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When is the Best Time to Find an English Teacher Job in China

As we all know, more and more foreigners come to China for teaching. English teacher jobs now have a very good prospect of market. However, that when you find a job will make a difference. Let’s discuss the best time to find English teacher jobs in China from three aspects. First, different types of English teacher jobs have different start dates. For instance, public schools, universities and international schools

Why to Teach English in China

Many foreigners like to teach English in China. So what makes it appealing? China has a very large English education market. According to data from Ministry of Education,around 36 million students enrolled in all kinds of English institutions last year. Education for English is in short supply in China. Most native speakers can easily find a good job in China. Here are mainly five reasons to teach English

How can you be an ESL teacher in China

There is no doubt that to be an ESL teacher, you have to speak good English. In China, native speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa are the top one option for Chinese employers. And non-native English speakers whose English are really close to native are also acceptable for some schools. For education and experience, qualified ESL teachers should have a bachelor degree and

ESL Jobs-respectable and High-paying Occupation in China

Nowadays, English is widely used all over the world. It is specified as the official language in international meetings, foreign trades, culture exchanges,etc. China, which isn’t an English speaking country, is eagerly to improve its English level, so many great ESL jobs come up. “Respect teachers and value education”is a fine tradition of Chinese. Therefore, ESL job is one of the most popular jobs in China and enjoys a very

Places for teaching English in Asia

Recently, more and more people go abarod and teach English in Asia. But there are so many different opportunities, which are hot jobs markets for teaching English in Asia. China is definitely the first choice. As the deepening of globalization and China's status in the world, it has a great need for English teachers, because more and more citizens need to learn English well to get a decent job.

How can you get TEFL jobs in China

We’ve talked about the reasons to take a TEFL job in China and introduced some types of the jobs. Now let’s discuss how to get TEFL jobs in China. I’ll say first, you need to find a reliable agency or a resourceful website. Actually, in my opinion, agency is better than a job website for me. The reason is agency can save you some time to do the job

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