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Press Releases from Acom Tokyo Securities Ltd (5 total)

More Good News for Japan's Economy

130 years ago, a bunch of jobless Samurai came together to create “Onoda Cement”, one of the oldest and biggest cement manufacturing companies of Japan. The Samurai had put their entire pension into creating this company. London, England, July 04, 2016 -- Since its inception, Onoda Cement has witnessed its share of ups and downs. The company stood strong as Japan dabbled with industrialisation, a destructive war, and a post-war booming

Tavistock Pledges Positive Annual Returns

A turnaround in profit has been promised by Adviser network Tavistock when it announces its annual results, overturning a £1.65m loss following its buyout of struggling competitor Financial Ltd. London, England, July 02, 2016 -- In an update released today, the company said “each of the organizations active businesses is now making sustained positive returns”. The report refers to Tavistock Partners and Tavistock Financial, which supply several financial services to the network’s

Stock Exchange Tie Up Raises Alerts on Continent

French request E.U. intervention on exchange merger citing fears over dominance. Michel Sapin, the French finance minister, reacted to news of a proposed 20 million pound tie up between Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange with claims the merger would stifle competition and pose major dangers to the European economy as a whole. London, England, June 30, 2016 -- Following the intervention recently in a large scale Telecom merger, Sapin

European Central Banks Head Says Lowering Interest Rates Will Entice Investors

The President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, says that lowering interest rates will entice investors and has blamed Germany for creating a global excess of savings. He also stated that Germany's excess of savings has reduced the flow of investment into the European economy. This statement came after Germany denounced the Bank's rate policy. London, England, May 31, 2016 -- The ECB has decided to reduce its benchmark

Acom Tokyo Securities Says Market on the Rise

With the dollar's quality subsiding and the economy developing, though gradually, some companies are staying positive on the economic business sector. London, England, May 23, 2016 -- One thing that is apparent on Wall Street this year is that there is different opinion amongst the big firms. Some are still extremely aggressive and recommend selling into each rally instantly. Others are much more positive and point to the fundamentally strong news

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