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Flow Sensor Market 2020: Industry Report & Growth Forecast to 2025

Based on technology, the flow sensor market can be classified into two general categories, differential and linear sensors. The former can be further classified into analog and digital differential pressure sensors. These sensors are mostly used in the medical sector and their cost-effectiveness & compact design makes them ideal for demanding but price-sensitive solutions. Some of the majorly used flow meters, such as ultrasonic flow meters, are usually used for

Temperature Sensor Market 2020 By Regional Trend, Revenue & Growth Forecast to 2 …

The temperature sensor market is driven by different types of sensors such as contact & non-contact sensor types. Contact sensors are based on conduction and require the object to be in physical contact with the system or object to read the temperature while non-contact temperature sensors are based on radiation and convection to monitor the temperature. They can be used to detect liquids and gases that emit radiant energy. These

Surface Computing Market to Witness Heavy Growth Prospects Via Curved Screen Seg …

Curved screen products in the surface computing market are expected to witness high growth opportunities over the forecast timespan. Curved screens provide a three-dimensional and immersive experience to the viewers due to high immersion levels. The growth is attributed to the enhanced user experience owing to the wide viewing angle and picture quality offered by curved models. The flat screen segment is also gaining high demand owing to its advantages

By 2025, Touch Screen Controller Market to Hold significant Industry Share Via C …

Capacitive controllers accounted for a significant market share of the touch screen controller market. They are widely used in mobile phones, mp3 players, household appliances, and several industrial products. The advantages of the integration of these components are attractive product design, durability, robust housing design, and cost-effectiveness. These components provide high reliability, performance, and durability than resistive controllers. This is the reason for the adoption of these components for better

Digital BSS Market 2025 - Public Cloud Segment is Projected to Witness Exponenti …

The digital BSS can be deployed through cloud and on-premise. The public cloud segment is expected to get the largest digital BSS market share over the forecast period. The public cloud system allows access to multiple users for the sharing of information via the internet. This provides ease of access, faster deployment of the service, and low maintenance cost of the system. It provides enormous benefits to organizations such as

Optical Wavelength Service Market Report 2020| Regional Analysis & Growth Foreca …

Optical wavelength service market can be segmented on the basis of interface: Short haul, Long haul and Metro. The Metro is expected to grow at very high speed due to the increasing bandwidth demand and connectivity between the data centers, furthermore the increasing adoption of the consumer 4K and higher video content on various devices such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Majority of the service provider are looking towards the

Commercial Printing Market 2020 - Global Industry Analysis, Growth Forecast & Em …

The increasing adoption of electronic advertising and promotional techniques by businesses is predicted to restrict the commercial printing market growth. Rise in the concern toward the increasing usage of paper-based printed materials that have an adverse environmental impact is encouraging businesses to shift toward electronic media advertising. This promotional technique allows enterprises to reduce their additional expenses on printing technologies and solutions, negatively impacting the market demand. Furthermore, the market

Integrated Passive Device Market in Wireless Communication Segment is Expected t …

Rapid growth in the wireless communication sector will fuel the integrated passive device market growth. Reliable and high-speed data communication have become crucial ever since the growing popularity of smartphones. The rising awareness about 5G technology in the emerging economies will provide lucrative growth opportunities for industry growth. These devices are essential blocks of mobile and wireless communication systems. They can be used for high-frequency applications in wireless communication technologies.

Monolithic Microwave IC Market 2020 Regional Trend & Growth Projections to 2025

High costs associated with the requirements of robust design of devices can hamper the growth of the monolithic microwave IC market to some extent. The technologies required for the development of these devices are generally developed by major manufacturers and will take time for new entrants to develop and manufacture these products. The other factor is the need for high investments and sophisticated technology for building 5G network infrastructure, limiting

Power Management Integrated Circuit Market Outlook 2020 - Industry Analysis, Gro …

In the power management integrated circuit market, voltage regulator models are gaining high traction owing to their applications in automation, data processing, lighting operations, etc. These components ensure a constant output of voltage regardless of fluctuation in input supply. This feature prevents electronic devices from damaging, overheating, etc., increasing the efficiency and life expectancy. Furthermore, the voltage comparator plays a crucial role in a power supply system. Additionally, the rapid

North America Ring Laser Gyroscope Market Analysis by 2025: Top Players are Hone …

North America is expected to dominate the ring laser gyroscope market over the forecast period owing to rapid developments in defense, maritime, and aerospace industry sectors. The defense sector in the region is witnessing a rapid adoption of modern technology due to increased investments by the governments to upgrade their arms and ammunition, thereby augmenting the ring laser gyroscope industry growth. Increasing technological advancement & innovation in robotics and space vehicles

Automotive Coolant Market Latest Trends 2020 | Recent Industry Analysis to 2025

Automobile manufacturers are engaged in introducing newer brands and products for offering customized coolant and lubricant solutions for its customers, thereby expanding the automotive coolant market share. For instance, in 2018, Maruti Suzuki launched its Ecstar brand of coolants, lubricants and car care products in India. This strategy enabled the company to offer a diversified range of products for its customers to drive sales and increase its market share. Technological advancements

Gunshot Detection System Market 2020 - Outdoor Segment to Register Extensive Gro …

Based on product, the gunshot detection system market share is segmented into indoor and outdoor. The outdoor segment is expected to contribute significantly in the market size. This can be attributed to the rising cases of gunfire in public places significantly. For instance, in 2017, a gunman opened fire at an open country music concert killing around 58 and injuring over 850 people. Moreover, easier installation of these systems on

North America Aircraft Gearbox Market to Account Significant Industry Share By 2 …

North America will account for a significant share in the aircraft gearbox market. This can be attributed to the presence of multiple aviation players across the region including OEMs, gearbox suppliers, and distributors. Moreover, aircraft manufacturers are continuously investing in their production facilities expansion for improving their market share. For instance, in 2019, Airbus announced the construction of its A220 manufacturing facility in the U.S., thereby providing a positive outlook

North America 5G Enterprise Market is Projected to Account Significant Industry …

North America is expected to hold a significant share in the 5G enterprise market due to the increasing R&D activities for the development of new designs & technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) via cloud computing, mobility services and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Favorable standards & networking regulations in the countries such as the U.S. and Canada will further surge the market growth in

5G Chipset Market Outlook 2020 - Industry Analysis, Growth And Forecast To 2025

Smartphone manufacturers are inclined towards integrating these chips in their devices which will be one of the major product segments in the 5G Chipset market. According to the GSMA, there were 5.1 billion unique mobile subscribers globally in 2018. The declining smartphone prices and rapid technological advancements in consumer electronics technologies are creating a strong demand for high processing network hardware globally. The growth of 5G network will push smartphone

Fingerprint Sensor Market 2020 – Growth Driver, Opportunity, Rising Trends and …

The consumer electronics industry will significantly contribute to the growth of the fingerprint sensor market. The demand for consumer electronics products has significantly increased in recent years. According to the Consumer Technology Association, smartphones are owned in 87 percent of the U.S. homes. Many of the smartphone manufacturers have been implementing these components even in entry-level phones. The reducing prices of smartphones, high market competition, and the demand for features

By 2025, Flexible PCB Market in Double-Sided PCBs Segment is Projected Grow Sign …

In the flexible PCB market, the demand for double-sided PCBs is projected to grow in the coming years. These boards provide the ability to access circuit traces from the top & bottom sides of the circuit, offering greater flexibility in design and functionality. In addition, they offer several benefits such as reduced wiring errors, elimination of mechanical connectors, robust operating temperature range, unparalleled design flexibility, higher circuit density, improved reliability

North American IoT Sensor Market is Expected to Witness High Growth By 2025

The North American region is witnessing a growth in the IoT sensor market due to the high adoption of smart solutions in various sectors such as health care, automotive, and industrial. The U.S. government has made significant investments in smart cities development, which will lead to the high implementation of these components, further supporting the industry demand. The demand for IoT consumer devices, such as security cameras and smart home

MOSFET and IGBT Gate Driver Market Future Trend and Growth Opportunities by 2025

Asia Pacific is another rapidly growing region in the MOSFET and IGBT gate driver market owing to a huge industrial manufacturing sector and the consumer electronics industry. According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the region witnessed a 6.5 % growth in manufacturing in the fourth quarter of 2017. Furthermore, the growing economic developments have resulted in a high demand for consumer electronics devices including smartphones, laptops, and others

Asia Pacific NVDIMM Market is Predicted to Grow Rapidly By 2025

The enterprise data storage will be an important application area in NVDIMM market. The growing demand for customer-centric products, improvement in marketing communication, and customer retention has made businesses to adopt a greater number of data storage services. The retail sector, for instance, is shifting toward a more data-oriented approach to minimize inventory management costs and provide suitable products for the customers. Non-Volatile Dual In-Line Memory Module Market by Product • NVDIMM-P • NVDIMM-F • NVDIMM-N NVDIMM Market

Operational Amplifier Market 2020 - low-power ICs Segment to Grow Significantly …

The operational amplifier market for low-power ICs is anticipated to grow in the coming years. These low-power amplifiers are used in portable hard disk drives, wearable consumer applications, precision sensor frontends, and wireless metering for their low power consumption, low noise, wide bandwidth, and high-frequency performance characteristics. Low-power components offer a variety of benefits in many applications such as robust thermal performance, reduced supply requirements, improved battery life & power

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market 2020 Analysis with Key Players, App …

The Semiconductor manufacturing equipment market for lithography equipment segment is expected to grow at higher rates over the forecast period. The growth is attributed to extensive research & development in the field. As per the data shared by the Semiconductor Industry Association, in 2018, the global semiconductor industry accounted for over USD 450 billion. The demand for semiconductors is increasing in telecommunication, automotive, consumer durables, and memory devices, rising the

Wireless Infrastructure Market 2025- Macrocell RAN Sector to Hold Major Industry …

The wireless infrastructure market is segmented into different types of technologies, which include backhaul modules, small cells, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Carrier Wi-Fi, Mobile core, Macrocell Radio Access Networks (RAN), and Cloud RAN (C-RAN). Currently, Macrocell RAN holds the major market share and is expected to grow significantly as newer developments, such as heterogeneous networking RANs, gain popularity. The migration of wireless carriers to C-RANs due

Torque Sensor Market 2025 - Rotary Sensors Segment is Projected to Witness Expon …

Rotary sensors are expected to witness the highest growth in the torque sensor market owing to their varied applications in several machines such as vehicles, motors, and robots. The benefits offered by rotating meters include low electrical noise, high stiffness, high RPM ratings, and increased response times. The optical torque component demand in the torques sensor market is increasing rapidly. The growth of this segment is attributed to its major

Adaptive Optics Market 2020 By Regional Statistics & Growth Forecast to 2025

The military & defense application segment in the adaptive optics market is gaining high popularity owing to the increased usage in R&D activities carried out in military research labs globally. The need for technically advanced telescopic systems to gain information on suspicious activities from neighboring countries is fueling the component demand. Several countries including the U.S., China, etc., are highly investing in the defense & military sector to provide advanced

Industrial Sensors Market 2020 By Industry Growth & Trend Report to 2025

Increase in the need for sensor technology for safety in mining & quarrying tasks is predicted to augment the industrial sensors market growth. The hazardous environmental conditions inside a mine can harm the workers’ health & safety, thereby propelling the adoption of connected solutions. These sensor-based technologies will allow operators to monitor the mining tasks remotely without even entering the mines. For instance, in November 2018, Volvo AG announced the

Air Suspension Market Regional Trend & Growth Projections By 2020-2025

Based on vehicle, HCV is expected to account for a significant share in the air suspension market share. This can be attributed to the rising demand for buses with significant comfort and the ability to travel across long distance without causing major fatigue. Industry players are focusing on new product launches to increase their revenue and expand their market share. For instance, in 2014, JBM Group launched its CITYLIFE buses

Aircraft Electrical Systems Market 2020 By Regional Statistics & Growth Forecast …

The aircraft electrical systems market size based on aircraft can be classified into commercial aircraft, military, regional jets, and helicopters. The growth in the helicopters can be credited to the capability of performing diversified range of operations including vertical take-off & landing, along with the ability to hover over smaller areas. Moreover, the increasing usage of these aircrafts for tourism, emergency and rescue missions further accelerates the segment share over

Pneumatic Tires Market 2020 Growth Analysis & forecast Report | 2025

The pneumatic tires market is categorized based on product type, application and region. The two types of pneumatic tires are radial and bias type. Radial segment is likely to occupy a significant share in the market owing to its diverse qualities like excellent traction, flexible side walls, and is suitable for high mileage applications. Its offers low rolling resistance which helps the customers to save energy. Such features make it

Aircraft Fairings Market to Account Significant Industry Share Via Composites Se …

Based on material the aircraft fairings market is segmented into composite, metal, and alloy. Composites will account for a significant share owing to the benefits offered including lower weight, higher corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. Moreover, the complex geometry structures of the materials enable for superior durability, thereby expanding the segment share over the study timeframe. Based on application, the aircraft fairings market is segmented into engine, fuselage,

Sonar System Market Regional Trend & Growth Projections By 2019-2025

Commercial applications for the sonar system market include the use of sonars in navigation, hydrographic surveys and fisheries. Increased usage in fish finding will boost the demand for it in the commercial segment. The fisheries application of the commercial industry segment is projected to grow at the maximum CAGR in the stipulated time frame. General-purpose hull mounted segment is projected to account for the major share of the sonars market by

Passenger Car Sensors Market in Asia pacific Region is Expected to High Growth B …

Asia pacific is anticipated to exhibit highest growth in the passenger car sensors market. Favorable regulatory framework will primarily support the region’s growth over the forecast timeframe. For instance, various governments across the region have mandated installation of back camera sensors and anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for all the vehicles. Additionally, Increasing R&D activities in the sensors industry will provide stable growth prospects to the industry size till 2024. Europe

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Market 2019-2025 By Regional Industry Growth & F …

Tire pressure monitoring system market basically focuses on the safety and security of the consumers and technological advancement. In technology advancement many safety measures are initiated for the root cause of the accidents that are under and over inflated tires. According to the WHO it is been witnessed that there is a need of safety and security which can help in minimizing the road accidents. The vehicle tires provide basic

Biometric Vehicle Access Market is Predicted to Witness Rapid Growth By 2025

Based on application, biometric vehicle access market is divided as door, steering wheel, car mirror and on board. Door biometric access will dominate the overall industry during forecast period as it is crucial for safety and provides first access to vehicle. Efforts to increase driver control over automobile will support the adoption of steering wheel biometric access market share from 2017 to 2024. Technological advancements for quick authentication and user friendly

North America Unified Threat Management Market Size to Account Significant Share …

North America has accounted for the largest market share in the unified threat management market due to the early realization of cybersecurity threats such as data breaches. In 2018, Facebook faced the biggest data breach with 50 million user accounts getting accessed by attackers, which raised questions on enterprise-level cybersecurity measures. Also, large-scale financial institutes such as banks are attracting more and more vendors to the North America region. Due

TV Analytics Market 2019 – Development Status & Growth Projection by 2025

The solution segment holds the largest share in the TV analytics market. As television is going digital, there is a higher requirement for personalized content to reach the audiences, improving customer relationships and leading to a higher adoption rate of TV analytics software. This increasing adoption also contributes to an increasing demand for consulting, support, and maintenance services, driving the services segment growth over the forecast period. These services also

Quantum Cryptography Market 2019 Growth Trend Analysis and Competitive Analysis …

Quantum cryptography market solutions are accepted across various industry verticals including government organizations, retail, IT & telecom, BFSI, and healthcare. The market is witnessing a high adoption rate from the IT & telecom sector due to its rising penetration of smartphones and internet and an increase in the requirement for safe and secure communication. The government organizations contribute to a major market share due to various e-government initiatives, online utility

IoT Microcontroller Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2019 to 2025

Consumer electronics is a rapidly growing application in the IoT microcontroller market. There has been a tremendous rise in the penetration of advanced electronics devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, wearable devices, television, washing machines, cameras, home appliances, smartphones, etc. The constant demand for advancements in equipment and devices including compact design is compelling the demand for microcontrollers. Assessing the market demand, more companies such as Apple, Amazon, etc. are

End-user Experience Monitoring Market Future Developments, Business Insights, En …

The growth of the end-user experience monitoring market is driven by the increasing digitalization of the banking services. Moreover, the need to analyze the end-user experience to analyze the customer requirement and fulfill their demand is propelling the market growth. EMEU solution has been in several industry verticals including BFSI, IT & telecommunication, government & public sector, retail & consumer goods, health & life sciences. The retail & consumer goods

Botnet Detection Market Briefing and Future Outlook 2019 to 2025

North America is projected to hold a major share of the botnet detection market due to the rising incidents of botnet attacks in the region. Government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, are propagating actions for taking necessary steps against the rapid proliferation of malware attacks by developing advanced automation methodologies. A report released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Commerce in May 2018 has identified

Aerospace Foam Market 2019 – Future Scope, Demands and Growth Projected Market …

Aerospace foam market is segmented based on end-users into commercial, military, and general aviation. General aviation is anticipated to dominate the industry over the forecast timeframe owing to extensive usage of these aircrafts by high net worth customers or for chartered flights for business trips. Rising number of these high net worth customers across the globe coupled with growing demand for business jets in MEA and Asia Pacific will contribute

Account-Based Marketing Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2019-2025

Account-based marketing market size is forecast to possess attractive growth opportunities over 2019-2025. According to the IT Services Marketing Association’s (ITSMA) Account-Based Marketing Survey, in 2014, ABM delivers the highest ROI compared to other B2B marketing strategies. As ABM enables targeted attention toward growing revenue and generating pipeline with strategically-significant customers, it offers more recurring revenue, bigger deal sizes, and longer customer associations. Also, as companies are increasingly demanding and

Radar Sensor Market 2019 Global Industry Trends | Growth Dynamics To 2025

Other significant factors driving the radar sensor market in several industries are features, such as the detection of objects, even in stressful environmental conditions. These radars work even in fog, poor visibility, dust, and steam unlike normal cameras & lasers. Such advancements have enabled many industries to integrate this technology in their products to cater to consumers’ needs. In addition, they are very reliable as they are not affected by

Over the Top Market Statistics 2019-2025 | Industry Growth & Trends Report

Increased smartphone adoption and the availability of wireless broadband is driving the over the top market growth. Internet service providers are offering enhanced broadband connectivity at an affordable price, enabling consumers to stream videos and download content at a high speed. With the rise in mobile workforce and smartphone users, companies are providing customers accessible platforms. The unceasing rise in content and globalization have forced companies to enable the consolidation

LED Video Walls Market Growth & Regional Analysis | 2019-2025

In the LED video walls market, outdoor deployment type models are gaining high traction owing to their applications in advertisements, sports events, concerts, award functions, and intelligent traffic systems. These video walls are used in indoor applications such as business presentations, indoor advertisements, and museum displays. Outdoor environments, such as malls, live concert & sports stadiums, and railway stations, utilize these devices for advertising purposes to attract the crowd. Features,

Educational Robot Market Growth | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-2025

The applications of these products in the K-12 schools are adding up to educational robot market growth. Interactive capabilities of the robots are gaining popularity among students and promoting their high utilization in schools and colleges. Several schools are switching toward robotic products due to the appealing communication features, creating a high attraction among the students and building up their interest in these study techniques. Increasing expenditure in educational R&D activities

Next-Generation Data Storage Market in NAS Sector is Projected to Grow Substanti …

On the basis of type, the next-generation data storage market is divided into three types, Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage, (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN). The NAS market is anticipated to grow substantially over the forecast period due to its cost-efficient data storage and accessibility from any connected device to multiple authorized users. SMEs are increasingly adopting the cloud-based storage system on the NAS facility due to

2019-2025 | Lighting Product Market Report By Industry Growth & Regional Forecas …

2019-2025 | Lighting Product Market Report By Industry Growth & Regional Forecast The LED segment in the lighting product market is gaining high popularity among commercial and institutional applications due to several infrastructure refurbishment activities in these segments. The low energy consumption and long lifetime benefits of these lights are adding up to the demand from residential and commercial sectors. High brightness LEDs are used in automobiles and manufacturing industries

By 2025, GNSS Chip Market to Grow Significantly Via Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is one of the major industries contributing to the GNSS chip market growth. With the emergence of automobiles enabled with innovative functionalities, the integration of GPS has been a common factor. This system is immensely benefiting the autonomous driving technology, which will help to determine lane and directions and to navigate in different directions. The users can track live locations and get accurate locations with the help

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