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Digisonics announces partnership with Pie Medical Imaging to provide enhanced ca …

Digisonics, a leading provider of cardiovascular information system solutions (CVIS), is proud to announce a partnership with Pie Medical Imaging to provide a comprehensive solution for image analysis and structured reporting of cardiac cath, MR and CT studies. A single click launches the Pie Medical Imaging software from Digisonics and post processed images are saved back into the patient study within the CVIS. Users will have access to advanced image

Digisonics Takes Action to Support Healthcare Needs During COVID-19

Remote reading capabilities for providers has become increasingly important as we adjust to the new normal. Digisonics has taken action to ensure their service availability in order positively impact healthcare facilities workflow, improve overall patient care, and limit potential exposure to frontline workers. As frontline clinical teams battle to overcome the COVID-19 challenge, the healthcare industry strives to establish processes and procedures that prevent or reduce exposure to this population. Digisonics

Digisonics and Epsilon Imaging Collaborate to Provide EchoInsight® Strain Imagi …

Epsilon Imaging, Inc., a visualization and analysis software provider transforming cardiac diagnostic workflow, and Digisonics, a leading provider of enterprise clinical image management and structured reporting systems, today announced a partnership to offer EchoInsight visualization and analysis with strain imaging as an integrated option available for DigiView Enterprise Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) customers. This integration enables clinicians to gain quick and easy access to EchoInsight strain imaging with automated cardiac

USF Health Expands Digisonics System With Vascular Reporting

USF Health in Tampa, Fla., has enhanced their use of the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System to include vascular reporting for improved workflow automation and efficiency. The Digisonics vascular reporting module, which is compliant with IAC standards and guidelines, will enable the Vascular Surgery Department to quickly document velocities, flow, pressures, clinical indications, findings and general conclusions. Seamless integration with the facility’s doppler ultrasound systems will automate transmission of patient information

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center Expands Digisonics Solution for Radiolo …

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center Expands Digisonics Solution for Radiology Reporting HOUSTON (August 19, 2019) – Digisonics continues its expansion into Radiology reporting with its Radiology Reporting Suite and integration with Powerscribe360 to automate the reporting workflow by partnering with Western Maryland Regional Medical Center in Cumberland, Md. The Digisonics system provides improved consistency for OB/GYN, Vascular and General ultrasound reports and interfaces seamlessly with incumbent imaging modalities, PACS and EMR.

Digisonics Nets New OB Ultrasound Solution Expansions

Advocate Aurora Health in Oak Lawn, Ill., University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah and Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Ore. have all expanded their enterprise Digisonics OB ultrasound reporting systems for maximized workflow efficiency. Advocate Aurora Health has implemented the Digisonics OB PACS and Structured Reporting System at a new facility, Southwest Obstetrics and Gynecology. An automated workflow with measurements autopopulating into the Digisonics structured OB

Digisonics Receives ASE Certification for the ImageGuideEcho Registry

The American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) is pleased to announce that Digisonics has received Certification as a Software Reporting Vendor for the ImageGuideEchoTM Registry. Practitioners utilizing the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System, DigiView, will be able to seamlessly transmit real-time data to the ImageGuideEcho Registry and thereby avoid manual data entry and workflow modification. “Seamless data submission through Certified Software Reporting Vendors is critical to the success of the ImageGuideEcho Registry,” says

Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center Implements Digisonics PACS and Structured …

Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center, a primary care clinic dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all eligible American Indians and Alaska Natives in the Warm Springs Service Unit Area of Oregon, has selected the Digisonics OB PACS and Structured Reporting Solution for their facility. In partnership with providers from Oregon Health and Science University, Warm Springs is now able to offer onsite state-of-the-art, obstetrical care services to their community.

Digisonics showcases enterprise PACS and structured reporting solutions at SMFM …

Digisonics (Booth #332) will exhibit its latest enhancements to streamline MFM workflows and standardize care across the enterprise at this year’s Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Annual Pregnancy Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Digisonics enterprise solutions with modules for all study types including OB/GYN, Radiology and Cardiology, connect multi-site, multi-department facilities into a single platform, standardizing reporting across the network for improved consistency and accuracy. A new fetal echo reporting module provides

Digisonics showcases radiology reporting workflow solutions at RSNA 2018

Digisonics, a leading provider of clinical image management and structured reporting systems for over 40 years, will showcase their solutions to streamline radiology reporting workflows, including integration with PowerScribe 360, in booth #6020 at this year's annual RSNA Conference in Chicago, Ill. The Digisonics solution transforms the radiology workflow into a streamlined, fully automated electronic process from data capture during the imaging exam to the fast creation of a structured

Carilion Clinic Enhances Radiology Reporting with Digisonics

Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va. will deploy Digisonics clinical reporting solutions to a new facility, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center for both OB and General Ultrasound studies. Interoperability between Digisonics and the facility’s Philips ultrasound machines will improve overall reporting accuracy and decrease turnaround times. As a result of implementing the Digisonics clinical reporting solution with seamless integration to imaging systems, Carilion Clinic standardizes its reporting quality across

SSM Health Expands Use of Digisonics Structured Reporting Solution for Maternal …

HOUSTON (August 27, 2018) – SSM Health in St. Louis, Mo. has implemented Digisonics OB ultrasound clinical reporting solution at the Perinatal Center at St. Luke’s Hospital. The facility will leverage the Digisonics solution to deliver the best quality maternal fetal medicine care, automating workflows for improved efficiency and eliminating manual procedures. Seamless integration with the facility’s GE Voluson ultrasound machines will autopopulate patient demographics and measurements directly into the

Digisonics Showcases New Functionality at ASE 2018 for Data Driven Decisions

Digisonics (Booth #314) will exhibit its latest functionality for data driven decisions at the American Society of Echocardiography 29th Annual Scientific Sessions in Nashville, Tenn. Single click access to patient data in EMRs, PACS and VNAs combined with immediate graphics and plots of a patient measurements over time, all at a Digisonics workstation, provides cardiologists the data they need to make critical decisions in a limited amount of time. Required

Digisonics CEO honored with Rice University 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award

Digisonics, a top-rated PACS and structured reporting system provider, is proud to announce that its CEO, Diana McSherry, PhD, is a 2018 recipient of the Rice University Distinguished Alumni Award. The Laureates Awards Program was created by the Association of Rice Alumni in 1937 to recognize highly distinguished individuals for extraordinary achievements and contributions to their professions, local communities and Rice University. The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni

Hospital Sisters Health System Adds Seamless Integration Between Digisonics CVIS …

HOUSTON (January 9, 2018) – Hospital Sisters Health System in Springfield, Ill. has updated their Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System with HL7 interfaces to Epic EMR, creating a seamless, bi-directional workflow for improved efficiency and turnaround times. HSHS will also implement Digisonics’ latest product, HL7 Base64 Export. This added interface leverages the industry standard Base64 format for an added level of security. An encrypted PDF copy of the finalized multi-media

Bay Area Hospital Adds Digisonics for OB/GYN Structured Reporting

Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Ore. has selected the Digisonics structured reporting solution for their OB/GYN ultrasound studies. The facility will enjoy interoperability between its Siemens Plaza PACS and Digisonics. Users can launch Digisonics directly from the PACS workstation, allowing them to quickly review patient images while simultaneously creating the clinical report in Digisonics. The interface allows the clinician to complete all work from a single workstation with direct

Cardiac MR added to Digisonics Congenital Cardiology Solution with Medis Plug-in

Digisonics and Medis have partnered to provide a comprehensive single system solution that adds cardiac MR to Digisonics congenital Echo and Cath system. The industry leading QMass and QFlow applications from Medis will help solidify Digisonics as the only congenital cardiology specializing in structured reporting and image management for Echo, Cath and Cardiac MR. About Digisonics, Inc. Digisonics provides top-rated clinical image management and structured reporting systems for cardiovascular (CVIS), radiology, and

Medpace Implements Digisonics Solution for Cardiovascular Research

Medpace, a clinical research lab in Cincinnati, has implemented the Digisonics CVIS system for their latest cardiovascular research study. Digisonics provides Medpace’s researchers with unparalleled capabilities for image review and quantitation with over 1,100 preset measurements and an unlimited number of user defined fields as well as the ability to quickly document their findings in a comprehensive report. An additional remote reading application, DigiNet Pro, provides Medpace’s multiple users

New London Hospital Expands Digisonics System with Radiology Reporting

New London Hospital in New London, N.H. has implemented Digisonics structured reporting system for their Radiology department. Users can now quickly create structured reports, which the referring physicians greatly prefer, for both OB Ultrasound and General Ultrasound studies performed at New London Hospital and Newport Health Center. Interfaces to their GE ultrasound machines automatically transmit patient demographics and measurements directly into the Digisonics report, improving overall reporting accuracy and streamlining the

Medical Metrics Taps Digisonics Cardiovascular Information Systems for Clinical …

Medical Metrics, an experienced core laboratory for multi-center clinical trials, has implemented the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System for cardiology research. Digisonics provides cardiologists with remote functionality via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Digisonics’ latest platform validated for secured access to cardiology images. The DigiView system leverages unparalleled image analysis and quantitation capabilities, empowering Medical Metrics to provide their clients with high-quality image analytics. Jesse Bowden, Chief Operations Officer at Medical

HCA and Digisonics Validate HL7 Interface for The Woman’s Hospital of Texas

Digisonics, a leading provider of image management and structured reporting solutions, has collaborated with HCA and The Woman’s Hospital of Texas to validate and implement an HL7 interface to their Meditech EMR, enhancing workflow with an electronic transfer of data. The Digisonics HL7 Interface improved a lengthy process requiring HCA employees to manually copy and paste the finalized patient reports to the EMR. After implementing the Digisonics interface, report turnaround

East Coast Pediatric Practice Enhances Digisonics System for Interoperability wi …

HOUSTON (June 28, 2017) – Pediatric Cardiology Associates in Syracuse, N.Y., streamlined their Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System by adding HL7 interfaces directly to their Allscripts EMR. Additionally, they added DICOM Modality Worklist to autopopulate the facility’s imaging devices with a list of scheduled studies for workflow automation and improved accuracy by eliminating manual entry of patient data. “We have used Digisonics for pediatric cardiology for more than 15 years.

Digisonics Achieves High Satisfaction Rate for Customer Support

Digisonics, a leading provider of PACS and Structured Reporting Solutions in the fields of Cardiology, OB/GYN and Radiology, has achieved an overall customer satisfaction rate of 93% for its support services since the beginning of this year. This number is a strong contributor to Digisonics’ overall customer retention rate which has held steady at an annual average of 95% for the past five years. Recent comments from customers show they value

Digisonics Showcases New Enhancements for Streamlined Cardiovascular Workflows a …

Digisonics (Booth #421) will exhibit its latest functionality for Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS) at the American Society of Echocardiography 28th Annual Scientific Sessions in Baltimore, Md. Digisonics will showcase significant enhancements to streamline cardiovascular workflows including a new VDI platform which provides increased security, availability and remote reading access, greatly enhanced image transmission performance, billing automation with QC for quicker reimbursement with less denials and new interfaces to advanced imaging analysis

Digisonics Customers Enhance OB Ultrasound Reporting Systems for Streamlined Pro …

Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon, Mich., and Advocate Health Care in Oak Lawn, Ill. updated their Digisonics OB ultrasound reporting systems to maximize workflow efficiency. Mercy Health Partners expanded their Digisonics system with additional user licenses for access to comprehensive fetal growth analysis and OB ultrasound structured reporting. The update will also see users enjoy the latest Digisonics software release OB 4.8, which introduces significant new enhancements for a streamlined workflow

MedStar Harbor Hospital Adds Digisonics Gateway Monitor 2.0 for Maximized System …

MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, Md., has implemented the Digisonics Gateway Monitor 2.0, a proactive monitoring application for automated management of critical interface applications, ensuring clinical data flows achieve 99.99% uptime in their busy OB/GYN Department. Gateway Monitor 2.0 can automatically re-launch applications, send email notifications and text messages if errors occur to selected contacts and report on disk space and SQL server health. With Gateway Monitor 2.0, facilities streamline their

Digisonics Shows Compatibility with Dragon Medical One for Structured Reporting

Digisonics streamlines the structured reporting workflow by offering physicians and clinicians the best of both reporting techniques, a structured reporting system that enhances and standardizes data collection, quality initiatives, metrics compliance, and AUC criteria, combined with very best cloud-based voice recognition solution. Nuance, a leader in clinical voice dictation software, has introduced their cloud-based release of Dragon Medical One, which includes a simple interface on the computer desktop for speech input

Garrett Regional Medical Center Streamlines Ultrasound Reporting Workflow with D …

Garrett Regional Medical Center in Oakland, Md., has selected the Digisonics solution to create a streamlined structured reporting workflow for the facility’s OB/GYN, Vascular, Echo and General Ultrasound patient studies. DigiSync, a seamless interface with the facility’s PACS, will provide clinicians with the efficiency of launching Digisonics structured reporting software directly from the PACS workstation. Users will have the convenience of reviewing images in the Merge PACS system while simultaneously editing

Memorial Healthcare System Adds Digisonics HL7 Discrete Data Export for Interope …

Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Fla., purchased the Digisonics HL7 Discrete Data Export interface for their Pediatric Echo and OB/GYN structured reports, adding enhanced integration with their Epic EMR. The discrete data elements provide interoperability at a database level for a streamlined workflow. About Digisonics, Inc. Digisonics provides top-rated clinical image management and structured reporting systems for cardiovascular (CVIS), radiology, and obstetrics & gynecology. Digisonics structured reporting solutions combine high performance

Digisonics Launches OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting System Release 4.8 for …

Digisonics is pleased to announce the release of OB 4.8 for its OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting System. The Digisonics system is standards-based and vendor-neutral, combining image review, structured reporting, an integrated clinical database and powerful PACS image archive into one complete solution for OB/GYN studies. The OB 4.8 release introduces new functionality in all areas of the OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting System to improve the ease of exam

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