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Bodybuilding Forum Creates Powerful Online Community

Beverly Hills, California - March 18, 2006 Technology has greatly increased the ability for bodybuilders to learn results generating tips, tricks, and strategies at lightening speed. Enthusiastic bodybuilders are eager to find out what works, what doesn't, and why, so they can apply similar principles to their own training programs. The best way to do this is by creating a community of thousands of highly motivated bodybuilders where they all can

Natural Bodybuilding Online Secret Weapon Delivers Muscle Building Intelligence

"Natural Bodybuilders seeking results can close the gap between steroid induced bodybuilders by training more intelligently," says Beverly Hills Exercise Physiologist Jim O'Connor. A typical natural bodybuilder makes a decision, early on, that steroids are not going to be in the cards. They make a wise decision to do it naturally. Therefore, instead of gaining an extra advantage by popping pills, and injecting needles, natural bodybuilders need to rely on

Home Gym Saves Home Gym Shoppers From Making Costly Mistakes

Beverly Hills, California - The home fitness consumers days of being mislead, taken advantage of, and having home gym equipment collect dust in the corner are finally over as Beverly Hills Trainer, Jim O'Connor, fights back against the dishonest home gym sales industry by revealing his never told 8 Most Costly Home Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid. The mistakes he shares in his FREE, special report, 16 page PDF

Online Fitness Magazine Subscription Delivers The Truth Using TV, Radio, and Pri …

Beverly Hills, California - December 16, 2005 - Frustrated, often mislead, health and fitness enthusiasts are fighting back. With all the different health, fitness and nutrition theories that seem to confuse eager participants, many, instead of throwing their arms up in frustration, are now shattering their fitness goals like never before. The difference, according to fitness consumers, is the help and guidance from their trusted, online multimedia health and fitness

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