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How Do Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents Work

An ultrasonic mosquito repellent can be very effective in terms of keeping annoying biters out of one’s sight. The way an ultrasonic insect repeller works is that the device emits an “under-radar” sound, known as ultrasonic that is very unpleasant for mosquitoes. These sounds confuse their nervous systems and/or makes them think a threatening predator is coming their way. As a result, mosquitoes prefer to stay away from that area where the

An Easy and Silent Electronic Mosquito Repellent

Research has shown that a lot of people who enjoy outdoor activities (especially campers) forget to bring a mosquito repellent with them. Basic equipment such as... A tent Pillows (maybe) Food Clothes Torch or flashlight … Are easy to remember for them. But why? Why people forget a piece of equipment that can make their life safer and more comfortable in the wild? Even though there is no straight answer to this question, there are 3 good reasons

A Mosquito Repellent for Pregnant Women and Children

According to wikipedia, here are some fact and precautions for children and pregnant women when using insect repellents: - Children may experience a greater risk for unfavourable reactions to mosquito repellents, in part because their exposure might be greater. - Keep repellents with chemicals (especially spray ones) out of the reach of children. - Do not permit kids to apply repellents to themselves under any circumstances. - Do not apply repellents to the hands

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