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Press Releases from Revive Adserver Mod (6 total)

Launch of the Smartphone Anchored ads plugin for Revive Adserver

The most recent launch in the plugin line up, the Smartphone Anchored ads plugin for Revive adserver tends to cater the needs of advertisers who wish to be a bit brief with regards to the content in their creative ads. The users on the web nowadays desire to know more on the complete features of any product. To cater this need additional information regarding the product or service advertised is displayed

Launching a revolutionary Header bidding plugin for Revive Adserver

A paradigm shift is taking place as digital advertising is heading towards programmatic ad serving. Header bidding is one of the many ways through which publishers can obtain the highest revenue for their ad inventory. The current increase in popularity of the header bidding concept in the ad serving world is because of the Auction logic, data, transparency and the user experience. Now publishers and advertiser experience ease of access in

The Tablet full screen ads plugin for Revive Adserver has been launched

The very recent launch in the line-up of plugins; the ‘Tablet full screen ads’ plugin for Revive adserver makes sure the advertisers’ needs are met by providing them the option of displaying a brief information with regards to content on the creative advertisements. Web users of this era yearn to know the complete set of features before they buy a product or subscribe to a service. To meet this expectation additional

Launch of the IAB 360 degree ad format plugin for Revive Ad server

Launched by, the IAB 360 degree ads plugin help marketers deliver 360 degree ad formats on mobile and display devices. The latest in the plugin line up, IAB 360 degree plugin embodies new advertising format added in IAB standard ad formats. What the plugin brings to the table is a proprietary universal 360 degree viewing also referred to as ‘magic window’ and Virtual reality (VR) viewing experience. Ads of both

The SSP Plugin- Advanced Version for Revive Adserver is Here

As a web publisher, you have decided to make money of the available ad spaces. In addition, you have considerable amount of traffic in your site. Nevertheless, finding and managing ads for ad inventory slots is another complex task. This is where the Supply-side platform/Sell-side platform or the SSP plugin- Advanced version comes in. A technology platform that receives the ad request from the publisher to fill the ad space;

The most awaited ‘VAST mediation plugin’ for Revive Adserver is here

Now you can be sure your ad slots gets filled with ads from the best performing ad networks. Finding and managing ad sources to tracking and reporting video ad network statistic, everything made easy by the VAST mediation plugin launched by Most web publishers aim to generate revenue by selling their extra or unused space on their sites for advertisements.Weterm these spaces as an ad inventory.As a publisher you