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E-Learning Market 2017 Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2024

E-Learning Market is estimated to surpass USD 200 billion by 2024. E-learning services and products have expanded significantly in the recent years. Users are getting increasingly benefitted by the engaging, animated, and interactive tools that provide improved effectiveness and ease of access. With growing use of mobile devices, the users are increasingly getting attracted to these solution, thus aiding the e-learning market growth over the forecast timespan. Rapid digitization and advancements

Smart Luggage Industry Share, Growth, Analysis, Statistics, Trends, Forecast Rep …

The connectivity technology segment is expected to witness growth in the smart luggage market due to the demand from the customers to access the luggage with convenience. It also enables the users to get insights on the gates, currency exchange and flight schedules. This connected smart luggage are designed such that to shut down when it is onboard and automatically switch on while landing to meet the regulations of the

Pet Wearable Market - Popular Trends & Technological advancements to Watch Out f …

Demand for pet care is increasing resulting in the increasing demand for highly specialized premium products and services in the pet wearable market. Growing implementation and usage of wearable diagnostics devices for pets will drive the industry growth. Tagging of commercial and household pets for medical purposes will gain significance and momentum. In addition, IoT enabled devices are predicted to profoundly affect the medical and restorative finding segments. Rising awareness

Global ATM Market - Industry Growth And Forecast Analysis Report Till 2024

Increasing threats to the security of the systems, due to increasing sophistication of the cyber-attacks is expected to pose a major threat to the ATM market. The companies are forced to upgrade the machine software to be equipped to tackle security breaches. In 2012, the operators in the industry were compelled to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP before April 2014. Microsoft has now announced that the operators need

Retail Point of Sale Terminals Market Growth Analysis, Demand by Regions, and An …

The security concerns associated with the data privacy will inhibit the retail POS terminals market growth over the forecast timeline. This is due to the concern regarding the cyber-attacks such as the DDoS. Moreover, the high cost associated with the implementation of these systems and the investments required for the widescale adoption poses a significant challenge for the retailers. Furthermore, the threats related to skimming and malware while making transactions

Electronic Security Market Growth Analysis, Demand by Regions, and Analysis of K …

Segmentation of the electronic security market by product indicates that the antiterrorist and inspection equipment is anticipated to grow during the forecast timespan owing to their applications in airports, commercial units, and the residential sector. Systems such as metal detectors, X-ray inspection machines, and turnstile & revolving doors can be easily deployed at low cost or on rent basis and are instrumental in dissuading criminals carrying explosives and armaments from

Gas Sensors Market By Product, By Technology, By Application, By Region-Forecast …

Infrared technology-based components are expected to gain considerable share of the gas sensors market, owing to the high operational efficiency. These components are immune to contamination & poisoning and have fail-safe operation capability. It can operate in continuous presence of gas, which make them suitable for applications in severe environmental conditions. Furthermore, factors such as low maintenance requirements and long-life performance are expected to drive infrared gas sensors market over

Airport Security Market Report 2018-2024 Key Players, and Applications Forecast

The screening application segment of the airport security market is anticipated to dominate in terms of revenue during the forecast timespan. Various governments, in light of rising attacks, have initiated stringent baggage and traveller scanning protocols. For instance, the Liquids Rule issued by the Transportation Security Administration in the U.S restricts the quantity of fluids in hand-held baggage. This is to dissuade terrorist attacks from the carriage of corrosive and

IoT Healthcare market to grow at 15% CAGR over 2017-2024

IoT Healthcare market is expected to grow at over 15% CAGR to reach USD 10 billion by 2024. Growing demand for remote monitoring of patients is anticipated to fuel the industry growth over the forecast timeline. Adoption of smart digital solutions is on the rise across the sector. The increasing implementation of the technology to enhance various operations and improve the doctor-patient interaction provides impetus to the IoT healthcare market

IoT Utilities Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 2017-2024

Asia Pacific IoT utilities market will witness substantial growth over the forecast timeline. The growth can be credited to the presence of large number of electricity & gas production facilities across the region. Growing adoption of digital technology followed by the increasing rate of use cases across the sector further contributes to the industry demand. Heavy investments by the utility companies across the region to upgrade energy infrastructure is boosting

Middle East District Cooling Market – Business and Innovation Trends 2017-2024

The notable players in the Middle East district cooling market includes (Empower), National Central Cooling Company PJSC (Tabreed), Qatar Cool, Stellar Energy, Siemens, ADC Energy, Logstor, Marafeq Qatar and Emicool. Middle East District Cooling Market is predicted to surpass USD 12 billion by 2024. Ongoing investments toward numerous government projects coupled with rapid urbanization in the GCC countries will propel the Middle East district cooling market share. Increasing investments for a

Smart Electric Meter Market Segmented by Application and Geography Trends, Growt …

U.S. smart electric meter market is driven by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mandating utility companies to provide accurate billings along with increasing rate of energy utilization. For instance, ARRA and the U.S. Energy Department made a joint investment of USD 30 billion to provide a stimulus to a wide range of energy development programs across the country along with simultaneously increasing the existing smart grid capacity. Japan’s smart electric

Smart Sensor Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 2016-2024

North America dominated the smart sensor market with major market share in 2015 pertaining to the rising adoption across various industry verticals to provide concerning consumer protection and safe working environment. The presence of major industry players such as Atmel Corporation, Infineon Technologies and Qualcomm Inc contributes to the industry growth in the region. Global Smart Sensor Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 17% to reach USD

Window automation Market: Segmented by Application and Growth, Forecasts to 2024

Europe is expected to continue its dominance over the forecast timeline owing to the rapid acceptance of automated ventilation solutions in increasing the infrastructural development. Increasing demand for building automation solutions in this region will further increase the demand for the window automation market from 2017 to 2024. Window automation Market will cross USD 7.5 billion by 2024, growing at over 5% CAGR during the forecast period 2017 to 2024. Increasing

Car Sharing Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2018-2024

North America and Europe are the regions having the highest car sharing market share. This is basically due to quick adoption rates by people in this region. On the other hand, the industry in China is rising at the rate of 40% CAGR and is set to drive the Asia Pacific growth. Car Sharing Market is set to exceed USD 15 billion by 2024, spurred by the rise in demand for

3D Scanning Market - Industry Trends, Technology, Applications and Growth Driver …

3D scanning market is expected to witness high demand from the entertainment industry, owing to the increasing applications in gaming sector. EA Sports is the first gaming company to use this technology to laser scan every hole featured in the game at Augusta National Golf Club. It enables the players to gain knowledge about the authentic digital presentation of the tournament. In 2015, FIFA also used this technology to capture

India Point of Sale Terminals Market Innovation Trends and Current Business Tren …

In the components segment, hardware segment accounted for majority of the India POS terminals market share as it offers distinctive designs and versatility suiting every industry need. The hardware includes handhelds, terminals, PC workstations, and self-service kiosks which are capable of managing the challenges of the retailers. Hardware is widely being adopted in India owing to its ease of implementation on the smart devices. India POS Terminals Market size was

Third Party Logistics Market By Product, By Solution, By Mode, By Region - Forec …

Rising transportation costs will encourage shippers to discover new alternatives in order to minimize distribution and shipping costs out of the supply chain. 3PL market service providers offers timely and effective logistics solutions which in turn optimize transportation costs. The rising trend of e-commerce accompanied by entrepreneurial ventures will favor the 3PL market demand for customized logistics services. Third Party Logistics (3PL) Market is projected to surpass USD 1 trillion

Earphones and Headphones Market – Research Report Released with Growth, Latest …

The earphones market accounted for the majority of the 2016 shipments due to the short product replacement cycles, rising demand for consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, music players and others coupled with increasing disposable income in emerging nations. Companies and manufacturers are looking to offer product differentiation in terms of value added features for sports, athletics and others which has led them to focus more on R&D and innovation.

Agricultural Drones Market – Business and Innovation Trends 2017-2024

These UAVs facilitate farmers with aerial cameras for crop monitoring, soil & field analysis, and health assessment of the yield and irrigation assistance. These pros are expected to increase the product adoption among the farmers in the coming years. Farm equipment manufacturers are including the digitalization of farms by providing various features such as GPS, geomapping, satellite imagery, and automated systems. This increasing adoption of precision agriculture will stimulate the

Vacuum Coating Equipment Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2017-2024

Key applications of physical vapor deposition are storage, solar panels and microelectronics. Microelectronics application is gaining popularity in recent times. Storage application shall witness significant growth owing to the rapid industrialization globally. Governments, particularly in China and India are promoting solar energy usage and solar power generation plants, which shall positively influence global vacuum coating equipment market in the coming years. "Vacuum Coating Equipment Market is forecast to reach USD

Europe Warm Edge Spacer Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking …

Introduction of thermos-modernization plan by Polish government for refabricating the windows, and keep check on thermal transmittance of building envelope will complement the business landscape. Poland warm edge spacer market accounted for over 20 million meters in 2016. Subsidy and tax rebates by government on energy efficient products will boost the business growth. Turkey warm edge spacer market will witness a significant growth with growing acceptance of glazing windows with

Smart Water Metering Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities Worldw …

Commercial applications of smart water metering market share accounted for over 35% for 2016. Utility & commercial end users realizing the importance of effectively mapping water usage and its conservation, which will help to positively influence the business landscape. Smart water metering market from residential applications is projected to surpass 90 million units by 2024 owing to rising demand for accuracy and transparency in billing. This product has witnessed high

Machine Translation Market – Research Report Released with Growth, Latest Tren …

Automotive applications in the machine translation market will witness significant growth owing to the growing usage of the technology in efficiently translating how-to manuals, technical documentation, motor part catalogs, and automotive websites. TIt aims at providing cost effective localization services for the automotive industries. "Global Machine Translation Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 15% to exceed USD 1.5 billion by 2024. Technological advancements have led to

Smart Gas Metering Systems Market – Trends Research And Projections For 2017-2 …

Residential application from smart gas metering systems market accounted for over 25% share in 2016 owing to the growing consumer awareness followed with affordable gas prices. Commercial applications are projected to observe sturdy growth owing to the increasing adoption of gas as an alternative to the other conventional energy sources and is thereby expected to witness a revenue growth of above 9% by 2024. Increasing investments towards smart grids program

Energy Management System Market: Segmented by Application and Geography Trends, …

Germany was valued over 25% of Europe energy management system market share in 2015. The German government has unveiled several programs including National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency, to promote investment in energy efficient building & products and innovative industrial operations. The authorities have also offered SMEs subsidy of at least 30% to improve the efficiency of manufacturing process by upgrading technologies and equipment. The country targets to cut its

Flow Chemistry Market to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Period 2016-2 …

North America flow chemistry market is projected to have gains more than 9% CAGR by 2024. Robust regional pharmaceutical industry and extensive natural gas and petrochemical feedstock will boost regional growth. Asia Pacific region bears brighter growth aspects in the forecast period, owing to the strong prevalence of chemical manufacturers in India and China. The drifting focus among the global manufacturers, for setting up manufacturing facilities in Asia Pacific, due to

Thin Film Solar Cells Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 20 …

UK thin film solar cells market share in 2015 accounted for over 25% of the regional share in terms of revenue and is projected to exceed 4 GW by 2024. Favorable government subsidies including feed-in tariff schemes along with government focus for sustainable energy adoptions will positively influence the business outlook. South Africa thin film solar cells market in 2015 was valued for above 20 MW and is projected to witness

Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 201 …

North America is anticipated to dominate the overall IVA market owing the early technological adoption. In addition, increasing adoption of smartphones coupled with the implementation of BYOD business model is expected to boost the demand for IVA in the region. Asia Pacific IVA market is expected to witness significant growth pertaining to the growth in emerging economies such as China and India. Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) Market is set to exceed

Electrostatic Precipitator Market - Popular Trends & Technological advancements …

Increasing use electrostatic precipitator in thermal power plant owing to its ability to remove fly ash from the electric utility boiler emissions will positively encourage the growth of electrostatic precipitator market share. The use of this equipment is increasing rapidly on account of environmental laws and new strict air code. Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market is expected to grow at over 5% CAGR to surpass USD 8 billion by 2024. Stringent government

LiDAR Industry Share, Growth, Analysis, Statistics, Trends, Forecast Report, 202 …

The LiDAR market can be segmented on the basis of products as airborne, terrestrial, mobile, short range. Mobile accounted for around 20% of the overall revenue in the year 2015. Capacity of removing the necessity for deployment prices, rises the security of data by eliminating the need for traffic deviation and offers safety for the project employees. Around 40% of the revenue in the year 2015 is by the Airborne

Solar Control Window Films Market Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities W …

Enhanced safety and improved quality are some of the salient features which will positively influence the solar control window films market. The product provides a shield across glass which keeps the broken glass in place if any breakage occurs. Growing demand for alternative products including smart glass to reduce the cost for air conditioning, lighting, curtains, heating or blinding of the room may hinder the solar control window films market

Solar Cells Market – Business and Innovation Trends 2016-2024

China accounted for over 45% of the global solar cells market share in 2015. Rising investment in the photovoltaic industry along with tax credits, soft loans, and other special grants by the government will stimulate the business outlook. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, photovoltaic industry has witnessed record investment of USD 12.3 billion in 2015. Global Solar Cells Market is expected to grow at over 12% to

Industrial Machinery Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2016 – 202 …

Need for advanced vehicles in Asia Pacific market equipped with emission control systems is likely to propel the industrial machinery market growth. Government regulations and regulatory support in the form of tax benefits have positively affected the infrastructure activities in China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Escalating focus on infrastructure developments coupled with the growing need for modernization of industrial procedures is expected to drive the industrial machinery market growth. Industrial

Energy Efficient Windows Market: Segmented by Application and Geography Trends, …

Key players in energy efficient windows market are Milgard Manufacturing, Marvin Windows & Doors, Pella, Associated Material, Atrium, Soft-Lite, Andersen, YKK AP, Jeld-Wen, and Kolbe & Kolbe. Global Energy Efficient Windows Market is expected to grow at over 10% CAGR to surpass USD 15 billion by 2024. Significant growth in global construction accompanied with several government initiatives including energy efficient and zero emissions buildings will propel the industry growth. Majority of

High-k and ALD/CVD Metal Precursor Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opport …

Several manufacturers are now shifting their focus towards chemical, dielectric and optical properties of hybrid inorganic-organic films in order to minimize manufacturing costs. Increasing intellectual property rights (IPR) protection laws will play a key role in IPR filings on chemical designs and precursor material composition. Strategic alliances along the high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market value chain are required to effectively provide chemicals for the equipment in terms of new

Optical Sensors Market – Research Report Released with Growth, Latest Trends a …

With a wide range of applications, the scope for sustainable growth increases. The sensors can be controlled using remote or stationary devices, and act as a perfect aid for security and surveillance systems. Other additional features like LED color detection, sound detection, background lighting help increase the user experience. They use minimal power and have very low carbon emissions. The global smartphone market rise is directly proportional to the demand

UHD/4K Panel Market - Business and Innovation Trends 2018-2024

OLED technology leads the UHD/4K Panel market owing to the rising integration of these equipment in mobile phones and tablets. LCD segment is anticipated to hit approximately USD 18 billion by 2024. Use of light modulating properties and low power consumption is likely to propel the LCD technology demand in the forecast time frame. UHD/4K Panel Market will witness a growth of 11% CAGR by 2024 on account of the rising

Outdoor LED Display Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2018-2024

Based on technology, individually mounted segment will witness a significant rise in the outdoor LED display market. Increasing demand for large display screens with high watching distance is expected to boost retailers and commercial builders to accept this technology. It produces less heat and offers longer duration when compared to conventional devices. Outdoor LED Display Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the forecast timeline. Emerging

Process Spectroscopy Market Trends, Growth and Forecast Report to 2024

Process spectroscopy is a technique which involves the application of spectroscopy that includes studying the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation. With process spectroscopy users can monitor, analyze, and control process along with enhancing the quality of product and recognizing the defects in product materials. Process Spectroscopy Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% to exceed USD 1 billion by 2024. The market growth can be

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) System Market Trends 2018 & Forecasts to 2024

Rising demand for automobiles and the need to address fuel economy requirements from the price sensitive user base are forecast to drive the GDI system market. Stringent regulations pertaining to carbon dioxide emission and other standards will attract a larger customer base. Furthermore, technological advancements and developments such as use of controlled valve and drive systems in order to provide optimal fuel economy metrics will stimulate the gasoline direct injection

Enterprise Application Market Innovation Trends and Current Business Trends from …

A cloud-based enterprise application is expected to dominate the industry over the forecast time span owing to its features such as disaster recovery, high accessibility, less capital involvement, and effective project monitoring. The on-premise segment is projected to witness a considerable growth rate due to rising adoption of these solutions on company’s on-premise computers. Enterprise Application Market is expected to surpass USD 280 billion by 2024. Rising need for interconnecting business

Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Market 2024: unequivocal Analysis & Global Forecast

Growing discoveries of unconventional reserves coupled with increasing number of gas fired power generation stations across the globe will drive the gas pipeline infrastructure market size. In 2016, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) published that shale production in the country surpassed 15.2 trillion cubic meter (tcm) in 2015 experiencing over 1.7 tcm year on year increase. Global Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Market size is set to exceed USD 2 trillion by

Waste Heat To Power Market 2024: emerging Trend & Growth Drivers Analysis

Growing measures to reduce the energy bills by residual heat utilization will drive the waste heat to power market size. Volatile fuel prices along with rising electricity demand will further influence the industry growth. In 2016, according to the U.S energy information administration, industrial and commercial sector consumed approximately 4,450 trillion British thermal unit energy. Waste Heat To Power Market size will cross USD 30 billion by 2024, as reported

Busbar Trunking System Market to surpass USD 1 Billion by 2024

Growing demand for reliable and cost-efficient distribution networks coupled with mounting investments toward rapid urbanization and industrialization across developing economies will drive the global busbar trunking system market. Ongoing electricity generation from power plants along with rapid deployment of the renewable energy will positively impact the business growth. High degree of fire safety along with low space requirements will further boost the product penetration. Busbar Trunking System market size will

Busbar Market 2024: Unequivocal Analysis & Global Forecast

Increasing demand for electrical conductor to carry large current within distribution board, substation, battery bank, switch board will stimulate the global busbar market size. Ability to offer stiffness to allow effective cooling of conductors, lower assembly time, reduced complexity and ability to tap-in without creating a new joint institute a favorable business scenario. Busbar Market size will reach over USD 20 billion by 2024, as reported in the latest study

Display Market - Industry Trends Growth Forecast Research 2017-2024

Some of the key vendors in the display market include Fujitsu Limited, Pax Technology, Inc., NCR Corporation, TCL Displays, Epson America, Inc., Posiflex Technology, Inc., Diebold Nixdorf, Inc., Fametech, Inc., Displax SA, Topfoison Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Ingenico Group. The industry is exceedingly competitive with the presence of a large number of global and regional players. The manufacturers differentiate their products based on cost, quality, and technology. For instance,

IP Camera Market – Industry Trends, Growth Rate and Forecast Research From 201 …

IP camera market is expected to gain traction over the next seven years owing to the increasing use of these devices in applications such as senior citizen monitoring, baby monitoring, and pet monitoring. Customers prefer a cost-effective option of IP cameras over the costlier baby or nanny cams. These devices enable the parents to view their child’s activity through web-enabled smartphone, laptops, or iPads. Furthermore, these devices are being widely

Industrial Robotics Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2018-2024

The segmentation of the industrial robotics market by product indicates that collaborative robots are expected to have the highest growth rate over the forecast timeframe. These have a large work envelope and high usage as they allow employees to work alongside and are priced significantly lower as compared to its counterparts. Additionally, the adoption of the collaborative industrial robotics market decreases human idle time by 85% and substantially boosts the

Computer Engineering Market Growth, Trends, Overview, Research Forecast from 201 …

Several component manufacturers operating in the computer engineering market are adopting the miniaturization trend by offering consumers flexible mounting options, smaller sizes, and are integrating multiple functionalities into a single set. This has allowed the semiconductors to be utilized in applications, such as in the healthcare devices for surgical and smart fitness products. The growing demand and awareness of smart fitness products is encouraging several product developers to invest in

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