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RDH Global Increase Growth Forecasts For 2017

RDH Global have recently announced that their forecasted growth for 2017 has been increased following their record third quarter results and their recent fourth office location opening. Their forecast for growth has been increased by a further 14% from figures previously released several months ago. “Following on from our record third quarter figures and our fourth office location opening for business recently, we have decided that we should set the bar even

RDH Global Confirm New Office Location Opening Ahead Of Forecast

RDH Global have announced that their 4th office location is now opened and operational ahead of its originally scheduled date. Their new office location is in the Cayman Islands and was located specifically to further the company’s operational base in to Central and North America. “It is with immense pleasure that I am able to confirm that our 4th office location in the Cayman Islands is now fully operational. After several

RDH Global Set to Appoint Director of Operations to Assist Expansion

RDH Global have recently announced that they are set to appoint a Director of Operations to assist and over-see their business expansion. This new appointment will enable the current senior partners to continue with their focus on the day-to-day running of the business, while the expansion plans are over-seen by a dedicated senior employee who will report directly back to them. “We believe that the expansion of our business is crucial in

RDH Global Confirm Q3 Figures Beat Targets – Best on Record

RDH Global have recently confirmed that their Q3 figures have beaten their targets that were set at the end of Q2. RDH Global can also confirm that these Q3 figures are the best ever recorded by the firm, beating their previously best posted figures by more than 11%. “We always knew that Q3 figures were going to be very positive but we are all somewhat surprised at how good they actually were.

RDH Global Confirm Intentions to Open Fourth Office Location in Early 2017

RDH Global have recently confirmed that they intend to open their fourth office location as early as the first quarter of 2017. This had long been rumored to be happening but the firm confirmed their intentions at their head office in Brussels last week. “Currently we have a very well planned structure in place for our expansion plans in 2017 and we believe that a fourth office location would enable these plans

RDH Global to Appoint Specialist Consultancy Firm to Assist Their Expansion

RDH Global have recently announced that they are close to appointing a specialist consultancy firm to assist with their growth and expansion plans for 2017. The consultancy firm has yet to be confirmed but it is believed that an announcement will be made soon regarding the firm chosen to over-see the project. “For some time now, we have been in discussions with several internationally recognized consultancy firms who we believe have the

RDH Global Confirm Q3 Figures Have Surpassed Target

RDH Global have announced that their third quarter figures have already surpassed their previously set targets for the period. The combination of their 3 offices quarterly performances has already achieved greater figures than those that the company forecast at the end of June. “Despite there still being 2 weeks remaining before the end of the quarter, our figures are already some 6% ahead of where we forecast them to be only 3

RDH Global To Announce New Account Facility

RDH Global have announced that they will soon be adding a new account facility that they will be able to offer certain clients only. The new facility is to be an ‘advisory only’ one that is primarily targeted towards not only their own corporate and institutional client base but also to other brokerages, who will then use RDH Global’s renowned and respected advice to enable them to then place their own

RDH Global Create New Client Account Sector for High Net Worth Clients

RDH Global have recently announced that they have now created a new client account sector specifically aimed at their high net worth clients. This new account sector has been added to the 3 account sectors that were already operational, namely, retail client, corporate client and institutional client sectors. The introduction of this new sector will allow the company to offer specific opportunities and facilities to certain retail clients that were previously

RDH Global Improves Client Care Program with Newly Appointed Operations Manager

RDH Global are set to improve their client care program even further after the successful appointment of Daniel Muggeridge, who has recently been appointed as the firm’s Operations Manager. The announcement was made last week and Daniel is set to start with RDH Global on Monday September 20th. Daniel will be primarily based at the firm’s head office in Brussels but will spend time at the Hong Kong and Dubai offices

RDH Global Confirm Discussions for Acquisition

RDH Global’s head office in Brussels, Belgium have confirmed that they are in in discussions for an acquisition of a ‘well-respected company’ with specific details currently being classified and of a private nature. The acquisition, if successful, will be the first such transaction and will cement RDH Global’s expansion plans for 2017. “I can confirm that we are currently in discussions with a well-respected company, who operate in the same arena

RDH Global Update Client Account Account Log In Facilities To New Security Platf …

RDH Global update their client online account facilities to a new and improved security platform to facilitate the recent growth in RDH Global’s client base. “Our client online account facility is an integral part of the service that we offer and it is critically important to both ourselves and our clients that this facility performs as required at all times. The update was successfully completed last week and will result in

RDH Global’s Latest Client Satisfaction Survey Exceeds Expectations

RDH Global have recently compiled their latest client satisfaction survey results and are pleased to announce that they far exceeded the company’s expectations and showed an even further increase in client satisfaction than the previous survey held 6 months ago. “We believe in offering the highest level of client care available and we rely entirely on our clients’ impartial and anonymous responses to our randomly held surveys, with randomly chosen clients.

RDH Global Set To Introduce Key Internal Management Structures

Revised structures will assist with RDH Global’s expansion plans and ensure that the company’s management are correctly positioned to fulfill the expansion planned. “For some time now we have been planning for 2017’s expansion and as a result we are all now focused on achieving the goals set. Our upper and senior management have all been given enormous responsibility to ensure our planned growth is achieved and we feel that a

RDH Global Set To Appoint New Chief Financial Officer For Asia-Pacific Region

RDH Global will soon be appointing a new Chief Financial Officer for the Asia-Pacific region as a result of achieving greater than expected growth in the region. “We are delighted to announce that due to an unprecedented increase in business in our Hong Kong office, it is now necessary to appoint a CFO specifically for that region. We are getting very close to making the appointment from a short-list of candidates,

RDH Global Set To Increase Facilities To Their Client Advisory Services

RDH Global are to increase their facilities to their client care advisory services by adding more team members to the client support team. These additions will take effect immediately and will apply to all their offices. “We are currently undergoing an enormous upturn and surge in business and to keep up with our clients' needs and to ensure we continue to service their requirements fully, we have found it necessary

RDH Global To Update Their Internal Operating Platforms Before Year End

RDH Global have announced they will be updating and increasing their internal operating platforms and facilities and that tenders have already been sent out to several companies who are able to assist with their plans. “We see technology as our ‘tools of the trade’ and any extra advantage that we can gain by being at the forefront of it is important to us,” said Victor Hermans , Chief Administration Officer of

RDH Global Announce Acquisitions Are Key To Expansion Plans For 2017

RDH Global have recently announced that acquisitions may now be considered as key to their expansion plans for 2017. “Maintaining our organic growth is very important to us but we also believe in maximizing our potential growth at the same time’” said Reuben Rosenthal, RDH Global’s CEO. “We see enormous potential for growth, in not only the markets and locations that we are currently serving, but in others that we have yet

RDH Global Endorse Electronic Goods Donation And Recycling Support

RDH Global have recently added further endorsement to their support for donating and responsibly recycling old, broken or unused electronic goods. RDH Global’s staff have for several years already been donating their old or unused mobile phones and tablet devices but the company have recently expanded this service to include computers, laptops and other recyclable electronics, such as microwaves and televisions, etc. “Our e-waste recycling program has become an important part of

RDH Global To Initiate ‘Commitment To Excellence Program’

RDH Global have recently announced that they are soon to initiate their own internal 'Commitment To Excellence’ (CTE) program. This program will be entered in to by all staff, in all departments and at every level with the aim of ensuring that the current client care program is not only maintained but improved, affording all clients a greater level of service than they currently enjoy. “We are always very focused towards ensuring

RDH Global Announce 2017 Expansion Plans

RDH Global has announced their expansion plans for 2017 after posting a much larger than expected increase to their Q3 figures. “2017 has always been looked upon as a year for us to not only consolidate our market position but expand upon it too and with a successful last quarter behind us, we feel the time is now right to plan this expansion,” said Reuben Rosenthal, CEO. “We are looking to increase

RDH Global Announce Increase In Q3 Performance, Beating Targets Set

RDH Global have released their Q3 figures which show an increase of nearly 22% from the same quarter last year, which has exceeded their own target set, which was at 15%. “Q3 was very good for us,” said Reuben Rosenthal, RDH Global’s CEO. “After a very promising Q2, we increased our expectations for Q3 for a year-on-year increase from 12% to 15%. We are somewhat surprised at the growth of our

RDH Global Revise Predictions For Remainder Of 2016

RDH Global have revised their price predictions for several markets for the remainder of 2016, due to the change in many fundamentals that have a direct impact on pricing. “With the continued uncertainty in many markets and volatility in currencies, we have increased our forecast for gold by $70 and now expect the metal to reach at least $1,450 an ounce by year end,” said Theo Vermeulen of RDH Global, Belgium. “Furthermore,

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