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Potassium Chloride Market Growth, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & Forec …

Global potassium chloride market is fragmented owning to the presence of various large and medium scale manufacturers on both global and regional levels. Some of the crucial players operating in the global potassium chloride market are Arab Potash, Israel Chemicals, Sinofert, Agrium and Uralkali. Other prominent players are Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Yara, JSC Belaruskali, Mosaic, CF Industries Holdings, Sociedad Química y Minerade Chile (SQM), PotashCorp, ICL, IMC Global, K+S

Ceramic Coating Market Growth &Forecasts on Regional Growth, 2017 – 2024

Ceramic Coating Market size is likely to witness significant gains due to its strong application outlook in transportation, aerospace & defence, energy, and healthcare industries. It has wide application scope in steel sector which includes refractory bricks, pumps, chimneys and bearings on account of its abrasion and anti-corrosion properties. Ceramic coating is an inorganic material which is processed and used in a high temperature. This type of product is normally

Construction Flooring Chemicals Market Growth, Regional Outlook, Competitive Ana …

Construction Flooring Chemicals Market size is likely to witness significant gains due to increasing growth of nuclear families and rise in per-capita disposable income on account of buying new residential apartments. Increasing importance towards the durability and impact resistant in manufacturing plants, metal industries, chemical laboratories to improve the safety, hygienic, and reducing the VOC emissions would promulgate the industry growth. Flooring products are the most significant building construction materials

Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Market Trends, Regional Outlook, Competitive Anal …

Sodium Dodecylbenezenesulfonate Market size is expected to show a steady, strong and sustainable growth during the forecast period. Sodium dodecylbenezenesulfonate (SDBS) comprise of a linear chemical structure which has the ability to degrade in a shorter span of time as compared to its branched counterparts under aerobic conditions. Persistent need to attain cleaner and greener environment primarily in the emerging economies is a major factor which is likely to make

Soda Ash Market Trends, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & Forecast by 201 …

Rising product use across soaps & detergent industry mainly in China and India is attributed to consistently improving health & hygiene standards, which will make distinguished influence on the overall soda ash market size during the forecast timespan. Global Soda Ash Market size is likely to grow at a healthy CAGR over the projected timeframe. This is mainly attributed to its wide-ranging applications across soaps & detergent, chemical, water treatment and

Ammonium Ferric Citrate Market Report, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & …

Primary players operating in ammonium ferric citrate market include Eminenco Pharma, New Alliance Dye Chemicals, West Bengal Chemical Industries, Shreenath Chemicals, Rishi Chemical, Muby Chemicals, Sigma-Aldrich, Devendra Kirti Pharmachem, American Elements, Powder Pack Chem, Nitika Chemicals, Ava Chemicals, Akhil Healthcare, Nikunj Chemicals, Triveni Interchem and Salvi Chemical Industries to name a few. Ammonium Ferric Citrate Market size is likely to see potential gains during the forecast period owing to its immense

Bleaching Agents Market Report, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & Forecas …

Bleaching Agents Market size is likely to grow with prominent CAGR during the forecast timespan, 2018 – 2024. Bleach is a specific type of laundry product which removes stains from the clothes or makes them color-less depending upon quantity applied. Commonly used bleaching powder is made by combining calcium chloride and calcium hydroxide. Bleaching agents are used on large scale for various purposes such as washing, cleaning, healthcare, personal care

Dipentene Market Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & Forec …

The prime growth driver for global dipentene market is the booming food & beverage industry. The extensive use of the product in foods and flavors as additives will hike its demand in the coming future. In addition, the rise in disposable income of consumers, growing awareness about personal health and hygiene around the globe, especially in developing countries is anticipated to positively influence the cosmetics and household products market. This

Esterquats Market, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analy …

Esterquats Market size is expected to grow at a considerable rate of CAGR in the forecast period owing to the growing awareness for the use of fabric softeners globally. Esterquats, are quaternary ammonium compounds with two long fatty acid chains and two weak ester bonds. These are new generation substitutes for dialkyldimethylammonium (DHTDMAC) salts which increases the longevity, durability and the quality of the fabric. Growing consumer awareness and increased

Europic Chloride Market, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Competitive …

Growth in the chemicals industry is also set to further enhance the global europic chloride market as the product is one of the rarest metal found in the earth’s core. The worldwide chemicals industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and is expected to remain the same in the next few years. The overall sales of the chemicals industry around the globe was valued over 3.5 trillion in 2016. Europic Chloride

Jojoba Oil Market Size, Regional Outlook, Competitive Analysis & Forecast by 201 …

Consumers across the globe prefer jojoba oil over any other due to its unique traits which has led pharmaceutical companies to invest heavily in research and development activities for jojoba oil market. Jojoba Oil Market size is likely to grow at a healthy CAGR over the projected timeframe. Jojoba oil is made from seeds of jojoba. It is predominantly found in hot and arid areas such as Northern Mexico, California and

Liquid Nitrogen Market Competitive Analysis & Forecast by 2017 - 2024.

Increasing demand for a liquid nitrogen in food preservation and chemical & pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to drive the liquid nitrogen market in the coming years. Product is used to cool and preserve items in food & beverage industry. Liquid Nitrogen Market size is likely to grow with a prominent CAGR over the forecast timespan. It is the largest volume of inorganic chemical sold in the world. Nitrogen is used mostly

Automotive Composites Market Trends 2018 & Forecasts to 2024

Automotive composites market from exterior application will generate revenue over USD 9 billion owing to superior strength and light weight properties. The product is replacing conventional metal components in the vehicle. Moreover, these offer superior damage tolerance enhancing the safety feature of the vehicle. Structural and powertrain application will witness growth around 7% owing to high usage of the carbon and glass fiber. Superior thermal properties required by powertrain and

Europe Inland Waterways Vessel Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive A …

Developed travel & tourism industry in the region, widely spread rivers & canals used for water sports stimulates recreational water sports and leisure boating. Ship manufacturers focus on modernization and upgradation of their fleet to enhance customer experience. Modernized boats and increasing preference for recreational boating will support the industry growth in the region. Europe inland waterways vessel market will exhibit nearly 9% CAGR during 2017 to 2024. European commission encouraging

Heavy-Duty Trucks Market Trends 2018 & Forecasts to 2024

Natural gas will demand for over 160 thousand units in the heavy-duty trucks industry over the forecast timeframe. Enhanced fuel efficiency and rising preference towards reduction of carbon emissions will support in overall business growth. Increasing number of natural gas refueling stations coupled with superior mileage served by the product will drive the industry. Logistics sector is estimated to witness an exponential growth rate of approximately 5% over the projected time

Magnesium Wheel Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

Forged manufacturing is poised to grow at over 3.5% from 2017 to 2024. High strength, durability, reduced weight, and better suspension are among major factors propelling the magnesium wheel market from forged manufacturing. Favorable regulatory landscape regarding usage of lightweight automotive components for emission reduction and enhanced fuel efficiency will further strengthen the product penetration over the coming years. Positive outlook of automotive industry coupled with shifting trend towards light weight

Precision Gearbox Market in North America to cross 950 thousand units by 2024

Planetary gearboxes is estimated to contribute nearly USD 480 million till 2024. Industry players prefer the products designed specifically for accurate shaft alignment and long service range that are suitable for alignment applications. High efficiency along with improved heat dissipation will fuel product demand in the forecast timeframe. Lower space consumption owing to compact design will drive parallel gearbox at 4% CAGR. Increasing automation demand in diverse industries such as

Automotive Electronics Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis …

ADAS is expected to surpass USD 60 billion in revenue by 2024. Strict safety regulations and technological advancement will lead to ADAS adoption in vehicle’s active security system. Road safety assurance coupled with comfort driving will propel the automotive electronics market growth. Growing automotive electronics adoption to deliver safe & security features including emergency call systems, vehicle data recorder systems and alcohol ignition interlocks systems are anticipated to fuel industry

2018 High Performance Wheels Market - Growth Forecast up to 2024

Development of carbon composite wheels as a substitute to conventional aluminum products will help in overall weight reduction, thereby improving durability and efficacy. High performance wheels are heat treated which increases their strength and operating life. However, high initial setup cost and complex manufacturing process may restrain the industry growth. Growth in automotive industry along with increase in luxury vehicle sales are the key drivers of the high performance wheels market.

Cinnamic Aldehyde Market to surpass 150 Kilo Tons by 2024.

Potential outlook in various end use industries including home care, personal care and agriculture will propel cinnamic aldehyde market growth. Increasing demand for food & beverages coupled with rising disposable income are significant factors supporting product demand. Increasing product demand in food industry to attain desired flavors and fragrances for several applications will positively influence cinnamic aldehyde market over the forecast timeframe. According to industry analysis, global food flavoring industry

Chlorinated Paraffin Market to grow by a CAGR of around 3% up to 2024.

Chlorinated paraffins are used as secondary plasticizers in conjugation with primary plasticizers including DOP, DINP, etc., especially in PVC. The product adds unique characteristics to PVC such as flame & moisture resistance, good stability, etc. PVC is the third most produced plastic around the world owing to its wide usage in end-user industries including automobile, electrical & electronics, building & construction, and others. This will surge the growth of chlorinated

Styrene Butadiene Latex Market to grow by a CAGR of around 3.5% up to 2024.

Styrene butadiene latex market is growing at a great pace mainly due to the rising product demand in the paper and adhesives industry. Styrene butadiene latex is a carboxylate admixture created to provide vital adhesion to concrete, mortars, and cement bond coats for improved chemical resistance and bond strength. Paper demand is rapidly growing chiefly due to its applications across packaging, education, and various other sectors. For instance, China is

Monoethylene Glycol Market By Application (Polyester Fiber, PET, Antifreeze & Co …

The stance for Asia Pacific remains robust as the region is considered as the one with the strongest growth opportunities in the world. The region continues to be the growth leader being home to 61% population in the world and consisting of 15 of the top 30 megacities in the world. The dynamic lifestyle changes of the massive youth population have created a huge demand for textiles for apparels as

Aerospace maintenance chemicals market Outlook by Product (Aircraft Cleaning Che …

Aerospace maintenance chemicals market from aircraft cleaning chemicals is expected to dominate the revenue share surpassing USD 2 billion by 2024. High revenue generation can be attributed to extensive usage in interior & exterior aircraft surfaces along with continuous growth in air passenger traffic. Usage by wide range of defense and commercial aircrafts for ensuring cleanliness will further have a positive impact on the industry growth. Benefits such as fast

Linear Alpha Olefins Market Analysis 2017-2024, By Product (1-Butene, 1-Hexene, …

Growing polyethylene demand in packaging and other polymer industries should drive linear alpha olefins market. LAO is extensively used as copolymer in manufacturing high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which finds wide application in flexible packaging, food packaging, shrink films, automotive, household products and agriculture. “Linear Alpha Olefins Market should exceed USD 19 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.” Linear alpha olefins market from lubricant application

Industrial Sludge Treatment Chemicals Market to grow by a CAGR of around 6% up t …

Industrial expansion coupled with a rapid increase in manufacturing activities will have a significant impact on the overall industrial sludge treatment chemicals market growth by 2024. A heavy amount of sludge and waste are generated from these units and treatment chemicals are required for the same. The economic growth of developing regions resulting in a surge in chemical and mining industries will positively influence the market demand due to an

Muconic Acid Market to witness 6.5% CAGR during the projected timespan.

The global muconic acid market is projected to have a significant demand from the textiles industry by 2024. As per the trends presented by FICCI in 2014, North America and Europe held strong positions in textile production with the respective market shares of 14% and 36%. Growing spending capabilities of consumers in Asia Pacific and Latin America are likely to provide new development opportunities for textile industry participants in the

Purging Compound Market to exceed 14 kilo tons by 2024.

Increasing necessity to reduce machine downtime, cleaning costs and raw material wastage will drive global purging compound market growth. Rapidly increasing demand for consumer goods, automotive, electronics, and healthcare products will propel purging compound market growth. Removing degraded residues, contaminants, un-melted resins, air bubbles, true gels, un-dispersed additives & modifiers and moisture from machine barrels are key concern supporting product penetration. Stringent government norms including Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) protocols

Biocides Market Size By Application (Food & Beverage, Water Treatment, Wood Pres …

Increasing waste water treatment systems accompanied with demand for continuous supply for fresh & safe water should drive biocides market demand. Germicides such as chlorine in waste water treatment are being replaced by biocides as they lead to lower environmental hazards. Increasing health concerns due to prevalence of bacterial and pathogens growth will fuel market demand. “Biocides Market may surpass USD 13 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.” Positive

Internal Olefin Market By Application (Oil Drilling, Surfactants, Lubricants, Ag …

Increasing usage in pharmaceutical, oil drilling and surfactant industries along with growing environmental awareness should drive internal olefins market . Rapid urbanization supported by increasing economic standards has promoted use of high quality personal hygiene products which is likely to propel industry growth. “Internal Olefin Market may surpass USD 2 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.” Stringent environmental policies by REACH and EPA in oil drilling & extraction

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Market to exhibit a CAGR of over 5% over the forecas …

Growing detergents & cleaners demand for household and industrial use will drive the global Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) market during the forecast period owing to the products application in the manufacture of detergents and other cleaning products. High industrial growth coupled with industrial cleanliness initiatives will drive the demand for industrial cleaners in future years. Increasing awareness about cleanliness and hygiene will also positively affect the detergents and household cleaners

Aluminum Pigments Market to likely be gaining the industry by a CAGR close to 6. …

The aluminum pigments Market will be driven by the mounting demand for cosmetic products in the forecast period. In 2016, the cosmetics industry had generated over 290 million, and is expected to flourish at a significant rate till 2024. The growth is attributed to the increasing income levels and spending power of consumers. Aluminum pigments are widely used in cosmetics to provide metallic luster and color and also to inhibit

Phenoxyethanol Preservatives Market to witness growth more than 6% over the proj …

Global phenoxyethanol preservatives market will be driven by home & personal care products such as cosmetics, detergents, perfumes and ointments by 2024. The prevalent trend of paraben-free compounds usage will further propel the market in the coming years. The cosmetics segment is expected to have gains up to 6.9% CAGR in the forecast period. The increased consumer spending on product innovations and personal hygiene has fostered the demand of liquid

Tallow Fatty Acids Market to witness growth more than 2.5% over the projected ti …

Rising soaps & detergents industries have propelled the global tallow fatty acids market in recent decade. Superior cleansing and conditioning product characteristics make it a significant component in the detergents & soaps in industrial applications. The global cleaning industry inclusive of soaps & detergents, will grow with gains over 7% CAGR because of supporting government approach towards maintaining hygiene and cleanliness throughout the manufacturing facilities for ensuring healthy working surroundings. "Tallow

Peracetic Acid Market to to witness growth at a CAGR of 7.7% over the projected …

Robust growth in the food & beverage industry which is attributed to rising food demand coupled with consistently increasing global population will drive peracetic acid market by 2024. Widespread product application in the food & beverage industry is since it exhibits excellent sterilization properties which helps in keeping food products free from bacteria, fungi, virus and other microorganisms. The food & beverage industry is propelling and accounted for over

Humic Acid Market to witness growth at a CAGR above 12%.

Humic acid market will have growth trends particularly due to the demand for a wide range of applications from the sectors such as dietary supplements, horticulture, agriculture, ecological bioremediation and few others including residential farming, vertical farms, gardening, medicinal applications etc. "Humic Acid Market is projected to exceed USD 1 billion according to this new research report. Synthetic chemicals may result in degradation of groundwater quality on extreme usage. Growing cognizance towards

Liquid Pouch Packaging Market By Material (Polyester, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, …

Increasing per capita income along with rapid urbanization has enhanced the liquid pouch packaging market growth. Growth in product usage to promote, position and brand the products has positively influenced the industry growth. Shifting preference for convenient packaging due to its carry and go and easy handling properties will drive the liquid pouch packaging market. Changing lifestyle and standard of living leading to increased demand for packaged and processed food

Hot Melt Amorphous Polyalphaolefin (APAO) Market by Product (Homopolymers, Copol …

Amorphous polyalphaolefin is widely used in hot melt adhesive production. Exponentially growing packaging industry shall positively influence hot melt APAO market for the forecast duration. Amplified spending pattern of dual income family coupled with drifting preference for packaged products has led to in augmented packaging materials demand in pharmaceutical, e-commerce and food & beverage industry. "Hot Melt Amorphous Polyalphaolefin (APAO) Market is forecast to exceed USD 380 million according to

Biopesticides Market to surpass 230 kilo tons by 2024.

Inclination towards sustainable farming practices to improve crop yield will propel the biopesticides market. Moreover, presence of beneficial microorganisms that are less vulnerable to genetic variations will enhance the crop yield. Technological advancement in the farming practices with adoption of innovative products will trigger the demand. Growing consumer awareness, rising demand for organic food along with favorable government regulations for organic products are the key factors driving the biopesticides market growth.

Leather chemicals market By Product (Tanning & Dyeing, Beamhouse Chemicals, Fini …

The rising demand of leather products is likely to propel the demand of the product market over the forecast period. The increase in per capita income of the people has stimulated the growth of the product market. Changing consumer patterns have led to an increase in demand of leather products such as belts, apparels, footwear, etc., which will accelerate the market growth. Leather chemicals are used in several end-use industries

Secondary Alkane Sulfonate (SAS) Market to observe gains close to 5% CAGR over t …

Robust demand from industrial applications like laundry services, hospitality, textile pulp & paper etc. will drive the global secondary alkane sulfonate (SAS) market in the forecast period. Moreover, growing trends in household demand, due to enhanced awareness regarding personal hygiene and consumer lifestyle dynamics will propel the market growth by 2024. numerous food outlets such as Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, etc. "Secondary Alkane Sulfonate (SAS) Market is projected to exceed USD

Foam Blowing Agents Market By Application (Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Polyolefin …

The global polymer foam industry accounted for 1.9 million tons for 2015 and is expected to exceed 2.9 million tons in the forecast period. Thriving polyurethane, polystyrene and polyolefin foam businesses are major drivers of the foam blowing agents market. In 2015, global automotive manufacturing of commercial and personal vehicles, was around 90 million units, and it will significantly rise in the forecast period. The global construction expenditure is

BOPP Market to witness gains at more than 5% CAGR by 2024.

The BOPP market is likely to be driven by the demand from labelling, lamination printing and packaging, industries in the forecast period. The global insulation business had generated revenue over USD 40 billion and by 2024, it is likely to cross USD 75 billion with CAGR up to 5%. This trend is likely to influence the global BOPP business during the forecast period. "(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) BOPP Market is projected

TCD Alcohol DM Market growing at close to 7% from 2016

TCD Alcohol DM market will be chiefly driven by the rising demand of UV cured inks as the product is employed in the synthesis of dimethacrylates which is then used in these inks for their wetting properties. Eco-friendly nature of UV cured inks gives them a competitive edge over other petrochemical based alternatives. The demand for these inks is anticipated to increase because of their extensive usage in various printing

Wood Adhesives And Binders Market to witness over 4% CAGR by 2024.

Robust growth indicators in construction business across the globe will be the chief growth driver for the wood adhesives and binders market over the forecast timespan. Wood adhesives and binders are extensively used in construction industry in production of cabinets, flooring, doors, windows and several other structural components. Construction industry is witnessing substantial growth with valuation in 2013 exceeding USD 7 trillion and may reach USD 13 trillion in the

Bitumen Market to witness 4.2% CAGR by 2024.

One of the chief factors driving the global bitumen market are increasing governmental initiatives towards infrastructure and road development worldwide. Increasing population in the world is giving rise to more traffic demanding wider roads. The United States highway and road construction in 2015 accounted for over USD 100 billion and will grow with a substantial rate in the coming years. The product displays high viscosity, stickiness and superior water resistance

Defoamers Market to witness gains of 4.5% CAGR.

Rising use of surface active agents in pulp & paper production will likely showcase positive impressions on the defoamers market globally. The pulp & paper industry will grow at a substantial rate in the forecast period with a CAGR of nearly 4.5%. China leads the pulp & paper market in terms of production quantity and has a market share of close to 25%. Following China are the United States, Japan

Controlled Release Fertilizers Market to exceed USD 3.9 billion by 2024.

The world is experiencing population explosion at an exponential rate. The arable land is being exhausted with more commercial and residential buildings coming up. The earth resources are being depleted which has driven the demand for controlled release fertilizers. The rising population has increased the demand for food which in turn has propelled the product market. The eco-friendly nature of the product has also contributed to the rising trajectory of

Active Calcium Silicate Market to exceed 119 kilo tons by 2024.

Increasing passive fire protection and acoustic insulation demand across residential & infrastructure projects along with strong outlook towards construction expenditure will stimulate active calcium silicate demand. It has usage in heavy industries for technical applications such as fire and sound proofing applications. Active Calcium Silicate market may exceed USD 215 million by 2024 according to this new research report. Active calcium silicate has strong application scope in wallboard and acoustic tiles owing

Coated Paper Market to witness gains by CAGR of 4.2%.

Rising popularity of e-commerce, home delivery system and internet trade is likely to propel the global coated paper market demand. The packaging industry is one of the primary end-user industry for using papers of different quality and textures. In 2010, the online trade registered less than 8% of the entire retail sales, whereas in 2015, the number jumped up close to 10% in the UK. The United States online retail

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