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INTERVIEW with Frank Drollinger, Inventor of Free-Release „United Golfers has discovered the main cause of cartilage damage and osteoarthritis in golfers: increased temperatures in a golfer’s knee joint as well as friction and pressure are the causes of cartilage damage to the knee joint. The solution is the Free-Release Golf Shoe with the naturally swiveling sole." Dr. Christian Reichardt, MD: Hi Frank, what’s been going on at United Golfers during recent months? Frank Drollinger: I

"Padraig Harrington places last in the British Open 2008!", ...

...or something to that effect could be the newspaper headline on Monday after the next British Open. How did United Golfers come up with such a hypothesis? Very simple: Every participant in the British Open 2008 who uses the Free-Release Method will have the chance to win the tournament. Why? Padraig Harrrington analyzes his golf swing with help of foot pressure measurement plates and in this way makes use of

Support for golfers suffering from foot, knee, hip and spine-stress

United Golfers Corp. can help with their new golf-shoe: “” which shifts the joint-strain onto the sole. New York, USA / Birkenfeld Germany United Golfers Corp. has developed a revolutionary golf shoe which shifts the joint-strain onto the sole through the use of a patented swivel joint. This is good news for approx. 20% of the sportsmen who are passionate about golfing but suffer from arthritis and synovitis. “Our shoe makes

No more back pain

Introducing the golf shoe based on the “stress transfer principle.“ United Golfers has introduced a revolutionary new product: the new Free Release shoe is fitted with a sole that rotates up to 20 degrees. This unique turning mechanism shifts the strain exerted by the golf swing on the hip, knee and ankle joints almost completely onto the shoe. This has been verified by a study at the University of Tübingen supervised