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Expand the Versatility of Your PC with the Streamlined Productivity Tools from Q …

The expert development team behind TeraByte Unlimited has been working hard to improve and streamline the powerful PC utility resource - QnE Companion. Many users still on the fence about integrating this helpful tool will be happy to learn the licensing agreement has changed, so even after the free trial ends, there is a Free Mode available to continue using the multiple resources through a limited lens. QnE Companion provides a

Maintain Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Data Drive Image Backups with TeraByte

October 20, 2021: Data gets corrupted all the time and even more frequently when it is being constantly rewritten in offices or busy industrial settings. Managing safe and reliable backups of that data is essential for your personal computers and IT department's management plan. The best way to make this process smooth is to integrate software that can run without needing much management. That is where the upgraded tools from

Dual boot and multi boot with BootIt Collection boot manager

May 28, 2020: TeraByte is proud to announce the release of a new version of its popular boot manager software. BootIt Collection includes two main products - BootIt UEFI for newer systems and BootIt Bare Metal for older systems, which still use conventional BIOS software. Both programs are dual boot and multi boot managers which let you run multiple operating systems on the same system. You can switch between them

BootIt Collection - All You Need to Create Dual Boot and Multi-Boot Environments

December 14, 2019: TeraByte is proud to announce the launch of new versions of its boot manager software. BootIt UEFI has been updated to version 1.15 and provides a unique image for UEFI 3.363 and TBOSDT scripting 1.96. The Bare Metal edition has been updated to version 1.63 and includes the same changes for systems running off a traditional computer BIOS. Much more than just a boot manager While newer computers typically

Set up a dual-boot and multi-boot environment with a boot manager

Terabyte is proud to announce the launch of its latest editions of BootIt, version 1.09 for UEFI systems and 1.57 for the traditional computer BIOS. Both editions include several minor fixes and improvements to enhance the reliability of your dual-boot and multi-boot systems. With the new BootIt collection, which includes both versions, users can run multiple operating systems on any type of computer, new or old, that uses a traditional

Benefits of Drive Image Software and Image Backup

TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore presents the ultimate way to keep your data safe or clone the entire contents of your drive to move it to a new disk or computer. Easy to use, there is simply no better way to make a complete image backup that includes your operating system, all programs and all your personal files. This approach eliminates potentially costly human error, such as missing something

Keep Data Safe with TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite

Las Vegas, August, 2016 - Terabyte Unlimited releases version 3 of its popular disk imaging and backup software. Designed to provide a convenient and easy way to back up absolutely every byte of data on your hard disk or other digital storage device, TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite introduces many improvements and new features. The update is available for free to anyone who purchased the software on or

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