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Alyaka Features Supadra Geronimo of Siam Seas in an Exclusive Interview

Supadra Geronimo, the professional pool player is also an interesting personality in the natural beauty industry. Learn more about the influencer and the brand that she has put up in an exclusive interview with Alyaka. 2017, July London - Alyaka, a reputable source of organic beauty products and niche perfumes in the UK, has recently featured Supadra Geronimo in an exclusive interview in line with the influencer series that it publishes

Kerry Moore of Amly Botanicals in an Exclusive Interview with Alyaka

Alyaka has featured Kerry Moore, the co-founder of Amly Botanicals, in an interview in line with the influencer features that it publishes in its magazine. Backed with her knowledge in homeopathy and holistic health, Kerry Moore has founded Amly Botanicals together with Lisa O’Connor to provide natural skin care products that use anti ageing actives, highly concentrated flower waters, extracts and pure essential oils, that are processed through the synergy

Katy Simpson Shares Exclusive Insights with Alyaka

2017, May London - In its recent influencer interview, Alyaka shares some exclusive insights from Katy Simpson, the creative director and co-founder of Noble Isle, a luxury bath and body brand that captures ‘Britain in a Bottle'. The influencer has also shared a brief background of the well-recognised brand that gives honour to the natural riches of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Along with three other founders, Katy Simpson has

Michèle Evrard in an Exclusive Interview with Alyaka

A trained pharmacist and an expert in cosmetological research, Michèle Evrard shares some insights about her life as an influencer, as well as the brand she established. Michèle Evrard, the founder of Cosmetics 27 is the latest industry influencer to be featured in Alyaka’s magazine. The exclusive interview with the trained pharmacist imparts some useful insights, especially for beauty enthusiasts. With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics

Exclusive Interview with Botanical Expert, Krysia Boinis

Krysia Boinis shares some industry insights and beauty tips in this exclusive interview with Alyaka. 2016 September, London - Krysia Boinis is a botanical expert who co-founded Vapour Organic Beauty with Kristine Keheley. Driven by her passion for plants and sustainability, she was able to establish a reputable private label company that specialises in design and manufacture of natural and organic cosmetics. As one of the most notable women behind the success

Exclusive Interview with April Gargiulo of Vintner’s Daughter

In search of a skin care that performs well without the toxic side effects, April Gargiulo, through Vintner’s Daughter, has formulated her desert island product that addresses a range of skin care needs. Learn more about the expert in this exclusive interview with Alyaka. 2016 August, London - Recognised by industry experts, April Gargiulo made her way to the beauty industry many years ago, as she was in search of skin

Exclusive Interview with Organic Skincare Expert, Valerie Grandury

From fighting cancer to fighting wrinkles, Valerie Grandury already has great achievements under her sleeve. Get to know the influencer behind pure and effective organic skincare products in this exclusive interview with Alyaka. 2016 August, London - Valerie Grandury is one of the most interesting personalities in the beauty industry with an inspiring story to tell. From being a Hollywood producer, she took a different path to become an organic skincare

Exclusive Interview with Healing Holistic Facialist, Annee de Mamiel

2016 July, London - Annee de Mamiel, the woman behind skincare solutions that offer a seasonal approach to beauty and personal care is the latest influencer to be included in Alyaka’s list of beauty and skincare experts, that are featured in an interview. Known as the holistic healing facialist, Annee de Mamiel is also an acupuncturist and aromatherapist. Her knowledge in these fields have been instrumental for her to come up

Exclusive Interview with Beauty Alchemist, May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom, known as the beauty alchemist shares her passion for natural and effective beauty products through her very own skincare line. Know more about one of the most sought after beauty gurus through this exclusive interview. 2016 June, London - May Lindstrom, known as the beauty alchemist and the brain behind her own line of beauty and skincare products has been featured recently in an exclusive with Alyaka, UK’s reputable

Exclusive Interview with Botanical Perfumer, Alexandra Balahoutis

Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes shares in an exclusive interview with Alyaka her expert insights as one of the most notable personalities in the field of botanical perfumery. 2016 March, London - Alyaka, a reputable online store of niche perfumes and beauty products in the UK recently published on their website an interview with Ms. Alexandra Balahoutis, a notable botanical perfumer in the United States. Known as the woman behind

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