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Aggregion Tells Tesla Gigafactory Engineers About Its License Management Platfor …

Increasingly, the Internet of Things is playing an ever larger role in our lives. Quite soon, smart cars that routinely go online for a variety of reasons will begin to be mass produced. Yet another crucially important technology issue today is creating autonomous power supply solutions for various devices – from gadgets that fit on one’s palm to systems capable of powering entire buildings. Tesla is the innovation leader in both

Aggregion Will Launch a Project in Kyrgyzstan to Integrate License Management at …

On 12 February 2016, Aggregion’s General Director Nukri Basharuli visited Kyrgyzstan on an invitation from the Government and the Ministry of Education of that country. During his visit, he met with Kyrgyzstan’s Deputy Education Minister and other high-ranking officials in charge of education technology, as well as with specialists involved with acquisition and use of digital content. Key topics for discussion included possible use of Aggregion’s processing capabilities with support from

123 Million Users – and We Still Didn’t Miss a Beat

Aggregion is very much at home with British punctuality and serious treatment afforded to security issues. As a company that manages distribution of digital content, we swear by reliability. Ours is indeed a new, promising system – what with over 13 million licenses for video, music, electronic books and other content already uploaded to Aggregion’s servers. But what of the servers themselves? Will they deliver at peak loads? Not that we

Aggregion Presents New Version of its Platform at Bett Show 2016

Bett Show 2016 is a large international education technology show. The first event in the industry’s calendar this year, it brought together thousands of professionals from all over the world. One of the Bett’s (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) primary goals is to make education more memorable, expedient and effective for all the participants in the process. It is for that reason that companies come

Aggregion and Microsoft Launch a New Project for Universities

Under the project, ten best schools to be selected on a competitive basis will be provided free access to educational content from the world’s leading publishers and afforded an opportunity to monetize their own content. The requirements the schools must meet are simple: possessing relevant IT capabilities and having necessary IT personnel on staff to integrate the school with the platform, working side by side with Aggregion and Microsoft engineers. It

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