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Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants Market to exceed $3.4bn by 2024

Non Halogenated Flame Retardants Market share is anticipated to exceed USD 3.4 billion till 2024; as per a new study published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing investment in the construction sector coupled with stringent regulations towards fire safety will propel the industry outlook. Europe non halogenated flame retardants market is governed by regulations introduced by WEEE and REACH. WEEE directive 2012/19/EU aims to substantially increase recycling capacity

EMEA Container Technology Market to grow at 35% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

EMEA Container Technology Market set to exceed USD 2.4 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The market growth is attributed to increasing need for improving developer efficiency and resource utilization, need for improving scalability and lowering costs and demand for supporting microservices architectures. A major benefit of using containers is their portability. As they wrap an application along with its runtime environment

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Market outlook with industry review and fore …

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Market will grow considerably over the span of few years, owing to its extensive use in hospitals, private clinics, and diagnostics & ambulatory care centers. Growing trend towards value-based healthcare services along with a great need to lower billing errors will fuel the industry growth over the coming seven years. As per Global Market Insights, Inc., “Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Industry is projected to hit USD

Global Exoskeleton Industry to hit $3.4 Bn by 2024

ReWalk Robotics’ soft exoskeleton launch has apparently taken exoskeleton market by storm. The product has been exclusively designed by the USA-based exoskeleton industry player to help in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from lower leg limb disability due to strokes. The device would also help patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis to heal faster and regain their balance. Characterized by technological innovations, exoskeleton market strives to bring about a

Intragastric Balloon Market analysis research and trends report for 2016-2024

High prevalence of obesity coupled with growing preference toward minimally invasive bariatric surgeries will fuel intragastric balloons industry size. In 2014, the U.S. alone accounted for nearly 35% of the global obese population, and obesity inadvertently leads to disorders such as gall bladder disease, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Rising incidences of obesity among adults and technological advancements in surgical procedures to minimize health risks caused due to obesity will

Homecare Oxygen Concentrators Market outlook with industry review and forecasts

Homecare oxygen concentrator market is poised to generate lucrative revenue over the coming six years, primarily due to the increasing product demand among the growing geriatric population base. The rising prevalence of respiratory and pulmonary disorders among the aging population across the globe will lead to an upsurge in the demand for homecare oxygen concentrators, thereby propelling the industry growth. As per the report by Global Market Insights, Inc., “Worldwide

Clinical nutrition market share research by applications and regions for 2017-20 …

The world is witnessing a rise in the number of disorders subject to the lack of proper nutrition, as per scientists. Clinical nutrition market size is expected to grow exponentially subject to this very factor. Clinical nutrition entails the administering of nutritional products to patients suffering from malnutrition, metabolic disorders, and other chronic diseases. It also involves the diet supply and management for in patients and out patients. The growing

Automotive Collision Repair Market to cross USD 220 billion by 2024: Global Mark …

Automotive Collision Repair Market in Europe is predicted to dominate the industry in terms of revenue share over the forecast timespan. Rising demand of painting & coating in Eastern Europe is another factor responsible for catapulting the regional growth till 2024. Increasing replacement of damaged plastics & metal parts will significantly contribute in the revenue generation. Automotive Collision Repair Market size is estimated to surpass USD 220 billion by 2024;

Global Compounding Pharmacies Market to hit $12bn by 2024

The 2015 acquisition of JCB Laboratories by Fagron North America marked the genesis of a remarkable transformation in Compounding Pharmacies Market of the United States. The new entity, then named as Fagron Sterile Services, worth USD 15 million, was until 2015, Fagron’s largest capital investment made in more than 20 years. The same year also witnessed Slade Pharmacy Services partnering with Fresenius Kabi to buy out its oncology compounding segment

Rising demand for regenerative medicines to boost the biopreservation market

Increasing demand for preserving stem cells and rise in the number of egg & sperm banks along with the growing implementation of assisted reproductive technology (ART) across the globe is expected to boost the Biopreservation market demand over the coming years. Growing healthcare awareness among the people as well as technological breakthroughs in healthcare are predicted to complement the industry growth. A large global population suffering from lifestyle related diseases

Unified Communications and Collaboration Market to grow at 9% CAGR from 2017 to …

UCC Market is set to exceed USD 57 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. driven by rapid adoption of mobile devices. The unified communications and collaboration market growth is attributed to the growing penetration of mobile devices and increasing adoption of BYOD trend across enterprises on a global scale. Over the last 10 years, mobile devices have evolved from just a means for

Middle East cable market is projected to exceed USD 11.5 billion by 2023

Increasing number of construction projects and rising power requirement will fuel Middle East Cable Market. The need to address the large requirement for electricity across the globe has resulted in an increased number of power generation projects. Favorable government initiatives, investments in smart city development in the Middle East, rapid urbanization, tourism, and infrastructural development is also expected to catalyze Middle East cable market growth. The rising necessity for replacing old

Middle east distribution transformer market growth is driven by rising demand fo …

Middle East Distribution Transformer Market size contribution was more than $2.76 billion for 2015 and is projected to register CAGR of 3.91% during forecast timeframe. Increasing demand for alternate power source and growing cost of electricity production has resulted in transition from traditional electric grid use to smart grid use. Today, there is a growing focus on renewable energy sources due to less accessibility of non-renewable energy sources. Amalgamation of

Healthcare Analytics Market analysis research and trends report for 2017-2024

Healthcare analytics market is witnessing a phenomenon of sorts, with the increasing number of remote consultations and monitoring practices across the globe. The surging adoption of smart phones and tablets will favorably attribute the product demand across myriad medical application arenas such as financial, clinical, and operations management. Growing emergence of electronic devices in the medical sector to maintain electronic records of patients will stimulate healthcare analytics industry. Additionally, the

Holographic imaging market outlook with industry review and forecasts

With the exploration of potential contributions of holograms in medical space, holographic imaging market is likely to carve an escalating growth trajectory in the coming time frame. Until recently, medical images produced by MRI, CT scan, or X-ray, were mostly 2D slices of three-dimensional objects. The interpretation of these images requires spatial calculations which sometimes result in loss of appropriate clinical information. With the advent of holographic imaging, the calculation

Cancer Gene Therapy Market, Industry Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Mar …

Rapid technological breakthroughs and the rising acceptance of newly emerging genomic technologies like next-generation sequencing and high-density DNA microarrays is predicted to drive the cancer gene therapy market growth. Furthermore, the government support for these technologies is predicted to further boost the industry trends over the coming years. For instance, centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) favors countrywide screening programs for breast cancer control and cervical & colorectal cancers

Air Compressor Market will grow by a CAGR of more than 3% up to 2024.

The competitive matrix of self-compacting concrete market is all inclusive of top notch companies that have been heavily investing in strong alliances to come up with innovative solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally viable. For instance, Tarmac, one of the most acclaimed U.K. based sustainable material group, recently acquired the remaining 50% share of Scottish Power, under the long-standing ScotAsh joint venture. Reportedly, through the deal, the

Global Neurovascular Devices Market share valued USD 2.3 bn by 2024

An exponential rise in the global patient base and technological developments in the medical space will spur Neurovascular devices market. Key business strategies such as strategic partnerships and mergers & acquisitions are expected to play a vital role in influencing the industry trends. For instance, in April 2017, Johnsons & Johnson’s Codman Neuro, a global neurovascular & neurosurgery firm, announced the purchase of Neuravi Limited, an Irish firm producing medical

Firewall as a Service Market to grow at 25% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

The exponentially rising cases of cyber-attacks, which have practically plagued every industry, is one of the most profound factors driving firewall as a service market share. As per reliable estimates, cybercrime seemingly falls under the criteria of top two reported crimes at a global level. Estimates further suggest that, worldwide, approximately, more than 50% of the organizations have been targeted by cyber criminals over the past two years. The matter

Small Hydropower Market size on installation base was over 110 GW in 2015.The in …

Global Small Hydropower Market size by installed base was more than 110 GW for 2015 and is predicted to register more than 2.5% growth during the forecast period. Demand for pure and renewable source of energy has resulted in growth of the industry. The reason being that hydropower is purest form of renewable energy and does not pollute the environment by emitting hazardous pollutants like carbon dioxide. Also, small hydropower

U.S. Industrial Boiler Market size in 2016 was valued over USD 450 million and i …

Growing investments across chemical sector coupled with positive outlook towards food and beverage industry will drive the U.S. industrial boiler market. In 2015, total foreign investment across chemical sector exceeded USD 475 billion accounting for over 38% of total FDI in the country. Increasing refining capacity on account of resurgent fuel demand will positively impact the industry landscape. As of January 2017, crude distillation capacity in the country reached 18.6

Aromatic Solvents Market to hitt $7.84bn by 2024

Aromatic Solvents Market size is likely to reach USD 7.84 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Global aromatic solvents market is primarily driven by high product demand in paints, coatings and ink industry. Aromatic solvents such as benzene, ethylbenzene, mixed xylenes and toluene have excellent evaporation and solvency. It also forms a homogenous solution over other solvents. Paints & coatings accounted more

Indian Aerospace and Defense Industry to expand $23bn by 2024

Favorable government legislations encouraging production of power saving semiconductor devices will benefit high-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor market. High application potential of semiconductors in mobiles, smartphones, iPhones, cars, and DTV are expected to enhance the growth prospects of the industry over the coming years. As per Global Market Insights, Inc., research study “High-k and ALD/CVD metal precursor industry size is forecast to hit USD 965 million by 2024.” Today, industry

Automated Immunoassay Analyzers Market trends research and projections for 2017- …

Automated Immunoassay Analyzers Market size is set to exceed USD 25 billion by 2024; according to a new research study published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rising prevalence of infectious diseases and growing geriatric population has led to high diagnostic test volumes, aiding a trend shift towards lab automation. Technological innovation for development of effective lab equipment will drive global automated immunoassay analyzers market. Request sample copy @ Increasing consolidation

HLA Typing for Transplant Market to surpass $720 mn by 2024

HLA Typing for Transplant Market size is set to exceed USD 720 million by 2024; according to a new research study published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing number of individuals afflicted with terminal and irreversible organ failure is resulting in an increasing demand for organ transplant procedures which will drive industry growth during the forecast years. Request sample copy @ Elderly population has a higher vulnerability towards various chronic

Americas Container Technology Market to grow at 35% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Americas Container Technology Market set to exceed USD 3.5 billion by 2024. Consistent innovations performed by key players developing container solutions to effectively manage and run applications belonging to distinct computing platforms within containers will fuel the regional demand. By introducing new features for different functions such as data management and data security, organizations are enhancing the utility of their container solutions. Additionally, aggressive expansion by cloud service providers in

Chemical Indicator Inks Market to exceed $78.3mn by 2024

Chemical Indicator Inks Market size is forecast to touch USD 78.35 million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Robust sterilization equipment & disinfectants demand will propel global chemical indicator inks market size. Sterilization device demand will be driven by increased surgical instruments reprocessing technique, which was valued more than USD 5.5 billion. Furthermore, improvised technologies such as steam, hydrogen peroxide & plasma and ethylene

Africa Off Grid Solar Lighting Industry revenue is forecast to hit USD 1.4 billi …

High electricity deficit across rural areas of Africa plus escalating requirement for clean energy will stimulate Africa Off Grid Solar Lighting Market expansion. Nearly, 590 million of the African population, encompassing 130 million urban base, are facing power supply problems. Furthermore, plummeting prices of off grid renewable energy systems, owing to technological innovations and growing economies of scale are predicted to further drive the industry trends. Even today, a major

Hydrogen Generation Market size was above USD 110 billion in 2015 with forecast …

Rising popularity of petroleum products in emerging economies is expected to stimulate Hydrogen Generation Market Size over the next few years. Hydrogen is primarily used in refining process such as hydro desulfurization to remove sulfur from refined petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, jet fuels, etc. and make them more usable. Strict norms to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from aircraft, ships, automobiles, industrial furnaces, and railroad locomotives will drive hydrogen

Rheology Modifiers Market to hit $6.83bn by 2024

Rheology Modifiers Market size is set to reach USD 6.83 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Paint & coatings dominated the global rheology modifiers market size and accounted for more than 30% of global share in 2015. These are extensively used to upgrade paint properties including emulsion stability, leveling and anti-sagging. In water based paints, they are used to increase the paints

U.S. Medical Gas Equipment Market share to exceed $2.4 bn by 2024

Growing demand for home-based healthcare services subject to domestic comfort and convenience will drive medical gas equipment market over the years to come. A recent survey depicted that more than 85% of the geriatric population in America prefers home healthcare. In fact, Medicare provides homecare to more than 3.5 million Medicare beneficiaries, as more than 90% of American seniors prefer the Medicare home health benefit. This will massively propel Medical

Global Pharmacovigilance Market Trend will witness a sustainable 10.3% growth

Pharmacovigilance has a firm foothold in medical sector in consequence to mandatory drug safety monitoring. This will impel pharmacovigilance market, which is gaining remarkable momentum owing to a strict regulatory framework pertaining to drug testing and approval. Leading pharmacovigilance service providers often collaborate with CROs and their compeers to maximize their service portfolio and offer customized, foolproof services. Key players accumulating a major share of pharmacovigilance industry include Accenture, Cognizant Technology

Global Streaming Devices Industry to hit $25bn by 2024

Streaming Devices Market was estimated at over USD 5 billion with shipments of over 60 million units in 2016, and is set to reach USD 25 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The global unit shipments will grow at over 15% CAGR from 2017 to 2024. A prime factor contributing to the high adoption of the streaming devices industry is the rising penetration

Vitreoretinal Surgery of Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices Market to reach USD 15 …

Growing occurrence of cataract in the aging population along with high life expectancy will promote ophthalmic viscosurgical devices market development. Aging population, more prone to ocular as well as ophthalmic conditions, is expected to boost the industry trends. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., “Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices Market size is estimated to reach USD 790 million by 2024.” High incidence of diabetes and rising awareness about regular eye check-ups will

UK Artificial Disc Industry to witness over 19% CAGR

Artificial disc market is gaining huge popularity, as the artificial disc replacement technique is proving to be a safe and a better alternative for spiral fusion. Basically, this procedure involves replacing a painful disc with a prosthesis or an artificial disc. Spinal disorders are getting increasingly commonplace subject to sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and a growing aging population. One such potential driver of artificial disc market is the growing prevalence of

FLNG Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 10 billion and is set to exceed 30 …

Favorable government initiatives including fiscal incentives to improve energy supply security will drive the FLNG market size. In 2017, the European Union enacted a proposal to invest USD 500 million in priority energy infrastructure including the implementation of FSRU vessels in the Member States. In 2016, the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funded the construction of Croatia floating LNG import facility with an objective of diversifying the country’s energy supply. Significant

Hydrogen Generation Market size was above USD 110 billion in 2015 with forecast …

Strict regulatory norms to reduce sulfur content with measures to reduce the carbon footprint will drive the global hydrogen generation market size. U.S. federal and state governments have adopted various programs including the Tier 3 program to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline, motor oil, and diesel, which aims to lower the gasoline sulfur content up to 10 ppm in 2017. Growing demand for petroleum products from developing countries is anticipated

Global Residential Boiler Market is set to reach over 10 million units by 2024

Growing inclination toward energy-efficient heating systems across domestic arena is likely to bring a new dimension in residential boiler market trends. It has been observed that residential heating sector accounts for a major portion of GHG emission and carbon footprints at a global scale, a factor that has profoundly acted in favor of residential boiler market penetration across developing economies. This can be quite evidenced by the Environmental Protection Agency

Generator Sets Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 17 billion and is set to …

Intensifying demand for self-generating power owing to unreliable grid infrastructure and chronic power shortages will drive the global generator sets market size. The industry growth is primarily attributed to rapid industrialization, expanding population size and inadequate power supply across the emerging economies. According to the International Energy Agency, power grid supply is unavailable for more than 540 hours per year in the sub-Saharan Africa. The exponential expansion of the data center

Wind Energy Market size is predicted to reach over an annual installation of 90 …

Growing demand for renewable energy coupled with rising awareness towards environmental conservation will stimulate the global market size. National targets for clean energy along with ongoing depletion of fossil fuel reserves will further propel the industry growth. In 2016, France set its target of renewable energy capacity to 70 GW by 2023 including 23 GW from onshore wind. Declining project development cost subject to fall in component prices favored by government

Healthcare laboratory informatics market analysis research and trends report

Within the realm of information processing, healthcare laboratory informatics market is rapidly emerging as a renowned business fraternity, of late. Growing demand for integration of clinical data and workflow management solutions has brought tremendous growth opportunities in healthcare laboratory informatics industry across the globe. The widening scope of laboratory informatics solution in healthcare to enable improved regulatory compliance and better diagnosis has further stimulated the industry demand. According to Global

Breastfeeding accessories market trends research and projections

BelleMa, one of the global leaders in breastfeeding accessories market, has recently announced its partnership with Sunset Healthcare Solutions, one of the top producers and distributors of homecare products. The alliance will enable BelleMa to sell its line of breast pumps to the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Market via Sunset Healthcare - in effect, the homecare product manufacturer will act as BelleMa’s sales & distribution channel for hospitals, clinics, home

Research and Development led the Digital Genome Market share to exceed $23bn by …

Medical research has witnessed genomics as the most rapidly evolving area transforming the healthcare system. Digital genome market has witnessed a boom with the growing emphasis on personalized medicine. The use of the genomics concept to study a broad range of genomes in depth and to solve seemingly endless custom queries, is expected to leverage the global digital genome industry. As per a report by Global Market Insights Inc., “Digital

Global Orthopedic Devices Market to grow at 3% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

The world has been witnessing an increase in the prevalence of obesity and diabetes, which is likely to spur Orthopedic devices market. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor diet intake, smoking trends, and lack of physical activity has led to a rise in the number of bone disorders, which will stimulate the necessity for orthopedic devices. In addition, medical research has enabled the contraption of highly advanced innovations in the

Zonal Isolation Market is predicted to grow at over 6% CAGR from 2016 to 2024

The graph of Zonal Isolation Market is expected to display a high surge over the next few years, pushed by growing number of drilling operations carried out across the offshore and onshore destinations. Technological innovations have helped the industry players explore new oil & gas wells and this has significantly contributed towards the industry growth. Increase in number of shale gas exploration along with heavy crude oil demand due to

Solar Street Lighting Market size was over USD 2.9 billion in 2015 with forecast …

Increasing emphasis on the eco-friendly environment, free from carbon footprints, is expanding the business space for Solar Street lighting market globally. With the growing demand for energy conservation, Solar street lighting has become quite a popular means of off-grid power supply. SLs are units using solar energy to illuminate streets or other open areas, generally installed in two modes- Standalone and Grid connected. An estimate says that in 2013, approximately 1.2

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs Market analysis research and trends report for 2017 …

Regarded as one of the oldest business verticals of healthcare and medical devices industry, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs market has been consistently demonstrating a lucrative growth trend over the past few years. The massive surge in the number of citizens, who are increasingly opting self-medication over visiting a doctor to treat common ailments, has been the prominent factor which has vigorously impelled the growth prospects of the global OTC drugs industry.

Esoteric Testing Market share research by applications and regions for 2017-2024

The commercialization potential of the esoteric testing market is quite evident from the proliferation of companion diagnostics in the sphere of oncology drug development over the past few years. Significant investments in genomics research over the past couple of years have resulted in remarkable advancements in medical science. Genetic testing is one such direct benefit of the clinical research, which, of late, has been gaining popularity with the increasing occurrences

Pet Cancer Therapeutics Market outlook with industry review and forecasts

The rising trend of pet owners wanting to extend the life quality of pets through therapeutic modalities will spur pet cancer therapeutics market revenue. As per the estimates by NIH (National Institute of Health), nearly 6 million dogs and cats in the U.S. are said to be diagnosed with cancer. This offers a lucrative opportunity for the medical fraternity to study the correlation between the cancers occurring in human beings

Breast Implants Market Share,Size,Trends Analysis & Forecast to 2024

Breast implants market is being chronicled among the more remunerative business spheres in recent times, owing to the rising trend of women undergoing breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Breast implants have been taking on priority among women given their increasing eagerness to look fit and attractive, while maintaining their breast volume and overall body fitness. The inception of breast implants market dates back to the 19th century, when in 1890,

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