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Export Content from SharePoint at blazing fast speeds Using Vyapin SPListX

Vyapin SPListX for SharePoint is a powerful application to export document / picture library contents and associated metadata and list items, including associated file attachments to Windows File System. This tool is now released with full multi-threaded export engine capable of delivering more throughput in lesser time with several other features enhancements Know More! - SPListX supports SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2007 / SharePoint

Office 365 Management Tool – To Efficiently & Effortlessly Manage Your Office …

Vyapin’s Advanced & Automated Office 365 Management Tool helps O365 Admins to manage their Office 365 environment straight from their Desktop in just a few clicks. Manage Office 365 Users, Groups, Licenses, and Mailbox etc... The native Office 365 Management portal is insufficient for bulk automation and administrative tasks. When the Office 365 tenant has thousands of users, Office 365 administrators must need a tool with a rule-based capability of selecting

Office 365 Reporting Tool from Vyapin – For admins who need Script-free, Autom …

A comprehensive Office 365 solution for Visibility, Audit, Analytics, Security & Compliance Vyapin has brought out the most comprehensive Office 365 Reporting software ever to the market to audit, report and analyze just about everything in Office 365. Vyapin Office 365 Reporting tool now provides a fully automated and advanced reporting solution that comprises of SharePoint Online Reports, Exchange Online Reports, Security & Compliance Reports. Features available in this office 365

Office 365 Export Tool – Backup and Archive Software for Office 365 by Vyapin

Vyapin provides a cost-effective solution to backup and archive mailboxes, public folder and OneDrive for Business contents in Office 365 to PST. This tool answers important questions of an Office 365 administrator such as What happens when an employee leaves the company and there are policies that require to archive all user data and mails elsewhere for compliance purposes? What happens when multiple tenants from different businesses are being merged

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Office 365

CLOUD - The most discussed topic in both Business and Technology worlds You have been hearing and talking about moving to cloud and if you are a Microsoft enterprise, you are probably getting motivated to Ø Take a closer look at Office 365 Ø What TCO benefits being articulated by Microsoft Ø Is it really time to pay serious attention to the cloud migration and its offerings? Ø What will

Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite has been released with UI and feature enha …

Vyapin has released their NTFS Security Management Suite now. This release includes new features and reports which will help you to analyze and fix the security vulnerabilities in your NTFS environment. Additional features have also been added to simplify your reporting such as folder permission, scheduling, enumerate shares at run time and with enhanced user interface. These new features make Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite a much needed tool for

Vyapin joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Vyapin Software Systems has announced that it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance program. The alliance program will help Vyapin have a strategic partnership with Microsoft to further enhance their existing Microsoft platform solutions for Azure, Office 365 and Windows. Vyapin is a gold certified Microsoft Partner developing solutions in the areas of Migration, Security, Audit and Compliance for SharePoint, Office 365, Windows, Exchange and Azure. The partnership will help Vyapin

Vyapin O365 Management Suite – Now with new powerful features to tighten secur …

Office 365 Security is the focus of the new version of Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite (v4.0). The latest version has been released with new features and reports that lets you analyze and plug security holes in your Office 365 environment. Additional features have also been added to simplify day to day Office 365 administration with new bulk processing features for Users, Groups, Mailboxes and Licenses. Vyapin has released their Office

Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite v2.0 Released

A new major version of Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite (formerly Hyper-V Management Suite) has been released recently with VM Performance Analyzer and VM Performance Monitor Modules. VM Performance Analyzer VM Performance Analyzer module will analyze various Performance metrics of the Hyper-V hosts and their Virtual Machines. This tool will analyze performance of various workloads by collecting performance metrics from the native Windows Performance Monitor. It provides reports about how CPU, Memory, Network

Accelerate File Share Migration with Dockit 365 Migrator

Dockit 365 Migrator is built from the ground up to migrate terabytes of data into Office 365 in the shortest span. While dealing with voluminous content migration, the speed becomes one of the top-priority items in an IT administrator’s checklist. My idea here is to give you a brief overview that helps you appreciate how Dockit 365 Migrator accelerates the migration speed to save you valuable time. As it is mandated

Migrate contents to OneDrive for Business in Office 365

Want to migrate contents to multiple users to OneDrive for Business? If yes, Dockit is the perfect solution. The migration of contents from your personal drive to the OneDrive for Business can be easily done by Dockit. The Dockit 9x does have the feature ‘Migrate Content to OneDrive for Business’, a step towards a solution to import folders and files from the user’s personal drive (along with its metadata) into the user’s

Vyapin’s Dockit 365 Migrator has been launched

Vyapin proudly announces the launch of the variant of its flagship Dockit content migration product, namely Dockit 365 Migrator that has been designed exclusively for Office 365. The primary objective of this product is to offer high speed data migration solution to Office 365 customers. This will help users plan to migrate content from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to SharePoint Online seamlessly. Key features of

New Version of XPlica v6.8 Has Been Released

1. The Site Collection Feature Activation The ‘Site Collection Feature Activation’ has been newly introduced in the sandbox solution (for SharePoint Online) and XPlica Server Agent (for on-premise SharePoint) that enables to activate the set of (already available) site collection features in the target site collection equivalent to the ones in source SharePoint site collection. This helps to activate the site collection features (like Document ID, SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure) and minimizes

New e-Book on Office 365 Management from Vyapin

A new and completely free e-Book has been released by Vyapin for Office 365 Management that help you increase your knowledge on how to manage your Office 365. The e-book titled ‘Realizing the Promise of Office 365’ by Vyapin gives you insights on the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of managing your Office 365 environment. The key driver for moving to Office 365 is cost reduction and utilizing IT resources better for increasing

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