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31.03.17 - Imanova

The power of combining DREADD and PET imaging technologies to be presented for the first time at BrainPET Berlin 2017

DREADD (Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs) technology is an exciting chemogenetic tool allowing the hijacking of neurons by a molecular switch to remotely activate or silence ... mehr

23.02.17 - Imanova

Further Growth in Imanova’s Preclinical Biology Offering

Imanova is pleased to announce further expansion of its preclinical team, with the addition of new roles in both Chemistry and Biology. These new roles bring additional capacity and a broadening of ca... mehr

23.08.16 - Imanova

Imanova plays central role in world’s most in-depth study to detect Alzheimer’s and identify early signs of the disease

London, August 2016: A new multimillion-pound study, which will see the most thorough and rigorous series of tests to detect Alzheimer’s disease ever performed on volunteers, is announced today. Th... mehr

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