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Letstrak is a GPS based vehicle tracking system provider catering to various needs of tracking your vehicle be it two wheelers or four wheelers. When your fleet and your people are on the road, time is literally money. The more efficient and productive each stop can be, the better your bottom line. State of the art fleet tracking technology from Letstrak can optimize every service call by providing a wealth of

Mobile App with GPS Tracking to Keep You Safe

Mobile phones, when discovered were considered somewhat bulky and inconvenient equipment; but time has passed and these mobiles phones and other gadgets have start spreading their footprints in the communication technology. Telecom companies has started making certain modification in mobile phones and introduced many user friendly features that makes them a very handy and become a must have accessory for everyone. Started with calling and messaging features, these cell phones

Real Time GPS Tracking System for Kids from Anywhere in the World

1st June 2016 : Letstrak GPS Tracker, a highly versatile GPS tracking system which was named the best GPS tracker for kids in 2016, now features global quad-mode GSM capabilities for secure and dependable GPS tracking from anywhere in the world. With the global quad-mode feature, the reliability of the Letstrak is exceptional, for any application, including personal safety, fleet tracking and covert vehicle monitoring,” said Vikram Kumar, CEO of Letstrak

Your Child Life Can Be Saved With a GPS Tracking Device for Children

Your Childs Life Can Be Saved with a GPS Tracking Device For Children As a parent it is but natural for you to be worried about the safety of your child. Irrespective of the fact that your child is in the park school or at home you will obviously want to keep a track of your kids and only in this way will you be relieved. When you know that

How Charter Bus Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking System

Charter bus companies often have busses that run the same route day in and out – or at least that are supposed to. At the end of the day, you’re taking your drivers’ words for it that they are sticking to the prescribed routes and making all the necessary pickups, pit stops, etc. That is unless you have GPS fleet tracking with real time GPS navigation. Then, there is a whole

Mom Wants Autistic Daughter to Wear GPS Tracker

A California mom wants approval for her autistic daughter to wear a GPS tracking device to school. She says it will prevent her child from wandering, but the school district is fighting that request. The girl's mother, Darcy Cotton, said she does not sleep much."We are always exhausted and constantly living in a state of fear," she said. For the past few years, the mother has been sleeping on the couch,

Letstrak Best Personal Tracking Devices You Should Try Now

Personal trackers getting more thinner and cheaper to fit every budget and situation. From tracking your pets and luggage to giving your accurate location to your loved ones in times of need, these personal trackers are a must whether you are going for a trip or just want to keep track of your belongings. Here’s our best personal tracking devices that make your day more safe and secure. Personal GPS Tracking

Battery Drain on Global Tracking Solutions

The drain caused by tracking solutions has been an issue, however, this is no longer the case. The increased use of geo-locations (local Wi-Fi networks) that have been mapped and a lat/long assigned to them has significantly reduced the battery drain and location accuracy. This can be seen when you turn off your Wi-Fi and you get the very familiar with the message below. The use of geo-locations has also enabled

Letstrak App Keeps Families in the Know Through Vehicle GPS Tracking

There’s nothing like waiting with your child for the school bus in the morning and waiting for him or her to get home at the end of the day. The new app Letstrak aims to take some of the stress parents’ shoulders with vehicle tracking and live maps that help keep you up to date on where your children are. Letstrak is a mobile app designed to connect parents and school

Will India Soon See More Uses of Letstrak GPS Tracking System in Public Transpor …

The use of GPS technology for navigation and location identification is increasingly being used in most places across the world. When the technology first entered India, it was not very popular and didn't have the immediate and far reach as expected. As with any new technology or change, it takes time and effort for people to adapt to it. However, now there seems to be a sea change in the

Personal GPS Tracker to Keep Care of Suffering Alzheimer Patients

A GPS tracker is appropriate for Letstrak who are worried about keeping track of their loved ones. Many Alzheimer’s patients can get lost accidentally as they have trouble remembering why they left home and where they are going. By using a tracker, Letstrak can keep track of elderly patients without needing to be by their side 24 hours per day. The device is easy to secure on the wrist and

Keep Track of Your Family Members Using Remote GPS Tracking Device

Nowadays, the most popular use of a GPS is to aid in navigation by mapping directions. GPS tracking systems have now become most favoured installations in cars. But the use of a GPS is not merely limited to this. There are various different kinds of remote GPS tracking device available that provide a variety of commercial and domestic functions. Real time GPS trackers, though fairly new innovation, have grabbed the

Letstrak Best GPS Tracking Smart Watches for Kid

Smart watches make a lot of sense strapping a wearable device to your child’s wrist, especially when it allows you to monitor their current location and habits. In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to allow your children free roam of the neighbourhood without supervision. Parents often gave children a dinner curfew and expected them back at the appropriate time. The world isn't quite so forgiving any more, at least it

Letstrak Child Tracking Device and App : What Parents Should Know

Parents are always trying to keep the kids safe while giving them the distance they need to learn independence. One way to help manage this balancing act is to use child tracking services, which use GPS technology and are becoming more readily available and easy to use. Interested in finding out more? We sat down with Letstrak, a company which offers a suite of family safety products, to find out how

Letstrak Offers The Best Quality Cost Effective GPS Tracking System in India and …

Having a quality GPS Tracker has always remained either problematic because of the cost or the quality. Rewire Security offers the best quality cost effective GPS tracking systems for a wide variety of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, pets, children and elderly people. The company enables one to operate GPS tracker from anywhere where there is mobile phone signal as the products use GSM cellular phone network for communication & GPS for satellites

GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve the Net Earnings of a Company

With the help of a GPS vehicle tracking system, the providers can enhance their net earnings by reducing the total costs of the operating fleet, enhancing the overall productivity of the fleet and offering automated alternatives to back office operations. A conventional vehicle tracking system offers all that is needed by a company to upraise the fleet efficiency to a highly profitable level. Companies utilize GPS tracking to locate the position

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