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New Dimension of Financial Analysis: Filings API

Companies’ Financial Reporting If you’ve ever tried to trade on the capital markets you’ve definitely faced this problem: where to get the fresh and reliable information about the company’s current financial state? The major source of such information in the US is the Securities and Exchange Commission which collects mandatory filings from all publicly traded companies, funds and individuals. But how to get this data in automated and convenient way? DarkMindFX answers

New Commitment of Traders Indicators for Three Major Platforms

DarkMindFX extends its free package of economic indicators with new ones: COT disaggregated report for non-financial instruments. Now it is possible to observe net positions for Commercial, Non-Commercial and Speculator traders using MetaTrader, cTrader and NinjaTrader terminals Commitment of Traders: Reports for Non-Financial Instruments DarkMindFX extends it’s set of Commitment Of Traders (COT) indicators displaying disaggregated reports for non-financial instruments. These reports display the net positions for the following participants: Producer-Merchant-Processor-User,

DarkMindFX adds complete FRED(c) databases support

DarkMindFX significantly extends the number of and quality of supported economic indicators. Starting from release 2017.01.02 DarkMindFX will be providing an access to the complete sets of data from different data sources. In this release the indicators from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) are added and available on all three major platforms supported – MetaTrader, NinjaTrader and cTrader. What is in FRED(c) Databases? The database of Federal Reserve Bank

DarkMindFX Releases a Set of United Kingdom Economic Indicators for MetaTrader P …

DarkMindFX extends its free package of economic indicators with new ones: New set economic indicators covering United Kingdom. Now it is possible to observe basic economic statistics from UK using MetaTrader terminal DarkMindFX introduces new set of indicators which allows users of MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms viewing and using United Kingdom economic data in their analysis and trading. The set contains 50 new indicators covering following areas – GDP,

Get Economic Data Indicators on NinjaTrader 7 Platform

DarkMaindFX extends the number of supported platform introducing an indicators’ package for NinjaTrader 7 platform. Extending Platforms Support Recently DarkMindFx presented its first Beta version of indicators package for MetaTrader platform. This package includes COT report indicators including COT index and reports in old and new format along with 70+ US economic data indicators which help Forex and Stock traders to get insight on fundamental economic data and market participants positioning. Today

Get Economic Data Indicators in MetaTrader Terminal

Fundamental Economic Data in Trading Terminal In the world of Capital Markets there is no such thing as "too much information". When trader opens an account with his Forex broker he gets the trading terminal filled with traditional technical indicators which can be applied to the charts. But wouldn’t it be great to have an access to fundamental data like GDP, Employment or Inflation as well? DarkMindFX fills this gap and now

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