grow rapidly over forecast years due to the provisioning of level, position, and speed data to these systems. Sensor manufacturers have developed a specific powertrain segment in their product portfolio, which will offer application-specific components. For instance, TE Connectivity provides powertrain specific sensors for deployment in the automobiles, trucks, and buses. An increase in the government regulations and compulsory standards

Automotive Glazing Market to Grow Significantly Via Double Glazed Sector By 2025

Based on type, the automotive glazing market share is divided into single glazing, double glazing and triple low-E glazing. Double glazed windows are manufactured by two panes of glasses with vacuum filling. The rising demand for such windows can be attributed to the superior efficiency and UV ray protection compared to the traditional single glazed glass. The presence of a transparent microlayer, felicitating the infrared reflection along with superior penetration

Automotive Audio System Market Latest trends 2019 | Recent Industry Analysis to …

The increasing demand for amplifiers in a car music system for powerful sound quality will drive the automotive audio system market. The component is widely used to amplify low-power electronic audio signals such as the signal from radio receivers to a loud & clear sound output. Innovation in this field has brought the market to great heights. The automotive audio system market players are integrating their modern amplifier solutions in

Electronic Equipment Repair Service Market 2019-2025; Growth Forecast & Industry …

The growing demand for automated machinery in industries will also drive the electronic equipment repair service market demand. Several equipment that are witnessing high adoption in industries include laser equipment, voltmeter, pulse & signal generator, motors & generators, printers, etc. These machines are being operated by digital technologies and consist of several electronic components such as semiconductors, transistors, and capacitors. The malfunctioning or fault in these components results in system

Lab on Chips Market in Diagnostic Sector is Projected to Witness Immense Growth …

The diagnostic sector is projected to witness immense growth in the lab on chips market owing to the rise in the occurrence of infectious diseases. Countries including India and South Africa are the major affected areas for such diseases. In 2018, WHO reported that the African region remains the most heavily impacted area by infectious diseases. The countries are experiencing high adoption of diagnostic services for analyzing the presence of

Application Delivery Controller Market Industry Potential, Trends and forecast 2 …

High market prices of this equipment are the factor, which is restraining the application delivery controller market. The reason behind the increase in prices of this equipment is the high manufacturing cost associated with it and limitations in technological substitutes of this equipment. Major players in the market are focusing on developing advanced technological substitutes, which would be cost-effective and efficient in its use. With an increase in technological advancements

Programmable Stage Lighting Market Regional Trend & Growth Projections By 2019-2 …

High initial purchase costs of the devices are hindering the programmable stage lighting market growth. The price of programmable solutions is around five times higher than the conventional solutions, encouraging small businesses to use traditional light systems. The integration of the software tools into the devices to control the light pattern is also responsible for the increased product pricing. Moreover, lack of proper training to individuals handling the solutions will

By 2025, Street Lighting Market in Road Safety and Traffic Control Segment is Ex …

The street lighting market is witnessing rapid growth owing to the increasing demand for road safety and traffic control. The growing urbanization and various developments in urban areas are generating a high demand for these products. Several government initiatives for smart cities projects and reducing the carbon emissions will lead to the adoption of technically developed smart lights or LEDs in these devices. Growing investments by major players in R&D

Supercapacitor Market Growth, Trends & Forecast 2019-2025

The healthcare sector is one of the spearheading sectors for the expansion of the supercapacitor market as it requires an uninterrupted power supply to tend to critical patients and use double-layered capacitors. These products can be useful in IoT edge systems as they can provide a secondary supply of power required in cases where the primary battery source fails such as prolonged usage and power surge. Additionally, these products can

Industrial Networking Solutions Market from Wireless Network Segment is Projecte …

Industrial networking solutions market for wireless network segment will grow at a significant CAGR over the forecast timeline. The rising need to reduce cabling and cabling cost and the growing demand for mobile communications owing to harsh conditions across various sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical, are proliferating the wireless networking sector in the industrial networking solutions industry. Growing security concerns over data transmission and data visualization &

Unified Network Management Market 2019 By Regional Trend, Revenue & Growth Forec …

The unified network management market solutions are segmented into six different types, Network Traffic Management, Network Monitoring System (NMS), Network Security Management, Network Application Management, Configuration, and Server Management. Currently, businesses are dependent on networks for conducting all its operations, which makes NMS a very crucial task for the success of the business. NMS monitors the servers, firewalls, routers, load balancers, switches, wireless LAN controllers, storage devices, printers, and everything

UPS Market Growth | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-2025

Increasing industrialization in Europe is the major factor driving the UPS market growth. With the rise in the adoption of modern technologies in manufacturing facilities, the demand for efficient power technologies will grow rapidly. Countries including Germany, the UK, and France consist of major automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, and Porsche, that are expanding their manufacturing capabilities in the region, driving the market growth. Moreover, the region consists of

Image Sensor Market in 3-D Segment is Expected to Grow Significantly By 2025

3-D image sensor market is a flourishing segment witnessing high adoption across the industrial, automotive and consumer electronics industry. These components provide the user experience of 3-D surrounding, which enables them to judge, monitor, evaluate and focus on the minute things and elements of the surrounding. Application of these components in AR/VR devices is increasing the demand of the products providing 3-D effect in the market Several players in the

OLED Display Market share 2019 - Industry Growth Forecast by 2025

The major factor restraining the growth of the OLED display market is the high cost of the product. The device uses components made up of organic materials, increasing the cost of production. Moreover, thickness of an OLED is around 0.17 inches, making it prone to damages as it can be easily damaged due to water, leading to the lower adoption in the consumer electronics market. In addition, with the introduction

Flexible Display Market Study By Manufacturers, Regions And Application Forecast …

The increasing adoption of consumer electronics and the flourishing smart wearable devices industry are driving the flexible display market. Device manufacturers are incorporating these displays and lighting panels to offer flexibility, lightweight structure, durability, and bendability in their devices. These are majorly adopted by mobile phone displays, TV panels, wearable electronics, notebook, and tablet displays. For instance, Samsung Display offers a flexible and unbreakable OLED panel with a transparent plastic

Virtualized Evolved Packet Core Market By Industry Growth & Regional Forecast

The telecom operator segment is estimated to hold a large virtualized evolved packet core market share over the forecast timeline. The growth is attributed to the changing demand of end-customers, high OpEx & CapEx, intense competition, and lower RoI. Additionally, the adoption of vEPC solutions will provide cost-effective and scalable solutions. The cloud segment in the virtualized evolved packet core market is estimated to show a significant CAGR over the forecast

E-Cigarette Market Growth & Trend Analysis 2019-2025

With a rise in the demand for electronic solutions, manufacturers in the e-cigarette market are increasingly focusing on the development of new technology, such as vapor cigarettes, to have an edge over their competitors. This is encouraging the manufacturers to invest highly in R&D to offer innovative solutions with efficient battery backup, new flavors, and compact design to remain competitive in the market. Additionally, companies are using various strategies to

3D Display Market Revenue & Regional Analysis | 2019-2025

The high cost associated with them is one of the major restraining factors for the 3D display market. The requirement of advanced display panels makes them significantly expensive compared to the conventional 2D displays. Another major restraining factor for the market is health issues and inconvenience, particularly while using the glasses. The glasses are hard to be used at home as people tend to do other activities while watching television. Some

3D Display Market 2019 Latest trends 2019 | Recent Industry Analysis to 2025

Some of the technologies in the 3D display market are stereoscopic display, head-mounted display, and integral imaging display. The stereoscopic display is one of the earliest technologies, which provides different images to observer’s both eyes using a stereoscopic device he wears. Many of the new video games, televisions, and monitors are now implemented with the stereoscopic systems, propelling the market growth. The integral imaging displays have emerged owing to their

Current Sensor Market Regional Trend 2019 | Growth Projections to 2025

The current sensor market is witnessing developments in products such as hall effect sensors. The hall effect sensor has gained wide adoption in multiple applications owing to its advantages, such as very low power consumption, which reduces current consumption as low as microamps. These sensors are non-contacting, keeping them wear-free and giving them a long life. Additionally, hall effect sensors can be used in harsh environments and are highly reliable. The

Hospital Lighting Market Growth | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-2025

In the hospital lighting market, LED technology is gaining high traction owing to its prominent features such as energy efficiency and high product life span. The lights support enhanced colored rendering, which is beneficial for patients & employees in healthcare environments. The LED lights provide the dimming feature, which supports in creating ambient lighting for enhanced comfort and sleep supportive illumination, creating high demand in the market. Additionally, the increasing

Hydronic Control Market 2019 - Industry Trends Report to 2025

The increased adoption of these solutions in the industrial segment is anticipated to fuel the growth in the hydronic control market. The businesses are concerned with the adoption of energy-efficient solutions in their business facilities to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations. Hydronic solutions allow these businesses to implement sustainable HVAC solutions with less energy consumption and high operating efficiency in their manufacturing environment, driving the market growth.

Automotive Steel Market in Body structure Segment is Expected to Account Signifi …

The automotive steel market share based on application can be categorized into powertrain, body structure and suspension. Body structure will account for a significant share on account of the availability of a wide range of vehicles with varied body sizes and shapes including hatchbacks, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. Additionally, industry manufacturers are continuously focusing on improving the vehicle power to weight ratio and lowering vehicle weight for improving efficiency. Additionally,

Automotive Bushing Market in Suspension Segment is Predicted to Showcase Signifi …

Based on application, the automotive bushing market size can be categorized into suspension, engine, chassis, and transmission. The suspension will showcase significant growth over the study timeframe. This can be credited to the increasing preference for automobiles with advanced suspension and vibration dampening capabilities for enhancing customer comfort without hampering the driving experience. Moreover, the proliferation of advanced suspension systems including independent suspension supporting the development of advanced bushings will

In-Vehicle Connectivity Market in Passenger Vehicles Segment is Expected to Acco …

By vehicle type, passenger vehicles are anticipated to hold the largest market share in the in-vehicle connectivity market due to the growing demand for luxury, safety, convenience, and comfort in the vehicle environment. The increasing demand for in-vehicle infotainment, payment services for hassle-free, secure, and safe driving experience is fueling the market. The growing demand for road-side assistance through telematics solutions in passenger vehicles is anticipated to drive the market. Parallel

Automotive Polycarbonate Glazing Market to Showcase Considerable Growth Via Sunr …

Based on application, the automotive polycarbonate glazing market share is segmented to front windshield, rear windshield, side windows, and sunroof. Sunroof will showcase considerable growth over the projected timeframe. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for vehicles with factory fitted sunroof across the globe. The availability of multiple sunroof models including panoramic, spoiler, inbuilt, and moonroof accentuates the segment demand. Automobile manufacturers are continuously investing in technologies and

Automotive Tire Chains Market in Passenger Segment is Projected to Grow Exponent …

The automotive tire chains market based on vehicle can be categorized into passenger and commercial vehicles. The growth in the passenger vehicles can be attributed to the increasing requirement for personal mobility solutions globally. Moreover, the availability of a wide range of vehicle models across diversified price range with two-wheel drive engine alternatives for lowering the overall vehicle cost further expands the segment size. Based on product, the automotive tire chains

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Market in Asia Pacific Region is Expected to Exhibit …

Taking into consideration the regional trends, Asia Pacific pneumatic conveying systems market is forecast to display highest growth over the next few years. Speedy industrial development across India and China is expected to drive the regional growth. Pneumatic Conveying System market in China is projected to grow at a rate of 6.2% over 2015-2022. Driven by the high rate of industrialization, India Pneumatic Conveying System industry is anticipated to hit

Embedded System Market in North America Region is Expected to Grow at CAGR of 5. …

North America embedded system market size is projected to be worth 84 billion at a growing CAGR of 5.7% in the near future. Europe is anticipated to pick up the pace during the projected period and surpass USD 62 billion over the predicted time frame. Asia Pacific market is likely to register USD 81 billion by 2024 owing to the largely available skillful professionals in software development. Internet of things,

Integrated Systems Market By Regional Statistics & Growth Forecast 2022

Depending upon the service, global integrated systems market is divided into maintenance & support, consulting and integration & installation. The integration & installation section is predicted to experience high growth in future owing to heavy demand for integrated systems across many small sized, medium sized and large sized business firms. Information technology & telecommunications section and BFSI section are predicted to evolve as dominating sections due to large acceptance rates of

Digital Signage Market in Asia Pacific Region is Projected to Register a CAGR of …

Digital Signage market size accounted for USD 15 billion in 2015 and is witnessing a significant growth worldwide. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 6.5% from 2016-2023, owing to factors like infrastructural development, growth in educational and government sectors, and enhanced user experience. Also, increasing demand across various application industries is likely to favor the US market growth over the coming years. North America in digital

Automotive Radar Market in Adaptive Cruise Control Segment is Expected to Record …

Automotive radar market in adaptive cruise control systems industry accounted for over 36% of the overall revenue in 2015, and is expected to register a CAGR of 17.7% over 2016-2024. The growth can be credited to its ability to monitor and maintain user-specified distance between the automobiles. Its application in blind spot detection systems industry is expected to grow at a rate of 19.1% over the coming eight years. It

Kitchen Appliances Market in Refrigerator Segment is Expected to Witness Substan …

Considering the product trends in the kitchen appliances market, refrigerator market share is forecast to observe significant gains of 4.7% over the coming six years. Ability to reduce electricity bill costs along with eco-friendly and energy conserving features of refrigerators are the key growth drivers. Dishwater industry size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% over the period of 2016-2023, driven by rising labor charges. Cooking appliances market

Process Spectroscopy Market Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2024

The global process spectroscopy market has experienced a tremendous growth in its market valuation with the increasing adoption of Raman spectroscopy in food & agriculture and pharmaceutical industry. Raman spectroscopy is becoming a viable industrial technique as this technology is non-destructive and non-contacting. The pharmaceutical industry is a convincing example where this technology is highly used in the analysis of salt forms & polymorphs. The global process spectroscopy market is

By 2024, Optical Sensors Market in Asia Pacific Region is Expected to Cross USD …

Asia Pacific has a significant contribution toward global optical sensors market revenue. Back in 2015, APAC accounted for more than 30% of the overall share, with prime contributors being India, China, and South Korea. Surging demand in the region for consumer electronic portable devices such as cameras and smartphones is likely to propel Asia Pacific optical sensor market, projected to be worth more than USD 10 billion by 2024. Optical Sensors

Household Vacuum Cleaners Market to Record 25.1 % Industry Share Via Upright Sec …

Global household vacuum cleaners market is segmented into robotic, upright, drum, canister, wet or dry and central. Products with tiny size and high suction ability as well as capacity to cleanse big surface area are projected to fuel upright segment growth. It is predicted to contribute greater than 25.1% to the total industry share by end of forecast timeline.Canister segment is predicted to witness substantial expansion as the equipment is

Marine Propulsion Engine Market Regional Trend | Growth Projections to 2024

Asia Pacific marine propulsion engine market accounted for more than 50% of the overall share in 2015, with a revenue generation of more than USD 4.5 billion. China and South Korea are the prominent revenue contributors. These countries have been investing heavily in regional marine propulsion engine market, thereby augmenting APAC market share. Moreover, favorable government initiatives for the development of solar & wind energy powered products in the region

Mobile Value Added Services Market Growth Drivers, Component Analysis and Growth …

Mobile education segment in the mobile value added services market, is playing a significant role in expanding the quality and reach of education in Asia Pacific countries. The growth in smart devices market in the region is anticipated to offer an impetus to the education sector in South Asian countries. Currently, the education services are mostly restricted to IVR, SMS based English language learning & examination alerts, and on call

Earphones and Headphones Market Industry Analysis, Share & Forecast 2024

Earphones and headphones market has also been depicting an upward surge due to its superior compatibility with personal electronics devices. In addition to this, key developments in technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared will augment the growth of earphone and headphone market. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., global earphone and headphone industry share is estimated to surpass USD 25 billion by 2024. Furthermore, manufacturers have been concentrating on

Third Party Logistics Market By Regional Trend & Growth Forecast To 2024

Consolidation trends have been gaining renewed traction across third party logistics market, thereby bringing about a dynamic transformation in the industry. Experts claim that mega-deals across the 3PL market have declined since the past few years, painting a nearly catastrophic image of 3PL industry, however, the business sphere has still been experiencing modest M&As and collaborations, that are being deployed as effective tools for geographical expansion. The adoption of various software solutions,

3D Scanning Market in Short-Range Segment is Projected to Witness Remarkable Gro …

The short-range segment in the 3D scanning market is expected to grow drastically, owing to the low cost and high portability of these devices. Moreover, they are increasingly used by the small and medium businesses due to their affordability. These devices can be classified into contact or non-contact categories. The coordinate measuring machines form a part of contact type scanners and are commonly used where the object is probed through

Biometrics Market Future Trend and Growth Opportunities By 2024

Biometrics market has already established its significant presence across the security landscape in a bid to combat the increasing instances of data theft, security breaches, and data hacking. Organizations are increasingly demanding for authentication solutions that not only offer reliable security but also are extremely difficult to hack. Biometrics technology is one such solution that arguably fits into all these conditions, subject to the fact that this technology is basically

Tactical Communications Market in Construction Segment is Predicted to Exhibit S …

The construction segment of the tactical communications market is anticipated to exhibit substantial growth. Construction workers are mandated to wear protective headsets along with hard helmets on-site. Information exchange can be severely hindered in a noisy environment and miscommunication can result in heavy losses. Massive construction projects undertaken by the U.S government and commercial sector such as the development of Vista Tower in Chicago, Orlando International Airport expansion, One Vanderbilt

Electronic Security Market - Global Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, Trends and …

The electronic security market portfolio includes access and control systems, intrusion and detection systems, surveillance and alert systems, anti-terrorist and inspection equipment, mass notifications systems and anti-theft systems. In addition to innovation, the latest trend of integrating advanced sensors, wearable devices, smart cards with existing systems and integration of hardware and software with the Internet of Things has demonstrated to assist the electronic security market to make strong headway in

Power Electronics Market by Global Trends, Opportunities And Industry Forecast T …

The product’s usage in motor drives has a pivotal role to play in the expansion of power electronics market. By extension, the product is deployed extensively in solid state starters, pumps and compressors, transportation, machine tools, and robotics. That aside, considering the impact it has on renewable energy generation and high efficiency energy systems, power electronics industry has been forecast to attain unprecedented growth in the ensuing years. The EV sector

Electric Motors Market in Asia Pacific Region is Expected to Hold 55% Industry S …

Asia Pacific electric motors market is expected to hold 55% industry share by 2024. Increasing vehicle production across the region will enhance industry growth. Focus of auto industry to enhance fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions has resulted in employment of green automobiles in several countries. Additionally, regional regulatory landscape will further boost the industry. For instance, Indian government has mandated electrification of vehicles by 2030 which in turn has

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