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PromptCloud Launches Web Scraping Forum

PromptCloud, a leading web scraping service company, launched a community forum where like minded people, who work with data, can connect and share knowledge & ideas about web data extraction with each other. It’s an open and friendly community where people can ask questions, share tips and discuss all things web scraping. The Web Scraping Forum is live and can be accessed publicly. Users need to sign up with the forum

Bot Detection Services- A Business built on FUD?

Bots are specially programmed software created for crawling and extracting information from websites. Many companies that claim to improve a website’s revenue by detecting and blocking bots have recently sprung up. However, the authenticity of these claims are under scrutiny. Since bots make up about 40% of the traffic on internet, blocking them can cause adverse effects that the bot blocking agencies don’t want their customers to know. Before getting to

PromptCloud launches newest version of its dashboard - CrawlBoard

This Friday, PromptCloud, a leading web scraping service company, is launching the newest version of its requirement gathering dashboard. The new dashboard is named CrawlBoard, which comes with many added features which make it easy to use, gives you more detailed information, makes your work fast & gives a far better user experience. Here’s what one of the clients, who was part of Early Access program, has to say

PromptCloud revolutionizing the data acquisition industry for Indian E-commerce

Indian E-commerce data is just a Click away! PromptCloud, a leading web crawling and data extraction service provider, has announced the launch of its first official free service by the name of Predefined Ecommerce feeds on their Dashboard application. This service is offered as a part of their Requirement Gathering Dashboard application and is easily accessible via the PromptCloud website as well. Under E-commerce feeds option, PromptCloud is providing free

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