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24.01.19 - Digisonics

Digisonics showcases enterprise PACS and structured reporting solutions at SMFM 2019

Digisonics (Booth #332) will exhibit its latest enhancements to streamline MFM workflows and standardize care across the enterprise at this year’s Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Annual Pregnanc... mehr

09.11.18 - Digisonics

Digisonics showcases radiology reporting workflow solutions at RSNA 2018

Digisonics, a leading provider of clinical image management and structured reporting systems for over 40 years, will showcase their solutions to streamline radiology reporting workflows, including int... mehr

01.11.18 - Digisonics

Carilion Clinic Enhances Radiology Reporting with Digisonics

Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va. will deploy Digisonics clinical reporting solutions to a new facility, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center for both OB and General Ultrasound studies. Interoperab... mehr

27.08.18 - Digisonics

SSM Health Expands Use of Digisonics Structured Reporting Solution for Maternal Fetal Medicine

HOUSTON (August 27, 2018) – SSM Health in St. Louis, Mo. has implemented Digisonics OB ultrasound clinical reporting solution at the Perinatal Center at St. Luke’s Hospital. The facility will leve... mehr

20.06.18 - Digisonics

Digisonics Showcases New Functionality at ASE 2018 for Data Driven Decisions

Digisonics (Booth #314) will exhibit its latest functionality for data driven decisions at the American Society of Echocardiography 29th Annual Scientific Sessions in Nashville, Tenn. Single click ac... mehr

22.05.18 - Digisonics

Digisonics CEO honored with Rice University 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award

Digisonics, a top-rated PACS and structured reporting system provider, is proud to announce that its CEO, Diana McSherry, PhD, is a 2018 recipient of the Rice University Distinguished Alumni Award. T... mehr

10.01.18 - Digisonics

Hospital Sisters Health System Adds Seamless Integration Between Digisonics CVIS and Epic EMR

HOUSTON (January 9, 2018) – Hospital Sisters Health System in Springfield, Ill. has updated their Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System with HL7 interfaces to Epic EMR, creating a seamless, b... mehr

30.11.17 - Digisonics

Bay Area Hospital Adds Digisonics for OB/GYN Structured Reporting

Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Ore. has selected the Digisonics structured reporting solution for their OB/GYN ultrasound studies. The facility will enjoy interoperability between its Siemens Plaza ... mehr

17.11.17 - Digisonics

Cardiac MR added to Digisonics Congenital Cardiology Solution with Medis Plug-in

Digisonics and Medis have partnered to provide a comprehensive single system solution that adds cardiac MR to Digisonics congenital Echo and Cath system. The industry leading QMass and QFlow applica... mehr

26.10.17 - Digisonics

Medpace Implements Digisonics Solution for Cardiovascular Research

Medpace, a clinical research lab in Cincinnati, has implemented the Digisonics CVIS system for their latest cardiovascular research study. Digisonics provides Medpace’s researchers with unparalle... mehr

18.10.17 - Digisonics

New London Hospital Expands Digisonics System with Radiology Reporting

New London Hospital in New London, N.H. has implemented Digisonics structured reporting system for their Radiology department. Users can now quickly create structured reports, which the referring phys... mehr

26.09.17 - Digisonics

Medical Metrics Taps Digisonics Cardiovascular Information Systems for Clinical Trials

Medical Metrics, an experienced core laboratory for multi-center clinical trials, has implemented the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System for cardiology research. Digisonics provides cardiol... mehr

27.07.17 - Digisonics

HCA and Digisonics Validate HL7 Interface for The Woman’s Hospital of Texas

Digisonics, a leading provider of image management and structured reporting solutions, has collaborated with HCA and The Woman’s Hospital of Texas to validate and implement an HL7 interface to their... mehr

29.06.17 - Digisonics

East Coast Pediatric Practice Enhances Digisonics System for Interoperability with 3rd Party Systems

HOUSTON (June 28, 2017) – Pediatric Cardiology Associates in Syracuse, N.Y., streamlined their Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System by adding HL7 interfaces directly to their Allscripts EMR.... mehr

12.06.17 - Digisonics

Digisonics Achieves High Satisfaction Rate for Customer Support

Digisonics, a leading provider of PACS and Structured Reporting Solutions in the fields of Cardiology, OB/GYN and Radiology, has achieved an overall customer satisfaction rate of 93% for its support s... mehr

31.05.17 - Digisonics

Digisonics Showcases New Enhancements for Streamlined Cardiovascular Workflows at ASE 2017

Digisonics (Booth #421) will exhibit its latest functionality for Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS) at the American Society of Echocardiography 28th Annual Scientific Sessions in Baltimore, Md... mehr

24.05.17 - Digisonics

Digisonics Customers Enhance OB Ultrasound Reporting Systems for Streamlined Productivity

Mercy Health Partners in Muskegon, Mich., and Advocate Health Care in Oak Lawn, Ill. updated their Digisonics OB ultrasound reporting systems to maximize workflow efficiency. Mercy Health Partners ex... mehr

03.05.17 - Digisonics

MedStar Harbor Hospital Adds Digisonics Gateway Monitor 2.0 for Maximized System Uptime

MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, Md., has implemented the Digisonics Gateway Monitor 2.0, a proactive monitoring application for automated management of critical interface applications, ensuring ... mehr

21.03.17 - Digisonics

Digisonics Shows Compatibility with Dragon Medical One for Structured Reporting

Digisonics streamlines the structured reporting workflow by offering physicians and clinicians the best of both reporting techniques, a structured reporting system that enhances and standardizes data ... mehr

21.02.17 - Digisonics

Garrett Regional Medical Center Streamlines Ultrasound Reporting Workflow with Digisonics

Garrett Regional Medical Center in Oakland, Md., has selected the Digisonics solution to create a streamlined structured reporting workflow for the facility’s OB/GYN, Vascular, Echo and General Ultr... mehr

07.02.17 - Digisonics

Memorial Healthcare System Adds Digisonics HL7 Discrete Data Export for Interoperability with EMR

Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Fla., purchased the Digisonics HL7 Discrete Data Export interface for their Pediatric Echo and OB/GYN structured reports, adding enhanced integration with thei... mehr

25.10.16 - Digisonics

Digisonics Launches OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting System Release 4.8 for Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Digisonics is pleased to announce the release of OB 4.8 for its OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting System. The Digisonics system is standards-based and vendor-neutral, combining image review, struc... mehr

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