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16.04.18 - HASE BIKES

License to Retrofit: Shimano Steps for HASE BIKES TRIGO

HASE BIKES with Shimano Upgrade The new delta from HASE BIKES is the first trike ever approved for use with a retrofittable Steps e-bike system. HASE BIKES swears by Shimano Steps. For its new TR... mehr

23.08.17 - HASE BIKES

The KLIMAX Foldable Fairing for trikes from HASE BIKES

Just in time for the Eurobike: HASE BIKES has finished work on a new version of the Foldable Fairing for its delta trikes and integrated a Smartphone Mount. The results: more user-friendly, easier to ... mehr

21.08.17 - HASE BIKES

New Trike from HASE BIKES for Everyday and Special Needs

Mobility Meets Flexibility: TRIGO UP! Today, trikes are just as much in demand for recreational cycling as they are for special needs mobility and everyday use. HASE BIKES developed its new TRIGO UP ... mehr

15.08.17 - HASE BIKES

New Trike from Delta Specialist HASE BIKES

The TRIGO makes triking flexible and affordable Agility, safety, outstanding adaptability: the leading specialized bike manufacturer is introducing a new trike that takes the advantages of the delta ... mehr

12.09.16 - HASE BIKES

The HASE BIKES “Trike therapy”: Wheels of Fortune for Kids with Special Needs

Cycling is a great and easy way to support the development of children with disabilities. The “Challenge Weeks” organised by manufacturer Hase Bikes in Germany show how this can be done. Mia is s... mehr

12.09.16 - HASE BIKES

High-tech trike for asphalt surfing from HASE BIKES

Specialised bike manufacturer HASE BIKES is introducing its KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS as a top-of-the-line model that sets new standards across the board: the full-suspension, fun-to-ride trike with e-driv... mehr

03.05.16 - HASE BIKES

5,555 PINOS for 11,110 Enthusiastic Cyclists : HASE BIKES: Tandem Reaches Major Milestone

If a bike can make two people happy at the same time, it’s a tandem. When the rear rider is steering and the front rider is in a sporty, low, recumbent seat, it’s a PINO. And now that PINO numbe... mehr

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