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Market Report "Global Carbon Fiber Composite Market" 3rd Edition Released

Carbon fiber composite market experienced steady growth in the last years. Driven by technological innovations and new applications, the market is expected to show modest growth worldwide in the next years. Despite of various challenges like increasing raw material costs, there is strong confidence that the medium- and long-term trend of the market will not change and remain upward. New business opportunities will emerge in major and novel applications. Technological

Surfactant Market in Focus: Acmite Market Intelligence Analysed the Global Surfa …

The global market of surfactants experienced steady growth in the last years. It was valued at approximately US$30.65 billion in 2015. Growing by 4.4% annually in the coming years, the market is expected to reach US$39.69 billion by 2021 and to approach US$35.16 billion by 2024. Surfactants are used in a large variety of applications, among which household cleaning and industrial applications are the largest application markets. Acmite Market Intelligence has finished

Membrane Technologies in Water Treatment: Acmite Market Intelligence Updated Rep …

Membrane technologies experienced significant development in the last decades. The market continues to show strong growth worldwide driven by ever stricter environmental regulations, advancement of material science and process technologies, challenges related to water supply and sanitation, exploration of new applications, rapidly increasing demand in developing regions, etc.. Global demand on membrane modules in water treatment and industrial uses combined was valued at approximately US$18.4 billion in 2014. Growing by 6.0%

Global Demand of Silicone Reached USD 17.15 Billion

The global demand on silicones approached US$17.15 billion in 2015, approximately 4.5% up from the previous year. It is expected to grow by 5% in the coming years. With a wide range of applications, innovative products, and more environmentally friendly materials, the silicone market will experience healthy and robust growth in the future. Stricter regulations on chemical industry have presented opportunities for silicone producers rather than imposing heavy burden on them.