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wolfSSL Announces Qt Framework Support/Integration

wolfSSL, a leading provider of TLS cryptography and the world’s first commercial release of TLS 1.3 announces support for the Qt Framework. Qt is a GUI development framework that traditionally uses OpenSSL in its network layer for security. wolfSSL has expanded its OpenSSL compatibility layer to compile Qt with wolfSSL instead of OpenSSL. There are several reasons that users switch from OpenSSL to wolfSSL, including memory usage, portability, algorithm support,

Implement Security by Design with an Embedded SSL Library

Software and hardware developers are under constant pressure to make their technologies secure by design, rather than only thinking about security as something that gets tacked on later after everything else is complete. Some of the most vulnerable devices end up being embedded systems, such as IoT smart devices, which often have a single purpose but still handle sensitive data. As such, TLS security is something that every device that

wolfSSL 3.13.0 is now available for download!

wolfSSL 3.13.0 includes bug fixes and new features, including support for TLS 1.3 Draft 21, performance and footprint optimizations, build fixes, updated examples and project files, one vulnerability fix. Continue reading below for a summary of the features and fixes included in this release! Protocol Changes: Fixes for TLS 1.3, support for Draft 21 TLS 1.0 disabled by default, addition of "-enable-tls10" configure option Performance and Size Optimizations: New option to reduce SHA-256 code size

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