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Power Line Communication Market to Present Highly Lucrative Opportunities for Ma …

Power Line Communication (PLC) is an emerging communication technology which enables data exchange over existing power cables. It uses power grids to communicate between two end-points. PLC technology allow users to control or retrieve data in a half-duplex manner. Furthermore, in this communication method, sender modulates the data, and injects in power cables which can be retrieved by de-modulation at the receiving end. PLC technology is widely used for home

Wood Coatings Market - Roof coatings to Register High Demand | 2025

The global wood coatings market is choc-o-bloc with players and this has served to intensify the competition over the years. Product differentiation is a key tool leveraged by players to steal a march over their competitors. Key factors promoting growth in the market are the soaring construction activities across the globe and the increasing spending capacity of people which has stoked sales of furniture. Another factor catalyzing growth in the global

Welding Materials Market - Thriving Growth In Industrial Application Segments By …

The global welding materials market is growing on account of the thriving growth of application segments such as transportation, building and construction, marine, and automobiles. The growing urbanization in developing nations will drive the growth of this market. The increasing infrastructure development in Asia Pacific will also fuel the growth of the welding materials market. The technological advancements in the automobile industry will also aid the growth of this market.

Intumescent Coatings Market Demand for Improved Fire Safety to Fuel Growth By 20 …

The global intumescent coatings market has remained moderately concentrated as nearly 45% of its overall share was held by three enterprises in 2015. These companies were Sherwin-Williams Co., PPG Industries Inc., and Nobel N.V., finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new study. These companies, besides other prominent market players are continuously making efforts to expand their regional footprint by establishing new manufacturing units. While expanding operations across emerging nations has

Rheology Modifiers Market: Paints and Coatings Surges Demand with Need to Change …

The global rheology modifiers market has been predicted in a market intelligence publication penned by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to hold a significantly fragmented nature. Across major regional markets, industry players could encounter a heavy opposition from other players during the course of the forecast period 2016 - 2024. This has been anticipated to be on account of a high degree of competition in the market. The cost of switching

Fuel Additives Market - Emerging Technologies & Market Trends By 2024

As per the findings of a recent report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global fuel additives market is moderately consolidated in nature, with top three companies reserving 28.5% of the global shares in 2014. These three companies were Afton Chemical Corporation, The Lubrizol Corporation, and Innospec. Some of the other key vendors operating in the fuel additives market identified by the report are BASF, Clariant, Chevron Oronite, Infineum, and

Iron Oxide Pigments Market: Extensive Use in Concrete Building Materials to Cata …

The extensive demand for pigments for a variety of coloring applications in the construction and paints and coatings industries is driving the growth of the iron oxide pigments market. The rapid growth of the building and construction industry in several developing nations is expected to pave way for the constant evolution of the market. In a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), titled “Iron Oxide Pigments Market - Global

Advanced Materials Market - Global Industry Analysis and Shares By 2024

Advanced materials are known to have superior qualities as compared to traditional materials. Thus, they are used in varied applications. These materials are known to deliver excellent performance due to their exceptional strength and high endurance to tolerate fatigue. The research report states that the global advanced materials market is expected to be worth US$102.48 bn by 2024 as against US$42.76 bn in 2015. Between the years of 2016 and

Precipitated Silica Market - Rubber Industrial Applications Witness Fastest Grow …

The rising demand for energy efficient products in the automotive industry has resulted in the rapid growth of the global precipitated silica market. Due to deteriorating air quality, automobile manufacturers are focusing on alternatives that will help in reducing emission from vehicles. Tires filled with precipitated silica enable swift vehicle movement with less fuel consumption. The growing toothpaste industry is also a major driver of the global precipitated silica market

Polyolesters for Bio-based Lubricants and Lubricant Additives Market Trends and …

Polyolester lubricants (POE) are oils that possess the ability to operate at a wide temperature range (-75 F to 600 F). These lubricants demonstrate various properties such as low volatility, good oxidative stability, and high solvency and dispersibility. This makes POE suitable for usage in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the inclusion of bio-based raw materials makes these lubricants less harmful environmentally vis-à-vis the existing synthetic lubricants. The wide

Road Marking Materials Market - Industrial Applications Witness Fastest Growth B …

Road marking materials provide visible signs on streets, motorways, curbs, berms, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, and airfields. They are typically classified into two types: performance-based and paint-based markings. Performance-based markings are further divided into the following categories: thermoplastics and cold plastics. Paint-based markings include solvent-based, water-based, epoxy, and polyurethane-based paints. Paint-based markings are estimated to be a key segment of the global road marking materials market during the forecast period. The

Concrete Floor Coatings Market - Canada Industry Analysis By 2025

Concrete floor coating is the covering applied to cured concrete in order to make the surface last longer. These coatings offer corrosion resistance property. Advantages of using concrete floor coatings include esthetic look, durability, ease of maintenance, ability to be customized, long term cost savings, health benefits and low installation cost. Increase in the number of construction projects and rise in demand for green technology are expected to fuel the

Waterproofing Chemicals Market - Global Industry Analysis and Research By 2024

With the robust growth of the construction industry, the global market for waterproofing chemicals has gain substantial impetus across the world. Waterproofing chemicals are used for several purposes, such as, the protection of the buildings from seepage and leakage caused by water and moisture. The upswing in industrialization and the rise in urbanization have stimulated the demand for these chemicals considerably, which is likely to remain strong across the world

Sodium Bromide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Research By 2024

The growing population along with increasing disposal income and increasing purchase parity is expected to drive the pharmaceutical industry, which will eventually boost the demand for sodium bromide. The application of sodium bromide is found in various industries such as oil and gas wells, industrial wastewater treatment, and in pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Sodium bromide is widely used to control bacteria, algal slimes, and fungal in municipal wastewater and industrial

Borophene Market - Adopting Aggressive Marketing Tactics and Strategy By 2025

Borophene is a sheet of boron with a structure similar to graphene. Borophene is considered a better conductor of electricity, compared to graphene due to its strong anisotropic structure. Borophene is an unusual material as it shows many metallic properties at the nanoscale. Key properties of borophene include low density, high strength, and high levels of flexibility. Due to the unique properties it possesses, borophene is expected to have applications

Polyester Staple Fiber Market: Growing Application in Textile and Automotive Ind …

The global polyester staple fiber market features a high degree of fragmentation between suppliers and has a presence of a number of buyers seeking competent suppliers, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR). Some of the major companies operating in the market are Far Eastern New Century, Reliance Industries Limited, Sinopec Limited, Toray Industries, Inc., and Alpek. The market is also characterized by long gestation period and substantial capital investments required upfront

Tall Oil Fatty Acid Market - Expansion of Application Base to Offer Promising Gr …

Tall oil fatty acid is a byproduct obtained from the manufacturing process of paper and pulp. The increasing use of this product in several industries is estimated to stimulate the growth of the market in the next few years. Moreover, the increasing emphasis of players on the development of new and effective products is estimated to act as a major opportunity, which is likely to boost the demand for tall

Phosphorus Trichloride Market: Need to Increase Crop Yield Driving Demand | Rese …

According to the findings of a recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global phosphorus trichloride market exhibits a highly fragmented competitive landscape, wherein the four leading players managed only 28.42% of the market in 2015. The four leading players in the phosphorus trichloride market identified by the TMR report are Rhodia, Monsanto Co., Xuzhou JianPing Chemical Ltd., and Syngenta. These market leaders are expected hold their share of

Polishing Powders Market - Global Industry Analysis By 2020 | TMR

Polishing powders are a crucial requirement in the finishing of a wide range of products. They are vital in smoothing the etch marks and wear patterns caused by the manufacturing process and providing an aesthetic, smooth finish to the manufactured product. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic properties of the manufactured product, polishing powders can also be designed to impart other benefits such as durability and resistance to physical as well

Polyols and Polyurethane Market - Furniture and Interior Industry Drives up Dema …

Polymer products, polyols and polyurethane, find widespread applications across the world. Polyether polyols and polyester polyols are some of the commercially available polyol products. Coatings, flexible foam, adhesives and sealants, rigid foam, elastomers, etc. are some of the commercially available polyurethane products. Globally, the market for polyols and polyurethane has been receiving a major boost from the flourishing automotive, furniture and interiors, and construction industries globally. Soaring demand for furniture and

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market for Tanks & Pipes, Marine, Transport Research …

Unsaturated polyester resin is a chemical compound obtained by condensation of unsaturated acids, anhydrides, and polyols. Processing of these resins also involves the use of other raw materials such as initiators, stabilizers, surfactants, and fillers. Unsaturated polyester resins have good crosslinking properties and provide stability to the finished product. Furthermore, these resins have high tensile strength, good fatigue limits, and strong heat and chemical resistance. These resins are used in

Tallow Fatty Acids Market - Substantial Production of Tallow Feedstock | Researc …

A report by Transparency Market Research, forecasts the global tallow fatty acids market to rise at a lackluster 2.3% CAGR from 2014 to 2020. As per the report, expanding at this rate, the market will likely become worth US$2.74 bn by 2020-end from US$2.34 bn in 2013. Volume-wise, the market was worth 1,484.3 kilo tons in 2013. Use in Formulating Soaps and Detergents Propel Monounsaturated Fatty Acids Segment The different

Ceramic Frit Glass Market - Global Industry Analysis 2025 | Research Report

Ceramic frit glass is a glass product on which a certain amount of coating, which is composed of colored enamels, is applied in a controlled manner. This is followed by glass tempering and vitrification of the colored enamel on the glass surface. Frit is a form of ceramic composition that is merged in a fusing oven and quenched further to form a glass, which is further granulated. The pre-fusion is

Global Fatty Alcohols Market - Rising Demand for Personal Care Products in Asia …

Fatty alcohols are predominantly monohydric and linear aliphatic alcohols that can be obtained from natural or synthetic sources such as paraffin, olefins, oils, waxes, and fats. Fatty alcohols are also called long chain alcohols and are broadly classified into C15-C22, C11-14, C6-C10, and other based on the length of the carbon chain in their configuration. Fatty alcohols find diverse applications across many industries such as plasticizers, personal care, soaps, detergents,

Research Report Analysis on Wind Turbine Composite Materials Market By 2023

Growing concerns about greenhouse emissions have led to the increasing demand for clean and sustainable power sources. Wind energy is ideal for environment-friendly power generation. Lightweight composite materials help to harness wind energy with high efficiency. As a result, the demand for wind turbine composite materials is rising. The global wind industry is shifting toward larger turbines with longer blades, as larger blades are capable of producing higher amount of

Smart Materials Market - Rising Demand for Piezoelectric Devices to Drive Growth …

Smart materials can be included in the category of reactive materials that change their properties as a response to changes in external environment. Possessing multiple physico-chemical properties that enable these materials to change as per the external stimuli, smart materials have the capacity to adapt to the changed environment via alteration of their properties. Smart materials undergo changes when in contact with elements such as temperature, magnetic or electric field,

Wax Market - Global Industrial Applications Witness Fastest Growth up to 2020

Waxes are organic compounds primarily comprising long and linear alkyl chains. These alkyl chains are characterized by specific crystal structure. Crystal structure of wax can be altered by adding branching to the linear alkyl chain. Change in crystal structure alters physical properties of the wax. This offers flexibility to wax manufacturers and wax blenders to customize wax products according to end-user requirements. Wax is generally malleable at room temperature; upon

Butane Gas Cartridges Market Growth Significantly In Upcoming Years | Research A …

Aspire Industries and Tae Yang Corporation were the leading names in the global butane gas cartridges market in 2015, Transparency Market Research (TMR) says in a recent market study. The strong product portfolio of both these companies is playing a crucial role in serving the demand of key regions thus having a strong grasp over these regions. Nevertheless, these companies are showing promising growth across the globe. Despite an intensive competitive

Magneto Rheological Fluids Market - Global Industry Analysis 2017 - 2025

Magneto rheological fluids, more commonly known as MR fluids, are non – Newtonian smart fluids which have the ability to change their apparent viscosity when subjected to a magnetic field. These fluids have a large range of apparent viscosity, and can also turn into viscoelastic solids. The strength of the subjected magnetic field determines the relative change in apparent viscosity of the MR fluids. Due to viscosity changing ability, MR

Nanosilver Market - Application of Nanosilver to Considerably Rise in Electrical …

As electronic producers seek to pace up with the latest technologies, miniaturization will emerge at fore as the latest trend in the industry. This trend is likely to continue in the forthcoming years thus boosting opportunities for the global nanosilver market. As per Transparency Market Research, based on revenue the global nanosilver market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 15.4% between 2014 and 2020. The market was valued

Coated Paper Market - Potential Business Opportunities and Future Prospects By 2 …

With properties such as bio-degradability and eco-friendliness, coated paper is highly useful for printing, packaging, business communication, labels, and other applications. Coated paper are also resistant to dirt, offer robustness against wear and tear, and has a glossy or matte finish surface that adds to the presentation. Coated paper are frequently used for newspaper insert, magazines, catalogues, advertising materials, security papers, and converted paper products. Depending on grade, coated papers

High Purity Alumina Market Trends, Analysis, Application & Type Forecast 2016 - …

High purity alumina, which is also referred to as advanced alumina, is commercially available in the form of a fine white powder that features a homogenous crystal structure. The material is derived by using the aluminium alkoxide hydrolysis process. HPA is the base material for sapphire substrates and thus has several high-value applications. As a high-value product, which can be classified under non-metallurgical alumina, HPA finds widespread application in a

Anti-Tack Agents Market - Competitive Landscape and Growth Opportunities | Repor …

Anti-tack agents are coatings applied on rubber to get rid of the sticking property from the rubber substrate. The substrate is usually dipped in anti-tack solution, which acts as an anti-adhesive for rubber. Different types of anti-tack agents are used in the rubber industry. These include stearates, fatty acid esters, fatty acid amides, silicone polymers, and soaps. This report provides detailed analysis and forecast of the anti-tack agents market for rubber

Phytosterols Market Shares And Strategies Of Key Players | Research By 2021

Phytosterols, or plant sterols, are found in cell membranes of plants and are structurally similar to cholesterol in human body. While cholesterols get absorbed in the blood and increase the level of cholesterol in human bodies, phytosterols are not absorbed by the body. In fact, phytosterols prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by the body, thus reducing the level of triglyceride in the human body. The rising incidences of deaths due to

Hydrogen Peroxide Market - Increasing Usage of Paper for Packaging to Drives Gro …

The growing use of hydrogen peroxide in the paper industry for deinking and bleaching of recycled paper will act as a long-term growth driver for the global hydrogen peroxide market, says Transparency Market Research (TMR). The growing demand for paper in the developing countries as they opt for eco-friendly paper packaging as opposed to plastic packaging solutions is also anticipated to shoot up the demand for hydrogen peroxide in the

Plastic Recycling Market - Global Industry Insights With Key Company Profiles - …

Plastic recycling refers to a process that is performed either mechanically or chemically to recover plastic waste from discarded items for production of reusable plastic. The global plastic recycling market has been gaining a steady momentum over the past few years due to the growing awareness about carbon emissions and the need to reduce them. Citing this reason, the report states that the global plastic recycling market, which was valued

Niclosamide Market - Global Industry Analysis 2017 - 2025

Niclosamide, belonging to the salicylanilide anti-helminthic class of medicines, is a dose-dependent low micro-molar inhibitor of the human rhinovirus. This prescription drug is used in the treatment of tapeworm infections. It works by eliminating the tapeworms. The infection of Taenia solium (called taeniasis/cysticercosis) occurs via contaminated food or water and creates major health problems. The T. solium infected over 50 million individuals worldwide in 2015. This infection causes epilepsy of

Polyol Esters Market Trends, Analysis, Application & Type Forecast By 2017 - 202 …

Polyol esters are a form of esters formed by the esterification of fatty acids. The term ’polyol esters’ is an acronym for neopentyl polyol esters, which are obtained by the reaction of monobasic acids such as HNO3 and HCl along with polyhedric alcohols which have neopentyl structure. Polyol esters are named after the alcohol which is utilized as its starting material. Polyol esters are known to be highly stable compounds

Ferro Fluids Market By Analysis of Major Industry Segments 2017 - 2025

Many innovative organometallic and hybrid fluids are being utilized into industrial applications in the recent past and Ferro fluids are a major class of hybrid fluids which are making a huge impact in various industrial applications. Ferro fluid (FF) is generally a magnetic colloid, dispersed in a colloidal suspension of single domain magnetic particles having the dimensions in the range of about 10nm to 12 nm, usually dispersed in a

Offshore Wind Turbines - Market Evolving Industry Trends 2024

With consistently increasing population across the World and rapid urbanization, the demand for energy is incrementing continuously. However, natural resources are limited. In this scenario, the need to develop alternate source of energy, especially those that are environment-friendly, is escalating. The kinetic energy possessed by offshore wind can be converted into electrical power using offshore wind turbines, which generally consists three propeller like blades that rotate around the rotor owing

Energy Utility Analytics Market - Global Industry Analysis Growth 2016 - 2024

For encapsulation of advantageous opportunities in the energy sector, utility and energy companies are transforming their systems into smarter energy systems, which would feature a new-way flow of information in energy and utility sectors. Energy utility analytics enables near real-time analysis of processes, thereby helping in optimization of operations through efficient identification and isolation of inefficiencies and failures. The energy utility analytics market has the following perspectives: vendor performance &

Packer Market Global Industry Analysis Forecast 2014 - 2020

Increasing global energy demand spurred by rapid industrialization and economic growth is expected to be one of the major growth drivers of the global packer market. Rise in drilling activities to fulfill the growing need for fossil fuel would augment the demand for well completion equipment. Packer is a type of sealing device or flexible tool used to isolate and contain production fluids and pressure within the wellbore. It is

Electrophotographic Printing Paper Market Analysis And Forecast 2017-2025

Electrophotographic printing is one of the oldest printing technologies. It is also known as xerography or laser printing. It utilizes electrophotographic papers that are capable to withstand heat and toner formulations used in the electrophotographic printing process. The type of paper used depends on the type of electrophotographic printing such as laser printing. The electrophotographic paper used in laser printing needs to withstand high heat involved in the printing process

Desalination Chemicals Market Share by Industry Research 2017 - 2025

Desalination chemicals are the wide range of chemicals that are extensively employed to for water treatment business and desalination . These chemicals adjust the pH value, prevent biological fouling, clean remineralize highly purified product streams, and remove particulates in its desalination operations. The desalination chemicals has three key developments in desalination plants, firstly to reduce customer’s environmental satisfaction , secondly to improve the system monitoring control and system

Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) Market - Global Industry Analysis Forecast 2015 - 2023

Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) is obtained from the high temperature cracking of petroleum products and is best characterized by its usage as a highly reactive intermediate in the manufacture of numerous resins - aromatic hydrocarbons, phenolics, unsaturated polyesters, and epoxies. The study on the DCPD market segments the said market on the basis of application and geography. The executive summary section of the report elaborates upon the various segments and sub-segments of

Law Enforcement and Firefighting Protective Clothing Fabrics Market: Usage of No …

The global law enforcement and firefighting protective clothing fabrics market has been anticipated to exhibit a low threat of new entrants due to significant shares accounted by dominant players and expensive startup costs and capital requirement. Since flame-resistant fabrics are required to clear strict government norms and there is an absence of practicable alternatives taking precedence, the threat of substitutes could stay on the lower side in the world law

Solar Street Lighting Market Growth 2017 - 2025

Solar street lighting is an ideal lighting solution, not only in grid-based systems but also off-grid ones. Rechargeable battery, solar pane, controller, pole, and lighting fixture are some of the components used in solar street lighting. With a view to adequately charge the batteries, the lighting unit needs to be placed in a shadow-free zone, where direct sunlight is accessible. The standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting systems use rechargeable lead

Penoxsulam Market Global Industry Analysis Forecast 2014 – 2020

Penoxsulam is a post-emergence herbicide based on the acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor. It is primarily used on rice crops to control broadleaf weeds. Penoxsulam is also used on grasses and certain aquatic plants. This herbicide is also useful for the removal of unwanted plants on golf courses, sports fields, and lawns. Penoxsulam is available in two grades: technical grade and liquid product grade. Obtain Report Details @: The study segments

Hydraulic Fracturing by Alternative Fluids Market Evolving Industry Trends 2025

The rise in demand for energy and decline in oil and gas production from depleting conventional reserves have forced the world to move toward unconventional reserves of oil and gas such as shale oil, shale gas, tight oil, and tight gas. The extraction of hydrocarbons from these sources have increased, due to combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing or hydraulic fracking is a process wherein fracking fluids

Marine Lubricants Market Global Industry Analysis Forecast 2016 - 2024

With no clear leader, the global market for marine lubricants demonstrates a fragmented landscape, states a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). In 2015, the top seven companies, namely, Royal Dutch Shell plc, ExxonMobil Corp., LUKOIL Marine Lubricants DMCC BP Plc, Chevron Corp., FUCHS, and Total Lubmarine, collectively, accounted for only 49.4% of the overall market. The increase in the profit margin, together with, the high growth potential

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