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24.01.17 - Agritech Expo Tanzania

Huge agri invasion expected in Arusha this week as Agritech Expo Tanzania comes to town!

The Tanzanian agri hub of Arusha is expecting the arrival of more than 2000 farmers and agri experts this week for the first outdoor, B2B farming expo of its kind as Agritech Expo Tanzania kicks off o... mehr

19.01.17 - Agritech Expo Tanzania

TAHA to promote horticulture value chain in Tanzania at Agritech Expo in Arusha

“The horticulture value chain in Tanzania has a number of opportunities that ranges from manufacturers, processors input dealers, packaging industry and exporters. It is a sector that needs to be pr... mehr

21.12.16 - Agritech Expo Tanzania

Strong agri industry support for Agritech Expo Tanzania in Arusha in January

Private and public sector working together – this is how the much anticipated, upcoming outdoor agricultural show, Agritech Expo Tanzania, taking place in Arusha from 26-27 January is described by t... mehr

17.11.16 - Agritech Expo Tanzania

Agritech Expo comes to Arusha, Tanzania!

The success story of the outdoor agricultural show, Agritech Expo, is about to expand to Tanzania with the inaugural farming B2B platform taking place in the agri-hub of Arusha in January. Says Agrit... mehr

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